SEO Case Study

AdWords Alternative

an existing company in a competitive industry


Go Clean Credit is a passionate credit repair company in Tempe, AZ. When Go Clean Credit first came to Markitors, their organic search traffic had been at a standstill for 2 years. Total traffic for the previous 12 months was around 1,000 visits.

The credit repair company wanted to establish a new, reliable revenue stream for their business. They looked at their website as a potential area to grow their customer base. The problem? Leads are rare when monthly website traffic is trickling in. They needed this “trickle” to turn into a steady flow of inbound leads that they could rely on.


As a small company, Go Clean Credit couldn’t afford to implement a paid advertising strategy for credit repair keywords. Each keyword cost upwards of $25 per click, and was dominated by billion dollar competitors like Lexington Law and Experian.

Plus, with Google restricting credit repair ads, Go Clean Credit had to find an alternative way to compete online through keyword searches.

This left SEO as the most cost effective and sustainable long-term way to drive leads.


Markitors got crystal clear on the target customer of Go Clean Credit and identified the long-tail keywords that targeted people with low credit scores. Markitors developed more than 100 landing pages and blog posts targeting these keywords, and executed a targeted backlink strategy to raise the overall domain authority for Go Clean Credit.

The keyword strategy research revealed that if we were able to rank organically for the $25 / click keywords, the credit repair company would enjoy sustainable traffic with high buying intent.

Markitors outlined a 12 month SEO content strategy that would increase inbound organic search traffic. By creating optimized content focused on the credit repair’s target audience, Markitors aimed to attract traffic without having to pay thousands in AdWords costs each month.

The types of pages produced included:

  • Local Landing Pages
  • Specific Credit Score Pages
  • FAQ pages around credit repair topics, like foreclosures, tax liens, and more

We supported our SEO efforts with multiple social media posts each week on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We also sent out a manual and automated email blasts to re-engage prospects, and promoted the most popular content from the website.


Go Clean Credit went from receiving 1,000 visits per year to 2,000 visits per day. Their organic search traffic is valued at more than $1M annually when considering the paid advertising replacement cost.

Their website now receives more than 50,000 visits per month to their website from organic search, with many of these visits converting to leads and new customers. Go Clean Credit ranks on the first page of Google, and sometimes in the first position on Google, for keywords ranging from “credit score 580” to local “credit repair company” related searches.

Most importantly, the credit repair company has seen a new, reliable revenue stream as a result of internet activity. As part of the expansion, the company has been able to enter into new markets and innovate it’s service offering to help restore consumer credit scores.

It’s funny, but the credit repair company originally came to Markitors for email automation help with MailChimp. Since then, their team has entrusted us to improve their search result positions and to compete online against much larger competitors.

In the end, SEO served as a cost-effective alternative to Google AdWords.

“The Markitors team knows their stuff when it comes to digital marketing.”

– Michael McGraw, Co-Founder & President, Go Clean Credit