How to Use Physical Therapist Directories for Local SEO

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How to Use Physical Therapist Directories for Local SEO
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What is one way a physical therapist can leverage directories to improve local SEO?

To help your physical therapy company leverage directories, we asked SEO experts and business leaders this question for their best advice. From getting listed in multiple directories to utilizing google’s tools, there are several ways that your company can improve local SEO.

Here are six ways that your physical therapy company can leverage directories to improve local SEO:

  • Get Listed in Multiple Directories
  • Drive Local SEO With Directory Listings
  • Be Consistent Across the Internet
  • Emphasize Your Location
  • Leverage Directory Tools
  • Make Google Your Best Friend

Get Listed in Multiple Directories

Local SEO is a great path to improving online visibility. One way to strengthen local SEO is to boost the number of citations your practice has. Getting listed in multiple physical therapy directories is a great way to accomplish this. An ideal citation will include your business name, address, and phone number (NAP). Make sure this information is up to date and accurate! If you don’t know where to start, contact a SEO agency that can help you get visibility on online directories.

Kayla Centeno, Markitors

Drive Local SEO With Directory Listings

Online directories are a great way to establish your business as trustworthy and relevant. The more users can find about your business, the easier it is for users to trust your business as legit and view your business as an authority in the field. Getting your business listed will also drive search engine optimization. About 70% of search engine users will select the top 5 websites listed in the search results, so rankly highly is a determining factor for site traffic. Listing in directories only increases the likelihood of boosting your rank to the top.

Brent Wicksly, Wicksly

Be Consistent Across the Internet

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they utilize listings in professional directories is they are not consistent with their NAP (name, address, phone). So often, they have their name one way in one directory, then different in another. Or they use the 800 number in one and a local line in another. To maximize your SEO value, your NAP has to be EXACTLY the same everywhere. Take a peek at your Google My Business profile. Make sure that matches your website, then go from there. Always the same. Right down to abbreviations. Google is smart, but it is still a machine, and why make it hard on their crawling?

Eric Rutin, Marketing Mentor

Emphasize Your Location

When people look for specific services online, especially with regard to physical therapy, they will want something nearby. When building your directory listing, be sure to add your practice’s address. And try to insert your city or town’s name in a meaningful way as much as possible. It should be clear that your services are offered in a specific zone. Add pictures and create blog posts and other content to support your listing information, and you should see better results.

Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

Leverage Directory Tools

Physical therapists can take special steps to make directory listings more appealing. For instance, Google and Yelp’s business pages offer owners the ability to publicly respond to reviews, message potential clients, and add a request an appointment button. PT practices can also display available services on the listing. These tools enhance the customer experience, which in turn can prompt patients to write positive reviews. The business then rises in the directory search results. Since Google and Yelp have high domain authority and tend to dominate local SEO results, the PT provider’s local search presence is thereby enhanced.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

Make Google Your Best Friend

You want to make sure Google recognizes your office as in the area. Be sure to add your address to all of your online profiles so Google can index that information and insert you into the map pack. You also want to build links with other local businesses in the area. Get local newsletters, businesses, and online magazines in the area to link to your page — this will improve your ranking on the search engine results page. Sponsorships and charity events are also another great way to enhance your local SEO.

Sanem Ahearn, Colorscience

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