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This week, Markitors launched Terkel

What’s Terkel? 

Terkel is a place to share your everyday expertise.

Everyone has unique insights. Every brand has a community. Terkel is a content creation platform that converts expert insights into high quality blogs for brands. 

That’s the short summary. But why was Terkel created? And what does it mean for our Partners? 

“Terkel identifies who the experts truly are, so that the best content can be created for our Partners,” says Brett Farmiloe, CEO of Markitors. “Plus, launching a separate brand helps clear up some confusion we’ve experienced at Markitors. People will ask me: ‘who is Markitors? Are you a Q&A site?’ Hopefully with Terkel, people will think of Markitors for SEO and Terkel as a platform to share insights.” 

Moving forward, Partners can expect to see the Terkel brand replace Markitors in the community-driven articles they receive.   

community driven insights

Why Terkel? 

People spend their whole lives acquiring knowledge, talents, and skills, but very few get the chance to share what they have accumulated.

Terkel gives a voice and platform to experts, and provides people with the opportunity to share, get published, and be heard.

People who sign up for Terkel can expect to answer questions and have their insights be considered for publication on our partner websites. Brands who partner with Terkel can expect high-quality content driven by expert insights. 

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Sign up at
  2. Complete your profile (we’ll use this information to attribute your insights)
  3. Answer questions (feel free to skip questions) + get published. 

That’s the summary. If you’d like to learn more about why Terkel was created, we turned to the people who have helped create Terkel. Here’s the inspiration and meaning that our team has found in working on the Terkel platform.

Terkel team

The Inspiration

Here’s the inspiration. Back in 2007 I traveled around the country in an RV interviewing people about their career paths. I ended up interviewing 300+ people. The thing I learned is that people spend their whole lives acquiring knowledge, talents, and skills, but very few get the chance to share what they have accumulated.

Terkel gives a voice and platform to experts. We created Terkel to provide people with the opportunity to share, get published, and be heard.

People who sign up for Terkel can expect to answer questions and have their insights be considered for publication on our partner websites. Brands who partner with us can expect high-quality content driven by expert insights. 

We believe everyone has extraordinary insights. We’re here to listen, and turn those thoughts into insights that get published.

Brett Farmiloe, Founder

Personalized Experience

One of the main drivers for creating Terkel came from the needs of our contributors. Why should a panelist have to re-signup every time they want to contribute? How are we able to prompt questions that only relate to this individual’s expertise? 

Ultimately, our team wanted the panelist experience to reflect the unique, community-driven insights that make our articles come to life. We were previously restricted without our own platform. With Terkel, we are able to give a more personalized experience to each community panelist!

Thylan Le, Community Manager

Simple & Sleek

Terkel provides people a platform to share their ideas and showcase their expertise to the world. Generally, people are experts in specific areas, but they don’t have a platform to share on. 

Terkel bridges this gap. 

The process of developing Terkel and listening to users has been an exciting and inspiring process. I hope that Terkel will be a simple and sleek way of capturing people’s ideas and sharing them with a wide reach of people.

Deepak Udupa, Software Developer

Expert, Authoritative, Trusted Content

The issue is that brands need content. Most brands have an engaged community, but have limited resources to develop high-quality content. The solution? Open up a blog to your community!

By looking to Terkel, we’ve seen that our partners are saving a great deal of time when it comes to producing quality content. Our in-kind partnerships are based on the benefit of soliciting content, pulling it together and making sure everything is mapped to the general topic.

Kayla Centeno, Partner Services Manager

Platform That Priorities Perspectives

Using Terkel, people can express their take on various community, education, social and many more aspects. Developing this platform brings voices of diversified users under an umbrella to be published. With the usability aspects of this product, I can envision Terkel as a pathfinder bridge between various brands and users. Most importantly, that fact that Terkel is being created by Terkel’s user aspirants gives the platform an addition of user perspective blended with technology and UI.

Sri Sagar Kalisetty, Software Developer

Personable Yet Approachable

Building a brand from the ground up that stands out is no easy task. From the get go I worked in close collaboration with Brett to create a personable yet approachable identity that is representative of the company’s namesake. Studs Terkel and his decades of on air interviewing working-class Americans served as the main inspiration behind the brand.

Will Mejia, Brand Identity

Created By Community

Everyone has something valuable to share about a topic or domain they have experience in or are passionate about. This belief was reinforced while interviewing a diverse set of people to get their insights for Terkel. As an intensive social media user, I know that many of these valuable thoughts get lost in today’s NOISE of social media content or simply because one’s connections aren’t interested in that topic. We created Terkel to provide a platform for people to express these valuable opinions and make sure that people who are really interested in that relevant topic read it (thus creating a good synergy). The coolest thing about Terkel is that it is created out of community feedback, making it BY the community FOR the community.

Prathamesh Ranade, Software Developer

Influential Insights

As a visual artist, I find myself impressed by the impact and influence the insights of various individuals’ words have on my life. Terkel is the perfect platform to share your expertise curated from your unique experience. The time I’ve spent on the Terkel team leaves me certain that each of us will be at your side every step of the way, as you make your voice heard. 

Brookelle Baker, Graphic Design 

Shares The Importance of Conversations

Conversations are the greatest vehicle for facilitating deep, interpersonal connections and sharing unique perspectives. Terkel is a platform that feeds off of this and creates a space where professionals can not only share their insights but also learn from other peoples’ experiences. It has been so rewarding to see our panelists excited about their publications and continuing to share their ideas each month.

Nikitha Lokareddy, Director of Client Services

Great Learning Experience

In publishing content from Terkel, I have found that I am constantly learning. Having the ability to hear feedback or responses to business-based questions is extremely insightful, especially in a position such as mine. At this time in my life, I’m always looking for advice or a better understanding of some of those “more difficult” questions”, so being able to publish different articles from panelist’s Terkel responses is a great learning experience for me. Everybody has their own story, so hearing those different viewpoints is very inspiring for someone currently pursuing opportunities in the business-world. 

Alexis Orth, Content Publisher


Answering questions is a good experience. It causes people to self-reflect. Plus, the word “fun” is how most people describe the question interaction. It’s fun to create something that inspires people to share their expertise in a fun way. 

Danielle Ganon, Front End Developer

Thank you again for being a part of our community, and sharing your expertise. If you have any feedback or questions, please let us know


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