7 Banking Marketing Ideas to Get New Customers

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What is one marketing idea you have for a bank to get new customers?

To help your bank acquire new customers, we asked business leaders and PR experts this question for their best advice. From focusing on the future investor to prioritizing good customer service, there are several marketing tactics that a bank can use to gain new customers.

Here are seven marketing ideas for banks to acquire new customers:

  • Focus on the Future Investor
  • Market Your Bank on LinkedIn
  • Offer a Referrals-Based Rewards Program
  • Revisit Your SEO Strategy
  • Make Banking Approachable
  • Build a Community-Centered Story
  • Prioritize Good Customer Service

Focus on the Future Investor

One fun idea to gain new customers is to focus on the future banker. While this strategy might not win you a customer today, your stream of future investors will be there soon enough. As a mom to teenagers, establishing good money habits early is so important in our family. Having my banking institution offer courses for my teen would not only strengthen my relationship with the bank but would also ensure the teen accounts would be established there, as well.

Jenn Christie, Markitors

Market Your Bank on LinkedIn

Social media can assist in identifying and highlighting financial milestones for your clients’ during their journey with you. For example, you can leverage your LinkedIn profile as a portfolio to market to future prospects. During the course of your business relationships and partnerships, you can share the development of your clients since signing on with you. This will serve as a networking tool for securing more business opportunities and will continually positively reinforce itself.

Roy Ferman, Seek Capital

Offer a Referrals-Based Rewards Program

Most people get too bogged down with their day to day that they simply forget to follow through. Aside from people that just genuinely enjoy connecting with others in their network, most people would like to see a mutual benefit for referrals. Build out a rewards program that suits your needs and will be beneficial enough to your client that they will end up a referral powerhouse for your business.

Nik Sharma, Sharma Brands

Revisit Your SEO Strategy

Even if you have SEO marketing tactics already in place, one thing that I’ve learned over my years is that it can always be improved. SEO strategies can become very complex, meaning there are a lot of areas to explore. As you explore, you’re able to learn how to position your business in front of consumers more frequently and grow your business. One simple trick, for example, is to look at long-tail keywords. These are more specific keywords that help you target niche audiences and avoid competing with major brands for space and visibility. While the audience might not be as large, they can be very valuable, and you’ll get some excellent exposure. So, if you’re out of ideas, take another look at your SEO.

Peter Horne, Geoff McDonald and Associates

Make Banking Approachable

Banking is something I have to do and not something I want to do, so I would create content to make banking more fun for people. Some possible ideas for banking content could be using characters (like the insurance companies all seem to have now), mascots, making fun of some of the banking traditions that haven’t kept up with modern society, or anything you think will entertain people. I know the traditional thinking is that banking is a serious business and needs to be treated seriously, but insurance is serious too, and almost all the insurance companies have funny or goofy characters and content now, and nobody thinks of them less seriously.

Francesca Nicasio, Payment Depot

Build a Community-Centered Story

I think it really depends on who those customers are. But show the value that you bring, especially in community-based banks where they’re showcasing not just the products and services that they provide but also the impact that they’re having on that community. That goes a long way towards attracting people and creating brand awareness that leads to potential new clients and customers.

Gresham Harkless Jr., Blue 16 Media

Prioritize Good Customer Service

When people’s finances are involved, it’s important to be available, prompt, and empathetic. Banks today don’t have the best reputation for providing good customer service. Banks that start using live chat and chatbots and train their employees to listen better will win the public over. Invest in good tools, train people, and then create marketing content that focuses on your customers’ needs. People want banks that talk to them and help them out. So you should get positive attention.

Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

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