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MailChimp Email Marketing Services

We are a full service MailChimp email marketing agency in Arizona. Here are some of the email marketing services we offer:

Email Marketing Campaign Services

We’ve A/B tested subject lines and built campaigns for companies of all different shapes and sizes. We can share exactly how to grow your list and increase revenues through email marketing campaigns.

MailChimp Template Design Services

Some email template designs work better than others, and the difference in results can be anywhere from 20% to 200% per email. Would you want to double your email revenue on every email? We know we sure would.

Email List Management Services

We’ll check your list permissions, manage your list, and ensure relevant email content is being delivered to your subscribers.

Email Marketing Automation Services

Welcome new and potential customers. Follow up on website activity. Put purchase data to good use. Email marketing automation is for everyone. Save time and send effective campaigns with our email marketing automation services.

Email Campaign Strategy Services

Not sure what types of emails to send? We’ll analyze your list of subscribers and help you determine what content to send, how often to send, and when to send.

Email Data Analysis Services

By just sending out emails without analysis, companies miss out on what people want AND ignore using their own data to find the answers. We work backwards from what people want and use your data to your advantage.

Email Newsletter Management Services

Want to send a weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletter? We’ll create the content and manage everything for you.

Facebook Email Retargeting Ads

You can take any email list – one that you’ve bought or built – and Facebook will advertise to those email addresses if there is a match.

Those are a few of the email marketing services we offer for MailChimp customers. Want to send better email? Contact us.

Well, we’re listed in the MailChimp Expert Directory. Here’s our profile.

Beyond that, we’ve sent millions of emails for clients ranging from small businesses to billion dollar international corporations.

We’ve completed more than 100 MailChimp projects for companies on 4 different continents.

We contribute content to Forbes about how to improve your email marketing. Here’s an article about our approach to email:

When it all comes down to it though, we have accumulated 6+ years of MailChimp experiences – both the mess ups and successes. There’s not a lot we haven’t seen when it comes to MailChimp.

You can read our MailChimp reviews on our Expert Directory profile.

You can also scroll down on this page to view a video with one of our MailChimp customers.

And, here’s a few testimonials we’ve received from MailChimp customers.

“Rather than hiring someone internally to handle all of our email marketing, we decided to outsource our efforts. Markitors created our email strategy, handled our email template design, segmented our email lists and managed all of our outgoing emails to our large subscriber list. They’re easy to work with, prompt and reliable. I’d recommend them for anyone looking to outsource their email marketing.”
Amira Hegazi
Marketing, Saudia Airlines

“Markitors has managed all of our email marketing efforts over the last several years. Each month they created and executed an email strategy based on analytical analysis to help maximize our Ecommerce efforts. They also created our email templates, segmented our lists, sent A/B tested emails and have helped grow our subscriber base.The analytical approach they bring to email marketing is uniqe. For anyone looking to outsource their email marketing efforts, I would recommend you call Markitors.
Matt Altman
Principal, Sportiqe Apparel

“Markitors did a GREAT job building out our automation campaigns! Really impressed and would highly recommend them to anyone.”
Michael McCraw
President, Go Clean Credit Repair

Here are some MailChimp email template examples:

Sounds like you need your MailChimp lists cleaned and organized. Email list management is one of our most popular services.

Email list management keeps your lists clean and your content relevant to your subscribers. With MailChimp, list cleanliness is especially important because MailChimp charges per subscriber, and having multiple lists means you may be overpaying per subscriber (and perhaps annoying subscribers with the same email campaigns).

Other benefits include improved email campaign performance (because of better segmentation) and more revenue (because of more engagement).

We first started using Mailchimp back in 2010. Since then, we’ve become a Mailchimp expert and have grown from an email marketing freelancer into operating a full service email marketing agency.

There’s quite a few Mailchimp tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way. Here’s the full blog post of our MailChimp best practices. Here’s the recap:

  • Work closely with MailChimp support
  • Create one Master List
  • Utilize Mailchimp’s Drag and Drop Email Templates
  • Utilize Mailchimp’s Preview and Test Tool
  • A/B Test Your Email Subject Lines
  • Utilize Mailchimp’s Send Time Optimization feature
  • Utilize Mailchimp’s Automation Features
  • Integrate Existing Technologies With Mailchimp
  • Understand Your Reports
  • Find Mailchimp Experts In The Directory

Yes, MailChimp email automation assistance is another one of our most popular services.

If you’d like to us to provide you with email marketing automation services (which we would love to…it’s one of things we get really nerdy about), just contact us. We’ll perform these services:

  • Define when your emails go out
  • Set up triggers to send emails based on criteria you chose
  • Set time delays between emails in an automation series
  • Set triggers within the automation track (so certain emails send to subscribers who’ve opened or clicked)
  • Monitor and manage your email marketing automation
  • Track your performance and report on the results
  • Integrate with services like Salesforce, Shopify and Magento

Our average email marketing client spends about $1,000 per month with us to send out weekly emails.

We do offer other services such as SEO, PPC, and Social Media management which we can include in a monthly agreement. The average agreement at Markitors is about $2,000 per month for a combination of email marketing and other digital marketing services.

We also do custom quotes for one-time MailChimp projects, like list management projects or email automation campaigns. Just contact us for a quote.

1. Contact us.

2. We’ll send you our agreement, access requests, and initial invoice.

3. We’ll develop our strategy and present to you.

4. Upon strategy approval, we’ll build out the email campaign.

5. Upon email campaign approval, we’ll send out the campaign and report on the results within 24-48 hours.

How We Do It

1. Strategize

We audit all the activity and data within your account and develop an email automation strategy.

2. Build

We’ll build out the email templates, centralize your lists, and integrate your CRM with MailChimp.

3. Deliver

We’ll develop the actual email campaign sequences, set up the triggers, and activate the automation.

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We’ve been MailChimp experts for 7+ years. There’s not a lot we haven’t seen when it comes to email marketing.

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Markitors has grown our website from 0 visits to just over 60,000 monthly visits. Their digital marketing services are very effective in growing your brand online.
— Brian Mohr, Co-founder of Y Scouts

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