7 Interior Design Blog Ideas to Remodel Your Blog

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What is one topic you’d blog about to attract new customers?

To help your interior design blog reach new customers, we asked interior design professionals and business leaders this question for their best blog topics. From news trends made affordable to the value of hiring a professional, there are several blog topics that may help you attract new customers to your interior design company.

Here are seven blog topics you can use as an interior designer to attract new customers:

  • Declutter for a Fresh Look
  • New Trends Made Affordable
  • Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator
  • 3-D Rendering for Remote Customers
  • Value of Hiring a Pro
  • FAQs
  • Educational Blogs

Declutter for a Fresh Look

If I were an interior designer, I’d blog about how people can declutter and minimize their own space to create a fresh look in any room of their home. This is especially important during a time when people still aren’t doing a lot of shopping in person, and supply chain issues make it challenging to buy new furniture. Let’s challenge the notion that each bedroom needs a large dresser, that every dining room needs a large hutch, and that every living room needs a couch, loveseat, and armchairs. Most families can get by with a lot less, and decluttering can make a space feel much larger and fresher.

Chryssa Rich, Primary Health Medical Group

New Trends Made Affordable

Design styles change fast, and keeping up with them allows attracting loyal audiences. Regularly showcasing designs that allow achieving desired aesthetics without splurging can engage readers and keep them coming back for more. Eventually, many of them will turn into customers.

Rebeca Sena, GetSpace.Digital

Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator

The difference between hiring an interior designer and an interior decorator is a great topic for your blog. Hiring a professional is instrumental when looking into a new build or remodel. Most people hire an interior decorator but need an interior designer and don’t understand the advantages of hiring a full-time interior designer. Writing about the differences and distinctions is a great way to push people in the right direction for the person they need to get the job done.

Kayla Centeno, Markitors

3D Rendering for Remote Customers

Are you familiar with 3D rendering? During COVID, consumers were reluctant to go shopping in stores. That made furniture buying difficult since they could only see a flat image online. 3D Rendering technology allows people to see all sides of an image, both front and back. Consumers see objects like furniture from all angles. They could even see the wheels roll on the bottom of a chair.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging Academy

Value of Hiring a Pro

I am not an interior designer, but I did just finish renovating a bathroom. What I discovered in the process were all the things I wish I knew that I didn’t. How high do I run the tile? What color grout should I use? What is the best choice for resale? There was a myriad of questions I had. I kept asking my contractor, “What do most people do?” and his standard response was, whatever you want. Advice from retail salespeople was not much better. So if I was writing a blog for an interior designer to attract new customers, it would be along the lines of “8 Great Reasons You Don’t Want to Manage Your Kitchen Renovation” or “The Top 5 Ways Homeowners Ruin Their Resale Value in a Renovation Project”.

Eric Rutin, Kids Dental Brands


If I were an interior designer, I would take a look at Google and search for relevant questions my clients or potential clients are asking. I would use a tool like keywordtool.io to search terms like “living room design” and “kitchen remodel” and find the common questions asked. This would give me a lot of great blog topics that are useful for my audience.

Audrey Hutnick, Smallwave Marketing

Educational Blogs

A blog we have published recently was titled Marble vs. Granite vs. Quartz Countertops for New Builds. This blog has been very successful because there is an educational aspect to the post. We encourage our clients to be involved in the design process and to understand the materials going into their homes. They are the ones that have to care for and clean them anyway! This marble vs. granite vs. quartz countertop breakdown helps make sense of the available options. That way, clients can select a surface that works best for their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Alisha Taylor, Alisha Taylor Interiors

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