Mailchimp Multiple List Management: Organizing Lists & Groups

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Mailchimp multiple list management is a thing because most MailChimp customers don’t know how to organize their account.

Instead of creating Groups, most MailChimp subscribers create Lists, which causes a couple issues.

1. MailChimp charges per subscriber, and by creating multiple lists instead of one Master list, you run the risk of overpaying for MailChimp.

2. If you are sending campaigns to multiple lists, you run the risk of sending the same campaign multiple times to the same subscriber. That’s annoying.

So, the best MailChimp practice is to establish one Master List with multiple groups to avoid these issues. And that’s what we’re going to do in this tutorial.

How To Organize MailChimp: Preparing For a List Import

To start, we’ll need to identify our lists and groups.

1. Identify Master List
2. Identify List to import
3. Identify any Groups within that list (if there are groups, you’ll need to export each list individually and create the same group structure in a new list)

Then, we’ll export the list and get ready for importing a list! Please see our next tutorial for those steps.

MailChimp Multiple List Management: Import List To Group

Now that we’ve exported our MailChimp list, it’s time to prepare for import.

We’ve downloaded our export, and have this zip file that contains subscribers, unsubscribes, and cleaned email addresses.

We’ll need to import each csv file to successfully transfer the list history into our new, Master List.

So, we’re going to Open the Zip File. Sometimes there are just “Subscribers” – and that’s fine. That will be the only list to import.

In this case, we have 3 lists to import.

Before importing, we are going to go to our Master List and create a new group with the same name of the previous list. This makes it easy to locate a list that was previously used.

Now that our group is created, we are going to import our subscribed list to the Master List.

We’re going to match our fields.

We’re going to choose our group.

We’re going to choose whether they are subscribed.

And then import.

That’s it.

One additional thing that is useful is to keep track of changes in a spreadsheet.

You may find that several subscribers from one list are already in another list. Keeping track of the end results enables you to see what the difference is after completing this project.

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