How to Make Your Instagram Bio

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how to make your instagram bio100+ million Instagram users, 100+ million bios, but only 150 characters to make a good first impression. As a veteran Instagram user, I’ve been seeing the same presets, photo editing styles, and the same type of bios for a while. Because of this reason, a unique bio is crucial in standing out from the crowd, keeping visitors scrolling and get them to click that “follow” button. Read on to learn everything you need to know on how to make your Instagram bio stand out!

What’s an Instagram Bio?

An Instagram bio is the section located below your username on your Instagram profile. This area is used to tell people about your personal brand or your business.

what's an instagram bio

Why Does It Matter?

Think of your bio as an elevator pitch or your digital business card. This is your chance to make a great first impression, share what potential followers can expect from you, and inspire people to click on your website or follow you.

How To Make Your Instagram Bio

how to make your instagram bio
It All Begins With Your Target Audience

Think of your target audience: who do you want to attract as a follower? What are they interested in? What do you offer that they need? Once you have the answers to these questions, it’s time to put together that Instagram bio.

Your Name And Beyond

This might seem obvious, but it’s important to note that having your full/real name in your bio is key if you want to be discovered. Your name is the only part of your bio — aside from your username — that’s searchable. If you want to increase your chances of being discovered, add a keyword within your name that will help you connect with your target audience. 

For example, my name reads: “Grecia Olachea | Phoenix, AZ.” This means that whenever people search for the keyword “phoenix,” my name will pop up in the search results. 

grecia olacheaBusiness Profile Category

If you have a business profile, choose a profile category that best represents what you do or what you offer. This is also a great way to save space in your bio since profile categories don’t contribute to the character count. Note: the business profile category is only visible on mobile.

how to make your instagram bioTell Us About Yourself

You’ve introduced yourself, shaken heads, now it’s time to tell us something about yourself. 

What do you do? Interests? What does your company offer? This is your chance to share what makes your personal brand or company unique. If you have any awards or accomplishments, this is the time to let them shine. Don’t be shy and brag about yourself a little!

how to make your instagram bioContact Info

If you have a business profile, the “call” and “message” buttons will appear on your profile if these settings are enabled. Sometimes people also add their email address within the bio for higher visibility and because these buttons are not visible on desktop.

Having these buttons can also be very helpful if you run a brick and mortar business. Quick details such as hours of operation are also great to include. 

how to make your instagram bioLink

Whether it’s a blog, website, or your latest feature, adding a link to your bio provides visitors with more information about you or your business, as well as adding a touch of professionalism. If there are several links you would want to share, don’t limit yourself! You can always use tools such as Linktree, Link In Profile, or to include multiple links all in one place. 

If you only have one link to share, considering shortening your link for a cleaner look. The bitly tool is very easy to use. 

Branded Hashtags

If you have a branded hashtag, your bio is a great place and the perfect opportunity to promote it and encourage people to use it. Always provide people with a reason to use your hashtag as seen in the example below. 

how to make your instagram bioInclude a Call To Action

What do you expect your clients to do when they land on your profile? Whether you want them to check out your latest blog post or your website for deals, let them know by adding a CTA above your link.

how to make your instagram bioAesthetics Do Matter

According to Buffer, “it takes just two-tenths of a second for someone to form an opinion of your brand online.” Since you don’t have much time, it’s crucial to make your bio scannable and easy to read. Use a list format and add line breaks to separate your thoughts. Bullet points and — even better — emojis used as bullet points are a great way to keep things organized and fun. Keep in mind your brand and style when planning the look of your bio. 

how to make your instagram bioLast But Not Least: Be Creative

Be creative, be inspirational, be funny, be yourself! This is your time to shine.✨

I hope that these tips on how to make your Instagram bio are helpful. Best of luck on your Instagram adventure!

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