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Well, we were financial auditors, skilled and trained to identify inaccuracies in financial documents. This training produced an innate ability to quickly recognize where companies were missing the mark.

We decided to apply these auditing skills to internet marketing, and quickly found out that we were good at it. Specifically, we were really good at auditing competitor marketing efforts, reverse engineering their success, and identifying opportunities for our clients to capitalize.

We offer digital marketing audits because companies find a lot of value in our service, and we enjoy helping businesses succeed online.

Plus, it's a helluva lot more interesting than tying out balance sheets.

Here's what we evaluate in our digital marketing audits:

SEO Audit

Checklist components of our SEO site audit include Indexing, Accessibility, Site Architecture, User Experience, Keyword Analysis, Link Analysis, Mobile Optimization, On Page Optimization, Content Evaluation and Social Media.

PPC Audit

Checklist components of our PPC audit include Advertising Research, Keyword Research, Quality Score, Click-Through Rate (CTR), Ad Text Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Wasted Spend, Account Activity, Budget and Tracking.

Email Audit

Checklist components of our email marketing audit include Subject Lines, Sender Name, Personalization, Body Copy, Image, Call To Action, Mobile Optimization, Frequency, Send Time and Automation.

Social Media Audit

Checklist components of our social media marketing audit include Competition, Listening, Customers, Social Advertising, Community, Copywriting, Image, Frequency, Send Time and Automation.

We do. Each digital marketing audit we conduct analyzes four key components of a digital marketing strategy, including SEO, PPC, Email, and Social Media.

Here's a SEO audit example: https://www.slideshare.net/brettfarmiloe/email-marketing-audit-sample-report

Here's a PPC audit example: https://www.slideshare.net/brettfarmiloe/ppc-audit-sample-adwords-review-from-markitors

Here's an email marketing audit example: https://www.slideshare.net/brettfarmiloe/email-marketing-audit-sample-report

Here's a social media audit example: https://www.slideshare.net/brettfarmiloe/social-media-audit-example-53932946

Hopefully reviewing these digital marketing audit examples will enable you to see what goes into a full scale audit.

Markitors collects information across 90+ authoritative digital marketing tools to add value and improve the information from which your marketing decisions are made.

Some of our favorite external tools include Ahrefs, Spyfu, Open Site Explorer, and Screaming Frog. But all of these tools are secondary to using what Google gives you.

No. We typically charge a one-time cost of $5,000 to conduct a digital marketing audit.

If you are searching for a free digital marketing audit, we'd recommend taking a look at our articles on digital marketing audits and utilizing them to guide your efforts:

Our typical turnaround time on a digital marketing audit is 2-3 weeks.

Our process includes a kick-off call to learn your marketing objectives. Then we audit. Then we deliver our findings in a PDF report and a presentation to the team to ensure complete clarity on our recommendations.

We do offer independent audits for just SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, or Social Media.

These audits typically cost $2,500 and have a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks.

You can learn more about each audit by clicking on the links below:

Markitors presents your action items into high, medium and low priorities so you know where to focus first.

The end deliverables of an audit are a PDF report, supporting statistical documents and a presentation to answer your questions.

1. Contact us. We'll tell you if an audit would benefit your company.

2. We'll send you our contract, and you can send us a NDA if you'd like.

3. We'll send you an invoice for 50% of the project cost.

4. We'll request access to what we need.

5. We'll have a kick-off call.

6. We'll audit.

7. We'll deliver our findings and recommendations.

8. We'll send you the invoice for the final 50% of the audit.

9. We'll go our separate ways, and be there if you need us in the future.


How we do it

Digital Marketing Company

1. Strategize

We kick things off with a call to learn about your marketing objectives and insights.


2. Audit

We audit four core areas of digital marketing: SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, and Social Media.


3. Deliver

We deliver our findings in a PDF report and a presentation to ensure complete clarity on our recommendations.

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