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What We Do

About Markitors

We are an all in one internet marketing solution for B2B companies who want to grow their presence and generate more business online.

Social Media Management

Our social media marketing services include the creation, monitoring and management of any social media platform relevant to your business and industry.

Search Engine Marketing

We build segmented pay-per-click campaigns and use this data to optimize the keywords on your website.

Email Marketing

We segment your customers to send tailored emails and autoresponder campaigns to groups that are likely to buy your products and services.

Internet Marketing

We specialize in other services such as retargeting, content marketing, social media advertising and other forms of internet marketing.

Our Approach

Markitors is an internet marketing company that was started by a financial auditor. The quality of our marketing starts with the experience of conducting audits in the financial and marketing worlds. We've analyzed the numbers of many of the world's fastest growing companies as it relates to both finances and marketing. These experiences have produced a proven methodology that we use to deploy the latest, high quality marketing strategies and tactics.

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