8 Plastic Surgeon Marketing Ideas to Attract More Patients

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If you were in charge of the marketing for a plastic surgeon, what marketing idea would you prioritize to attract more patients?

To help your plastic surgery business attract more customers, we asked marketing experts and PR professionals this question for their best marketing tips. From securing patient reviews to hosting exclusive meet & greets, there are several marketing ideas that may help your plastic surgery business attract more patients.

Here are eight marketing ideas to help plastic surgeons attract more patients:

  • Showcase Your Expertise
  • Secure Patient Reviews
  • Communicate Patient Care
  • Optimize Your Website
  • Post Before & After Images to Instagram
  • Create A Guide To Capture Leads
  • Focus On the Growing Male Market
  • Host An Exclusive Meet & Greet

Showcase Your Expertise

As plastic surgery becomes more accessible to the general public, curious potential patients are taking to the internet to get their questions answered. Creating videos and blog posts addressing questions around popular procedures is one way to attract new patients. This content can help you come across as authoritative and trustworthy, all while boosting your online visibility. Take note of common questions that patients ask and head online to see what’s being searched regularly. Then, craft content around these high interest topics. Be sure to share snippets of your blog posts and videos across social media to increase your reach.

Claire Routh, Markitors

Secure Patient Reviews

A typical patient path to choosing a health care provider looks like this: check the insurance list of in-network providers, do a web search for patient reviews and information, and ask friends and family if they have any experience or feedback with that provider. However, a plastic surgeon’s services are less likely to be covered by insurance. The nature of the service is often more personal or embarrassing to publicize so that potentially eliminates steps 1 and 3 from the above scenario. For that reason, I’d focus on earning frequent public reviews from verified patients, with before and after photos as often as possible. The reviews should be hosted on a third-party site, not original to the provider’s own site, to look less biased.

Chryssa Rich, Primary Health Medical Group

Communicate Patient Care

To gain more leads, you want to demonstrate work on the highest quality level as well as the positive effects procedures have on your patients’ lives. Voluntary case studies of patients can help bring in new business. Focus on communicating patient care from start to end as it helps to lift many concerns. Also, include quotes to make your marketing feel personal.

John Bertino, The Agency Guy

Optimize Your Website

A plastic surgeon should capitalize on SEO techniques to market successfully on search engines. First, conduct keyword research and optimize your website content with it. Put the keyword in your headline and sprinkle it throughout your posts and in at least one subheading. Make sure you include before and after images as they can also be found on Google.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging Academy

Post Before & After Images on Instagram

If you are a plastic surgeon, your main channel of marketing should really be Instagram. Being in a field that is completely dependent on visual results, you can utilize your Instagram channel to show before and afters, which is what potential customers are going to be looking for when making decisions. It is also a great way to share any specials going on at your office. Besides sharing your images with your followers, they have the potential to reach more app users when you utilize hashtags. Doing so can potentially get you featured on users’ individual Discover feeds if they are someone who frequently searches for plastic surgery on the platform.

Sarah Blocksidge, Sixth City Marketing

Create A Guide To Capture Leads

One very simple marketing strategy for a plastic surgeon is to create a simple guide. The guide can answer the most basic questions a plastic surgeon receives as well as provide some content. Address basic questions such as “How much does plastic surgery cost?” and “What is the recovery time?” Make sure to add some value to the answer, like including how you work with your clients. Create a captivating landing page for one of your most popular surgeries, and give away your compelling free guide in exchange for their name and email address. Put those users who opted in on a drip-email campaign highlighting a frequently asked question and your answers every month. This provides you with a year’s worth of valuable content, which will drive new business.

Steve Feld, Biz Coach Steve

Focus On The Growing Male Market

In the UK, there was a 70% increase in requests for cosmetic procedures from men, spurred by the growing number of hours spent in video-conferencing and the corresponding desire to appear refreshed and energized. PPC costs focusing on males are not yet as competitive as they are for reaching potential female consumers.

Jon Lee, Adamant Ventures

Host An Exclusive Meet & Greet

People need to meet a physician to build trust. Hold an event with previous patients in attendance to talk about how happy they are with their results. Invite potential new patients plus past patients with a great offer of skincare, a service, goody bags, or a raffle. Serve upscale drinks and food. Encourage them to bring a friend and invite the media. Be sure to have staff manage the flow of attendees and allow the physicians to be free to mingle and chat with guests and answer questions.

Ellie Lowney, Creating Buzz PR

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