8 Insurance Agency Marketing Ideas for More Inbound Leads

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What is one marketing idea a small insurance agency can execute to attract more inbound leads in a competitive industry?

To help small insurance agencies attract more inbound leads, we asked marketing professionals insurance experts this question for their best marketing ideas. From creating informational content to partnering with local tax offices, there are several great ideas that may help your insurance agency attract more inbound leads in a competitive industry.

Here are eight marketing ideas small insurance agencies can execute to attract more inbound leads in a competitive industry:

  • Create Informative Content
  • Sharing Expertise
  • Build A Media Company
  • Have A $1 Offer
  • Partner With Your Local Tax Offices
  • Tell Stories
  • Create Blog Posts Related To Your Products
  • Get Listed On Insurance Comparison Websites

Create Informative Content

There are so many questions clients have around insurance policies, types of insurance, and more. Our agency has focused on transforming our website into an informative resource for customers to get all of their questions answered. For example, our life insurance 101 section has a life insurance needs calculator and an introduction to life insurance. By creating informative content, not only can an insurance agency answer client questions, but this content can also attract prospective clients looking for more information.

Chris Abrams, Abrams Insurance Solutions

Sharing Expertise

Platforms like Terkel and HARO offer insurance agencies daily opportunities to share their expertise and get answers featured in articles. These features often attribute answers with links back to the website of an insurance agency, which may help build the prominence of an agency online. As a small agency, it’s tough to compete against big brands. But, smaller agencies can help market their services by simply sharing their expertise around online opportunities.

Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

Build A Media Company

I think it so important for agencies to build a media company. This is basically a platform (through social media, podcasting, blogging) to attract potential clients. There’s a lot of different tools and ways out there. However, I think it’s maybe just as valuable an opportunity to feature yourself on existing media companies (e.g., participating in Facebook groups, guesting on someone’s podcast, or guest blogging). When you do this and have a valuable CTA, it can result in more leads to an agency.

Gresham Harkless Jr., Blue 16 Media

Have A $1 Offer

One marketing idea for small insurance agencies is to have a $1 offer. The amount of coverage for this payment should be very minimal and will likely only appeal to people or businesses signing up for compliance reasons. Later, you can upsell these clients to full insurance, which will allow you to improve your margins in your business.

Melissa Kelly, Virtual Team Building

Partner With Your Local Tax Offices

Not many people think about this because, generally, businesses see other businesses as competition, but a great marketing idea a small insurance agency can execute to attract more inbound leads in a competitive industry is by teaming up with their local tax offices. Ultimately, people don’t want to purchase insurance unless they absolutely need to, but they have to pay taxes. There’s no way around it, and there’s no escaping it. A small insurance agency can leave their business cards and contact information for any clients that may be interested in it when they visit their tax agency. People usually are waiting in the lobby, and they’re most likely looking for something to kill time. What better way to kill time than to present with them an ad of why they should use your insurance?

Manny Vetti, Back Taxes Help, LLC

Tell Stories

Storytelling is one of the best ways to gain exposure. For me, one of the best ad campaigns for insurance ever is Allstate’s “Mayhem” series. Even though you may not be an Allstate agency, you can create funny videos on your own with your cell phone. Use hypothetical situations — “Don’t let this happen to you!” Post the videos everywhere: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Use hashtags. Get creative.

Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media Wiz

Create Blog Posts Related To Your Products

Content marketing consists of blog posts on topics of interest to the firm’s ideal customer. The content doesn’t directly sell products; rather, it demonstrates expertise. A small insurance firm can create blog posts related to its products. Unlike a large firm, small companies can easily add local flavor. Is there a local river that floods annually? A particularly accident-prone road everyone knows? Every piece of content needs a call to action to convert visitors to leads and a contact form. Firms should also promote their content via social media to extend their reach and amplify their voice.

Mike Pastore, TechnologyAdvice

Get Listed On Insurance Comparison Websites

Submitting competitive insurance offers into comparison websites is an outstanding way to bypass larger rivals. Many such websites attract a lot of traffic and allow for quick choice and purchase of insurance. A small company with a well-tailored offer may break-through this way.

Rebeca Sena, GetSpace.Digital

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