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How To Create a SEO Content Marketing Strategy

July 20, 2018
Posted in SEO Audit
July 20, 2018 Brett Farmiloe

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How To Create a SEO Content Marketing Strategy

There’s lots of questions, ideas, and concepts on how to create a SEO content marketing strategy.

I shared my thoughts last year in this article for Forbes. Figured that I’d create a few video tutorials showing you exactly how we create a SEO content marketing strategy at Markitors.

Here’s how we do it using seven tools made available by Google – including Autocomplete, AdWords, Analytics, Search Console, Keyword Planner, People Also Ask, and the good ol’ Searches Related To section.

How To Create a SEO Content Marketing Strategy Using Google Autocomplete

Here’s how we use Google Autocomplete to create SEO content ideas.

1. Type in target keyword.
2. Type in every letter of the alphabet after keyword.
3. Jot down favorite content ideas.

Digital marketing can get isolated. Google Autocomplete is the best brainstorming buddy for any content strategy. Thanks Google!

How To Create a SEO Content Strategy Using Google Analytics

Here’s the instructions on how to use Google Analytics to help create a SEO content strategy.

1. Organize content by time spent on site.
2. Identify content with most engagement.
3. Create variations of engaging content.

I like it. I like it a lot. Anyone want to create content for “social media marketing on LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/SnapChat/Quora”? Drop us a line through our digital marketing careers page.

How To Create a SEO Content Marketing Strategy Using Google AdWords

Here’s one way to use Google AdWords activity to help create a SEO content marketing strategy.

1. Identify the keywords with the highest ad spend.
2. Create content targeting those keywords.
3. Reduce your long-term dependency on paid ads.

In this example, we identified keywords eating up the majority of the ad budget. By creating blog posts targeting these keywords, the idea is to gradually shift ad dollars towards content creation for a long-term sustainable way to drive targeted site traffic.

How To Create a SEO Content Strategy Using Google Search Console

Here’s the step by step instructions on how to incorporate Google Search Console into a SEO content strategy.

1. Organize keywords by the most number of clicks.
2. Factor in search position to determine relevance to Google.
3. Create content variations of the top performing keyword.

The goods under the hood! Google Search Console helps identify what Google thinks your website is about, so you can keep feeding the machine with great content.

How To Create a SEO Content Marketing Strategy Using Google People Also Ask

Here’s how to take the People Also Ask feature in some search result pages to aide in the development of a content strategy.

1. Search a common keyword with a People Also Ask section.
2. Click the bottom result in a People Also Ask section.
3. Scroll through the frequently asked questions to get content ideas.

That’s pretty neat, right? There’s a lot of junk in the People Also Ask section, but there’s also lots of great FAQ’s that will bring in nice organic search traffic to a site.

How To Create a SEO Content Strategy Using Google Searches Related To

Here’s how to get ideas for your content strategy by scrolling to the Google Searches Related To section.

1. Type in your target keyword into Google search.
2. Scroll to the bottom of the search result page to the Searches Related To section.
3. Identify any phrases or keywords that could be incorporated into the content strategy.

Always some gems in the Searches Related to section.

How To Create a SEO Content Marketing Strategy Using Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner in Google Ads helps prioritize keywords to target in a SEO content strategy. Here’s how.

1. Type in a keyword or website into Keyword Planner in Google Ads.
2. Review keywords based on search volume.
3. Prioritize keywords based on cost per click and keyword competitiveness.

Keyword Planner is really nice because you can connect a value to each keyword based on cost per click, as well as get an idea for how often a keyword is searched. Really helpful and nice when deciding which pieces of content to create first.

Hey! You made it. That’s seven solid tools provided by Google that can help you create a SEO content marketing strategy for your business. There’s always more ways to utilize these tools, and more tools on top of the tools. But, this should give you a nice starting point to build from.

Good luck!

how to create a seo content marketing strategy

We are Markitors. Google “digital marketing company” and we’re typically on the first page of search results nationwide in the US. We create and execute a lot of SEO content strategies for small businesses who are looking to compete against larger websites.

These SEO content marketing strategies help give small businesses a tactical advantage. Learn more about our SEO content marketing strategy services or our SEO Lead Generation services if you’d like us to do it all for you.

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Brett Farmiloe

Brett Farmiloe

Brett Farmiloe is the Founder & CEO of Markitors, a digital marketing company voted a best place to work 3 years in a row. He frequently contributes content about SEO, Careers, and Culture to Forbes, SHRM, Thunderbird, Huffington Post, Mashable, TIME, NextWeb, and more. And, as a dad of 3, he's about that minivan life.