Most Helpful Google Analytics Alternatives for SEO Reporting

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Google Analytics provides webmasters with a comprehensive view of their site’s users’ behaviors.

What are some reasons why other analytics tools may work better for your business?

Well, Google Analytics can be complex and can sometimes seem overwhelming when you first use the tool. Some may prefer to use a simpler platform that offers only the tracking features they need for their business.

Another reason some people choose to use alternatives to Google Analytics is to maintain a sense of privacy. Google is a for-profit company and although their tools are free, they do use data from your actions.

If you’ve tried Google Analytics and it just wasn’t for you, or you just want to try something new, then check out these alternatives for SEO Reporting!

Google Analytics Alternatives

These Google Analytics alternatives provide similar but sometimes less complicated platforms to measure user behavior on your website.



Matomo, formerly known as Piwik, is a solid alternative to Google Analytics. Its dashboard is similar looking to Google Analytics and offers a ton of different features. It is trusted by over 1 million websites and is used in 190 different countries.


  • On-Premise Self-Hosting Option
  • Integration with Bing and Yahoo Search Consoles
  • Offers Media Analytics


  • Not integrated with the full Google Marketing Platform
  • If you want cloud access you have to pay a monthly subscription fee (depending on your site’s traffic)


  • $29 per month for traffic of 50k pageviews each month
  • $55 per month for traffic of 100k pageviews each month
  • $269 per month for traffic of 1 million page views each month

The cost keeps increasing up to $11,900 per month for traffic of 50 million plus page views each month.

Matomo is a high-quality alternative that we think is worth checking out if you want to test a new SEO reporting tool. The biggest downside, in our opinion, is the price. However, you can try Matomo for free today (no credit card required)!



Mixpanel is another Google Analytics alternative perfect for small businesses. It focuses on product analytics and conversion. Its interface is straightforward to look at and is well organized for ease of use.


  • There’s a free plan that includes great features like core reports (including flows)
  • Limitless segmentation to discover hidden patterns beneath a trend
  • Scalable infrastructure great from high-growth businesses


  • Limited access to data governance permissions and controls
  • Lacks advanced web traffic source attribution capabilities


  • Free plan: up to 100k monthly tracked users
  • Growth plan: starting at $25 per month
  • Includes everything in the free plan plus unlimited saved reports and cohorts, data modeling, and more!
  • Enterprise plan: you’ll need to chat with a Mixpanel representative to build your plan for large organizations
  • Includes everything in the growth plan plus advanced access controls, experiment and signal reports, and more!

Mixpanel is another great SEO reporting tool that is especially useful for small businesses. Register for free with Mixpanel!



Woopra is a customer journey analytics tool comparable to Google Analytics. They are trusted by over 5,000 innovative companies including Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Woopra is used to unify, analyze, and engage in real-time.


  • No complex SQL queries required
  • 50+ one-click integrations
  • Live KPI dashboards and real-time analytics


  • Fewer features than Google Analytics
  • Limited actions for free plan
  • Not integrated with the full Google Marketing Platform


  • Core plan: free for 500k actions per month
  • Startup plan: $349 per month for 1 million actions per month
  • Pro plan: $999 per month for 5 million actions per month
  • Enterprise plan: you’ll need contact for price per month for 50+ million actions per month

Get started for free with Woopra! Woopra may be a great Google Analytics alternative for your business or a helpful addition to your SEO reporting.



Statcounter is not a one-to-one comparison to Google Analytics, but it offers a very uncomplicated view of your business’ website traffic. Its easy-to-understand interface gives you access to visitor paths, a live feed of activity, and is compatible with over 70 of your favorite platforms!


  • Offers traffic trend charts, real-time visitor activity, and analytics reports
  • Basic support via email
  • Easy to use and uncomplicated format


  • Not as many features as Google Analytics


  • Basic plan: free to analyze most recent 500 page views
  • Premium plan: $9 to $399 per month to analyze most recent 100k to 100 million page views

Statcounter is a great option for basic analytic needs. It doesn’t go as in-depth as Google Analytics or some of the other alternatives but is definitely still worth mentioning! Get started on Statcounter for free today!

Test Out a New SEO Analytics Tool Today

Now you know some options to choose from when looking for a new tool to add on to or replace Google Analytics. Hopefully, one of these options will be a great fit for your business.

There are a plethora of SEO reporting tools available on the internet, but we covered some of the most helpful Google Analytics alternatives. Have fun trying out different tools for free to see what works best for you!

Note: This post was last updated on 8/24/2021. If there are tools we may have missed, or any that we should update (we know tools change often!), feel free to let us know!

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