How to Find Online SEO Forums and Networking Communities

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How to Find Online SEO Forums
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What is a good resource for professionals to find online SEO forums and related networking communities?

To help you discover the best SEO forums and communities to follow, we asked SEO professionals and business leaders this question for their best suggestions. From Google Webmaster Central Help to Moz Community, there are several resources to help you discover the best SEO forums and networking communities for your needs.

Here are 11 resources to find online SEO forums and networking communities:

  • Google Webmaster Central Help
  • Social Media Networks
  • Traffic Think Tank
  • Webicy
  • Digital Point
  • Warrior Forum
  • The Hive Index
  • Twitter
  • Superpath Content Community
  • Reddit
  • Moz Community


Google Webmaster Central Help

One of the best resources to find online SEO forums is Google Webmaster Central Help. This is a renowned Google SEO forum where everyone can read news about updates from an official source and gather any useful information they find in the site’s promotion. With more than 1000 discussions per month and the ability to ask any SEO question, this is among the most valuable resources to get SEO-related help. For user convenience, all topics are divided into four main categories, as follows:

– Crawling, Indexing and Ranking
– Security, Malware and Hacked Sites
– Structured Data
– Search Console

Ryan Stewart, Webris


Social Media Networks

Social media networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, offer users the chance to join public or private group pages that serve as community forums for search engine optimization. If you are looking for like-minded people to discuss digital marketing and SEO with, try searching social media networks for these types of group pages. A quick search on Facebook will show there is a wide range of options to choose from. Join several groups of digital marketing professionals and make introduction posts to forge networking opportunities within each online community.

Sophia Orlando, Markitors


Traffic Think Tank

Traffic Think Tank (TTT) is an accelerator for professionals who work with SEO. They invite freelancers, in-house SEO specialists, and agencies to join a community that offers training to learn new skills, network with colleagues, and accelerate their careers.

They offer courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced professionals. And they include training on local SEO, keyword research, international and technical SEO, content marketing, SEO automation, and how to run an agency.

Ilija Sekulov, Mailbutler



Part of finding a good resource that leads to SEO forums and communities, is utilizing platforms that have an established backing built over time and caters to specific needs, and Webicy is one that meets those qualifications. A great deal of resources will cover SEO from a marketer’s perspective, but rarely gets into the nuts and bolts of other factors that drive a leading search engine algorithm.

Webicy is a fifteen year old platform tailored towards actual webmasters, in which discussion concerning tools, design, and inter-website links, are a mainstay, instead of solely concentrating on the singular aspect of marketing campaigns. This is especially helpful for companies focused on B2B sales, as traditional marketing to consumers can differ in their needs. If you are looking for more well-rounded resources for SEO tactics, Webicy is an excellent choice.

Matt Miller, Embroker


Digital Point

Digital Point is a valuable resource to join online SEO forums and other networking communities. It covers SEO, marketing, eCommerce, affiliate programs, web development, and design.

Moreover, Digital Point is a marketplace that allows members to buy websites, domains, and various services.

Navigation is relatively easy on this platform. You can already read industry news right at the Home tab and access useful tools from the Tools tab.

When looking for information from the forums, you can browse through the arranged subcategories of search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Note that Digital Point can be used for free through a Facebook account.

Abe Breuer, VIP To Go


Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is a comprehensive resource for online SEO forums. It is considered the world’s largest online marketing platform with various categories and over 200,000 threads as of writing.

The questions and topics for discussion cover introductory to advanced SEO including XML sitemaps, rich snippets, increasing visibility and traffic, and improving page load speed. It also offers tips on avoiding malware, black hat SEO, and spam and search engine penalties.

The Warrior Forum is a go-to site for discussing SEO strategies with other members. You can join the forum for free via email or Google account. You may also opt to join their Premium War Room Membership at $97 a year to access digital marketing courses and internet marketing tools.

Warrior Forum also has a dedicated section for webmaster blogs that allows members to gain deeper insights into SEO.

Michael Haas, Angry BBQ


The Hive Index

The Hive Index is a great resource for finding communities and forums for all sorts of topics, including SEO. I’ve personally used it and it serves as sort of a basic yellow pages, but rather than looking up individuals, you can find established online groups that are focused around the topics you’re most interested in.

There are SEO communities out there, but some of them may be difficult to navigate for small business owners that aren’t necessarily internet savvy. Reddit is a great place to start for anyone looking to find like-minded individuals, and if you can’t find an established group, it’s free and fairly simple to create one.

Brandon Adcock, Nugenix



Twitter is one of the most commonly used platforms by freelancer writers, content marketers and SEO professionals. There are many different communities and experts that share their experiences, daily aspects of SEO marketing as well as provide insight into the current trends.

Try searching via keywords and follow the hashtags relevant to your interest. With that you’ll be able to see tonnes of important names, accounts of SEO professionals and the communities they support. Twitter allows you to connect with people directly and be in the meat of the community, enabling you to grow your knowledge, connections and expertise.

Gosia Hytry, Spacelift


Superpath Content Community 

For professionals looking to find online SEO forums and related networking communities, there’s a great resource and community called SuperPath. It’s an amazing resource for SEO professionals because it allows you to connect with other SEO pros, find valuable resources that can help you in your career, and get new insights from top industry leaders.

The Slack group is hosted by Jimmy Daly and he keeps the community up to date and organized. It’s very well run, and recommend anyone looking for SEO communities to check it out!

Nick Cotter, newfoundr



Reddit, if used properly, can be a goldmine. Type in a specific SEO-related keyword and join various active communities on the site. You can also use it to find other ones outside of these forums. By joining the multitude of available subreddits, you’ll find people with varying expertise levels and topics-specific posts on SEO optimization, link building, SERPs, etc. Reddit is one of the best resources to use. You can discover matters relating to SEO that you may have not even thought of before, build relationships with other professionals, ask questions yourself or join a discussion under a post. The search bar allows you to find communities and search for specific keywords or topics within these subreddits too.

For a head start, I’d suggest joining the subreddits:

  • r/SEO (102k members)
  • r/bigseo (87k members)
  • r/SEO_Digital_Marketing (12k members)
  • r/TechSEO (14k members).

Find communities that can be a better fit for a specific SEO-related query. Start discovering and interacting.

Nicole Ostrowska, Zety


Moz Community community has always been a wealth of resources for me. From when I was just starting out looking for hacks and new tools, right up until today, leading an award-winning agency. Once you subscribe, the scope of topics available covers pretty much everything SEO and you also get to try out new tools, have in-depth discussions with fellow professionals as well as access a lot of other features. Don’t forget the annual MozCon in Seattle, where you get to put a real-life face to a name on the screen.

Shoaib Mughal, Marketix

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