Credit Repair Marketing Case Study: Establishing a New Revenue Stream

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credit repair marketing

The Issue:

A credit repair company wanted to establish a new, reliable revenue stream for their business. They looked at their website as a potential area to grow their customer base.

The problem? Monthly website traffic was trickling in. Leads were rare and scarce. They needed this “trickle” to turn into a steady flow of inbound leads that they could rely on.

What We Did:

The first thing Markitors did was establish a strategy to determine which marketing tactics would be successful for this credit repair company.

The strategy research revealed that pay per click advertising was far too competitive and expensive. With costs per click ranging from $18 – $25, it would require a large budget to achieve aggressive lead generation goals. However, this high cost per click and search volume showed that if we were able to rank organically for competitive keywords, the credit repair company would enjoy sustainable traffic with high buying intent.

Markitors outlined a 12 month SEO content strategy that would increase inbound organic search traffic. By creating optimized content focused on the credit repair’s target audience, Markitors aimed to attract traffic without having to pay thousands in AdWords costs each month.

We supported our SEO efforts with multiple social media posts each week on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We also sent out a manual and automated email blasts to re-engage prospects, and promote the most popular content from the website.

The Result:

Within 3 months traffic had nearly tripled, going from 800 visits a month to 2,400 visits.

Within 12 months, traffic had gone from 800 visits a month to 10,500 visits – with 85% of the site traffic coming from Google organic search.

Most importantly, the credit repair company has seen a new, reliable revenue stream as a result of internet activity. As part of the expansion, the company has been able to enter into new markets and innovate it’s service offering to help restore consumer credit scores.

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