7 Landscaping Blog Topics to Sprout Website Traffic

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7 Landscaping Blog Topics to Sprout Website Traffic
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What should a landscaper blog about to increase website traffic?

To help landscapers with increasing their web traffic, we asked digital marketers and SEO specialists this question for their best suggestions. From emphasizing your location to answering frequently asked questions, there are several tips that may help you grow traffic to your website

Here are seven tips for landscaping blogs:

  • Share Dream Backyard Tips
  • Emphasize Your Location
  • Blog What You Know
  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions
  • Highlight DIY Projects
  • Keep a Consistent Theme
  • Involve Your Community

Share Dream Backyard Tips

Drawing the right type of reader to your blog makes all the difference when it comes to converting readers into customers. Why not target home owners who are looking to create their own outdoor oasis? Create blog posts around backyard landscaping ideas such as how to landscape a pond, tips for creating a tropical backyard and more. Readers can get inspired by the lower maintenance project ideas and know exactly who to contact when they’re ready for a bigger change to their backyard.

Claire Routh, Markitors

Emphasize Your Location

Landscapers operate regionally—and the content on your website should reflect this. When it comes to looking for something, searchers always include the location. For instance, if I want Italian food tonight, my search query will be ‘best italian restaurants zurich’ because I’m based in Zurich, Switzerland. Similarly, let’s say the landscaping business operates in the DMV area, they could push out multiple landing pages or blog articles to cover different but close in proximity areas, e.g., ‘best landscaping company in DC’ and ‘best landscaping company in Maryland.’

Furthermore, they could create a pillar page for ‘best landscaping business in the DMV’ area that links to all the smaller pieces of content—which helps search engines to understand the site structure better. Search traffic for specific areas might seem low. Still, these are specific keywords with high converting intents, which will be more beneficial for businesses than those who target more generic keywords.

Hung Nguyen, Smallpdf

Blog What You Know

Tell stories about backyard or curb appeal transformations. Don’t take just before and after pictures, document the whole job. Take short how-to, demonstration videos explaining why you’re using a certain type of tool or product. This shows off your expertise. Do a video when you’re out shopping for materials. Why choose one material over another. Everything’s about being “green” and “sustainable”. Explain how certain materials or methods are better than others. People want their yards to look good, save money, water and be easy to manage. Know your target audience and help solve their yard problems.

Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media Wiz

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Like most businesses, I believe a landscape blog should focus on answering questions that potential clients and customers have. This could be everything as far as times of year to work in and how to treat your landscape to what are the best products and their pros and cons. If you continue to create content that is answering those questions that clients are potentially asking, then that will allow you to rank higher and increase the number of people that are going to your site.

Gresham Harkless Jr., Blue 16 Media

Highlight DIY Projects

People absolutely love DIY pieces. For one, DIY pieces give people the opportunity to learn and try something new. Since the pandemic, people have been picking up new hobbies like crazy. Your content will definitely appeal to novice green thumbs everywhere. Secondly, DIY projects are a huge money-saver for people on a tight budget. This demographic may not be able to pay for your services, but they’ll boost your social shares and website traffic. In turn, that will boost your blog page’s SEO, which is worth its weight in gold.

Jessica Wise, HelpSquad

Keep a Consistent Theme

Consistent blogging is the most influential measure your landscaping company can take to increase traffic to your website. Every blog post is a new website! A good theme for a blogging platform will allow you to customize the look to your specific needs. A theme can exhibit images and designs related to landscaping. This helps portray the nature of the content that your readers can expect. Images of beautiful gardens and inspiring landscaping designs give the platform the ideal look.

Oliver Andrews, OA Design Services

Involve Your Community

As a blogger, I believe landscapers should review other bloggers’ content, solicit quotes from influencers for inclusion in their blogs, and share other people’s content. When you’ve done that, tag them in it and make them look amazing. Compliment them on their job and include insightful comments in your letter. In a recent post on my travel blog, I interviewed over 20 full-time recreational vehicle owners. They told us why and how they came to the decision to live in an RV, as well as what they like about it. I used large pictures of them in the post and connected to their websites and social media accounts, making them look fantastic. I tagged all of them in the post when I posted it on social media. It resulted in a large number of shares and views.

Chris Taylor, Profit Guru

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