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an existing company in a competitive industry


Go Clean Credit is a passionate credit repair company in Tempe, AZ. When Go Clean Credit first came to Markitors, their organic search traffic had been at a standstill for 2 years. Markitors optimized their existing website and began employing an SEO strategy that would position the company to receive leads from people with credit repair needs.


As a small company, Go Clean Credit couldn’t afford to implement a paid advertising strategy for credit repair keywords. Each keyword cost upwards of $25 per click, and was dominated by billion dollar competitors. Go Clean Credit had to find an alternative way to compete online through keyword searches, which left SEO as the cost effective and sustainable long-term way to do it.


Markitors got crystal clear on the target customer of Go Clean Credit and identified the long-tail keywords that targeted people with low credit scores. Markitors developed more than 100 landing pages and blog posts targeting these keywords, and executed a targeted backlink strategy to raise the overall domain authority for Go Clean Credit.


Go Clean Credit went from receiving 1,000 visits per year to 2,000 visits per day. More importantly, their organic search traffic is valued at more than $1M annually when considering the paid advertising replacement cost.

Their website now receives more than 50,000 visits per month to their website from organic search, with many of these visits converting to leads and new customers. Go Clean Credit ranks on the first page of Google, and sometimes in the first position on Google, for keywords ranging from “credit score 580” to local “credit repair company” related searches.

Go Clean Credit has been a client of Markitors for several years, originally coming to us for email automation help with MailChimp. Since then, their team has entrusted us to improve their search result positions and to compete online against much larger competitors.

In the end, SEO served as a cost-effective alternative to Google AdWords.

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“The Markitors team knows their stuff when it comes to digital marketing.”

– Michael McGraw, Co-Founder & President, Go Clean Credit

We move brands forward online

Our SEO management service combines our teams to create optimized content that delivers results. We identify the content that needs to be created. We create the content creation and promote that content for search engines and consumers alike. Then, we monitor and report on the results to ensure the process is moving things forward online.


» Ranking highly for search terms increases the visibility of a website and leads to a higher number of visitors, leads, and customers resulting from the website.

Markitors has built our entire business on SEO. We’ve seen firsthand the power of how ranking prominently on Google can positively impact our business, and the businesses of our clients.

Consumers trust Google. By ranking prominently on Google, consumers will trust what you have to offer. With trust comes conversions into new customers.

If you want a sustainable flow of new customers, Search Engine Optimization is the best digital marketing tactic around.


» Content development
» Keyword strategy
» SEO monitoring, management & reporting


» Create up to (4) optimized SEO landing pages
» Optimize title tags and meta descriptions for SEO for primary pages
» Build backlinks by reverse engineering the websites linking to competitors
» Track search result positions
» Weekly phone meetings discussing progress & plans

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