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June 11, 2019
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June 11, 2019 Emily Bosak

This is an interview with Stan Miele, Vice President of Commercial for Alliance Labs, a medical distribution company in Phoenix.

What’s your story?

Having been in the pharma/biotech and device world for over 30 years I am excited to join Alliance Labs and help them broaden their reach to the many patients who can benefit from their products. Alliance has superb products and they have a focused mission on transforming patients lives.

What exactly does your company do and who benefits from the service?

Alliance Labs is the distribution and marketing arm of Summit Pharmaceuticals. We manufacture products such as Enemeez which are effective for bowel care needs associated with spinal cord injury or disease and general constipation. Both patients and facilities will benefit from a product like Enemeez by the following:

  • Fast, predictable results typically in 2-15 minutes, non-irritating formula. No afterburn.
  • May reduce nursing intervention required for in-patient bowel care; may assist in labor cost savings to the facility.  
  • May virtually eliminate episodes of incontinence.  
  • No mucosal discharge; helps maintain healthy skin integrity.
  • As stated above this product has demonstrated efficacy and safety. There have been over 22 million doses dispensed over the last 15 years.

What makes you unique?

The product Enemeez is a mini enema and it contains a delivered dose of 283mg docusate sodium. It also has inactive ingredients of glycerin USP and Polyethylene glycol. Based on this unique formulation this allows for a fast, predictable result typically in 2-15 minutes when rectally administered. This is a 5ml mini enema which is different than other large volume enemas on the market.

What are you most excited about for the future of your company?

Hearing the stories from spinal cord injury patients who are now able to participate in life due to the use of Enemeez is what makes this job so worthwhile. Alliance Labs is committed to changing patients lives and hearing these stories on a daily basis makes it so satisfying and rewarding.

Do you have core values at your company? If so, what are they and how do they impact your business operations?  

Our culture is one of patient first. Our lives revolve around superior customer service and always staying focused on the patient and how can we improve their quality of life.  

What are some stats that help showcase the impact your company has?

With over 22 million doses sold to date indicates the strong track record of patient satisfaction with our products. Now we have the children’s product of Docusol Kids with the only mini enema for patients ages 2-12.

If you could give your clients one piece of advice, what would you say?  

This is not just another enema…these are products that help patients lead a life of empowerment! We are helping patients improve their quality of life. DAILY!

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Brett Farmiloe

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