5 Website Speed Test Tools Every Marketer Should Use

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website speed test tools


According to one study, 40% of website users abandon a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. For this reason, testing the speed of your website is crucial. This is something that is actually quite simple to do, however, with some of the best website speed test tools available:



The Dotcom-Monitor website speed test tool runs its website analysis from multiple geographic locations at once, which is great for marketers who want to get a better idea of their international website speeds. A full report is available with every location tested, and the performance statistics display the fastest and slowest elements of your website.


Google PageSpeed Insights

This handy tool from Google runs a quick analysis of your website and produces a report with suggestions to improve the website speed. What’s best is that PageSpeed Insights instantly analyzes both the mobile and desktop versions of your website, although the reports from this speed test are not as comprehensive as others.



GTmetrix packs a punch in every quick website speed test it conducts. The results of the test give detailed website performance statistics and recommendations for how to improve website speed. A great feature with the GTmetrix speed test is that you can download the HTTP archive (HAR) file and report PDF directly to your computer to reference later.


Pingdom Website Speed Test

This website speed test tool breaks down the specific analytics of your website and diagnoses exactly how long each component takes to load. Pingdom also assigns page speed performance grades for a dozen different categories. This is a great tool to give marketers an organized, thorough report of a website.



The WebPageTest provides all the technical specifications that marketers want to know about their websites, with the added benefit of customizing the type of test conducted. You can opt to run the test from one of several different geographic locations on a variety of browsers—both for mobile and desktop websites.


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