How To Spot a Bad Client: 3 Prospective PPC Client Red Flags

A difficult client has cancelled your digital marketing services after just two full months of working together. The team is disappointed in the results, the client is no longer confident in your services, and the possibility of a referral, case study or success story dies with that 30-day cancellation email. In this situation it’s easy […]

8 Tips For Creating a Social Media Presence For Companies

A social media presence for companies. It once used to be optional, but now it has become a must for businesses. When someone asks me why social media is important, I like to tell them to think of it as their business card— a medium to present your brand, staying top of mind, and a […]

What is the Purpose of a Hashtag?

One second, the “#” sign was a pound symbol. The next second, it gained a new identity and turned into the infamous “hashtag”. You’re probably wondering: How/when/why did this happen? What is the purpose of a hashtag? And why is everyone using them? Although hashtags seem to be nothing more than an unnecessary social media […]

Sponsored Content Tips For Social Media Ad Platforms

Sponsored content! With that statement the majority of you rolled your eyes, and your hand was immediately triggered to continue scrolling on. I get it, I really do. What seems to be a constant stream of ads that appears on whatever social media channel you prefer can be annoying, exhausting, and make you never want […]

Visual Content vs Text: Visual Content is Worth a Thousand Words

When it comes to engagement for content, visual content provides an advantage that written content falls short of. Photos and videos get shared much more often than written content and are a great way to increase website traffic. For one, we can see an image and interpret it in the blink of an eye. This […]

Markitors Content Guidelines

Markitors Content Guidelines Please follow these content guidelines when producing articles for Markitors and Markitors SEO small business clients. Take ownership Content cannot be plagiarized. If it passes a plagiarism checker and it still feels like plagiarism, it’s plagiarism. Keep content  . One hundred percent original. Always Fresh, Always Thrilling Innovate on the article to […]

How Do Marketing Agencies Work and Operate?

A frequently asked question I hear in job interviews and through inbound messages is, “how do you guys operate?” Or, “how do marketing agencies work?” There’s a few ways to answer this question. From a functional perspective, marketing agencies work by performing services for clients in exchange for currency. At our marketing agency, we charge […]

5 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

The landscape of marketing has changed dramatically in recent years due to the growth of social media and its increased influence on potential customers. Even million-dollar companies rely on social media! Maybe you’ve heard of a little family called the Kardashians? All jokes aside, in order to succeed in this market and create deeper connections […]