How To Market a Psychic Business

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Dear Markitors, 

I’m looking to market a psychic business to the lgbt community by the use of social media marketing/advertising. I’d love to hear what services you have to offer that may help. cheers, Kim

Hi Kim,

We don’t offer marketing services to psychic businesses. However, there are a few tips we can offer in regards to how to market a psychic business.

How do you successfully market a psychic business locally? And specifically, for the LGBT community?

Well, here’s some ideas on how to market a psychic business.

1. Identify Meetup Groups. If one doesn’t exist, start one! Something like LGBT of CITY NAME. Or, “Spiritual Healers of CITY NAME.”

2. Sponsor email campaigns. Find a Meetup group, or another local LGBT organization and see if they would be interested in sending a sponsored email campaign on your behalf. Ask them what their list distribution is (how many people the email is sent to), and what their costs are for sending the campaign. Don’t pay anything more than $0.10 per recipient. If the list is 500 people, offer $50.

3. Identify Facebook Groups and participate in discussions. Again, very similar to finding Meetup groups (or, even LinkedIn groups). If you do this, update your profile to clearly identify your profession. That way, you’re the LGBT Psychic in addition to Kim.

4. Moz Local. Buy the $99 / year package and update your information. This ensures your physical location will be listed on prominent local directories. We’ve found this to be helpful in regards to local SEO.

5. SEO. Long-term. Start your website. Adjust the title tag to focus on your keyword: Psychic Services in CITY NAME, STATE. Make sure your services are listed on the site. Frequently contribute content to your site to position yourself as a subject matter expert. Make sure the website is on Google Search Console, and is technically sound from a SEO perspective. Ask people you know in the community to link back to your website.

There’s a lot that goes into a successful SEO campaign. But if you focus on producing great content, and making sure your website is error free from a technical perspective, then you should be in good shape.

6. Yelp. Google My Business. Facebook Places. Get on all of them. List your information. Share photos. Give people an idea of what it’s like to step into your business without physically visiting.

This should be a good start! It’s never easy launching a new business. But, if you follow some / all of these tips, you’ll have a daily activities to help market your psychic business.

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