Plumbing Ads: Examples of Google and Facebook Ads

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Plumbing Advertising

From 2015 to 2020, the total revenue of the plumbing industry reached $105.5 billion in the United States. As the owner of a small plumbing business, you know how competitive this expanding industry can be.

That’s why you’re here: to learn about plumbing advertising methods so you can make your company stand out in the industry.

Before you begin planning a plumbing ads campaign, there are two factors for you to consider.

First, you should review ad policies on Google. Some policies that might impact your ad campaign are Google’s misrepresentation policy. This policy states that all advertising on Google must clearly state what product or service it is promoting. An unclear or misleading ad copy could lead to your ad being disabled due to a policy violation.

The next factor you should examine is advertising costs. Thanks to the range of options customers have when choosing a plumber, the cost of advertising isn’t cheap.

On average, your business will pay around $10-$12 per click for a plumbing keyword. Let’s assume your average conversion rate is 2%. In other words, you gain 2 new customers for every 100 visitors to your company website.

As a result, you’ll end up paying an estimated $500-$600 to gain a new customer.

Are you feeling eager to explore some alternative methods for your plumbing ads campaign? Skip to that section below or head over to our Plumber SEO page.

Keep reading to see real plumbing ads examples on Google and Facebook, ideal keywords to target, and their cost.

Examples of Plumbing Google Ads

One of your top priorities for your advertising campaign is to create ads that convert new customers. When looking at a successful conversion rate, those conversions can be traced back to Google Ads.

What makes Google Ads successful for plumbers? When a customer is searching for plumbing services, Google Ads puts your company in front of them when they need you the most.

Below, we take a look at several examples of plumbing Google Ads and explain how they work.

plumbing ads
Why it works: This ad copy is very appealing to a customer looking for a fast solution for their problem. Plus, the ad states that this company offers 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs. This lets a customer know that they can reliably call on this plumber whenever a problem arises.

Why it works: Below the ad copy text are site links. This is beneficial for the ad because an interested customer can easily navigate to the site’s pages directly from this ad.

Why it works: Customers like a great offer! This ad copy includes not one, but two discounts and coupon offers for customers to take advantage of when using this plumber’s services.

How Much do Plumbing Keywords Cost on Google Ads?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best plumbing keywords on Google and their average cost per click:
plumbing advertising

  • plumbing – $30.00 / click
  • how to unclog a shower drain – $5.00 / click
  • plumbing snake – $3.00 / click
  • gas water heater repair – $25.00 / click
  • plumbing near me – $25.00 / click
  • plumbing supplies – $2.50 / click
  • how to fix a clogged sink $4.50 / click
  • storm drain – $3.00 / click
  • plumbing replacement parts – $2.50 / click
  • best plumbers near me – $18.00 / click

As this list shows, some plumbing keywords cost as little as $2.50. However, a majority of plumbing keywords cost around $15-$20 per click.

What does this cost mean for your advertising campaign?

Every time someone clicks on your ad that uses a keyword, you’ll end up paying Google the cost of that keyword. For some keywords, this cost may not seem like a lot at first. Nevertheless, the cost of paid ad keywords can build up over time.

Examples of Facebook Ads for Plumbers

Besides Google, what other channels can you use for paid ad campaigns? The answer is easy: Facebook!

Facebook ads are an interesting paid ad alternative to consider for a few reasons. With Facebook ads, you can run multimedia ad campaigns, unlike most Google Ads. This includes videos, GIFs, and visually attractive graphics.

The first plumbing ads example we look at on Facebook is an ad campaign for a company’s sales and special offers:

plumbing ads example facebook
Why it works: Similar to our last Google Ads example, one appealing factor for these ads is the great offers they make. By highlighting the sales and coupons that customers can use, these ads help attract more consumers to this brand.

Next, we look at an ad campaign that shows the range of products and services this company provides:

Why it works: These ads are visually appealing and take advantage of Facebook ads by using its multimedia feature. Plus, the third ad shows a unique way that this brand has made itself stand out to customers.

Why it works: These ads feature some great deals on air conditioning products and services, which is likely to catch the eye of a customer looking for a way to beat the summer heat.

Plumbing Advertising Alternative: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What benefits would your plumbing company gain from engaging in a search engine optimization (SEO) ad campaign? There are three reasons—and they all start with the letter C. Known as the Three C’s, these reasons are Clicks, Costs, and Conversions.

When looking at clicks, you’re looking at your ad traffic. The example below shows the estimated search traffic for the keyword “plumbing.”

An estimated 86% of search traffic for this keyword goes to organic results. This means that only 14% of the remaining traffic goes to paid results.

Why is there such a gap between paid and organic search traffic? This gap is caused by user preference. Most users tend to prefer organic results over paid results.

Another reason for this gap in traffic is also related to how Google shows results. For some searches, Google’s first results aren’t paid ads. For searches like “best plumber near me,” the first results Google gives me are local SEO results.

Based on my location, Google has made this organic list of results that features nearby plumbers for me to check out.

In the end, both users and Google prefer organic results over sponsored results. This preference also leads to lower advertising costs and higher conversion rates.

Are you curious about how well your website is optimized for SEO? Conduct a free SEO audit to find out.

Another Alternative: Plumbing Directories

An additional advertising alternative to check out is found in plumbing directories.

You can sponsor a listing in local plumbing directories like Best Plumbers or Home Advisor to promote your business to customers performing some extra research.

The Big Question: How do Plumbers Get More Customers?

At the end of the day, the driving force behind your plumbing ad campaign is to attract more customers using the best campaign format.

Should I use Google Ads for my campaign? Would Facebook ads help me attract a wider demographic of customers? What about the benefits of an SEO campaign?

We’re biased. If we were in your shoes, we’d want to invest in an SEO campaign for our plumbing company.

Nevertheless, we believe that search engine optimization is the best way to achieve sustainable and reliable growth for a business. This belief is especially true for small businesses and organizations.

So, if you’re interested in lowering your advertising costs while attracting more customers, reach out to us at Markitors and schedule a consultation.

First, we’ll schedule a 15-minute call with you. The goal of this call is to learn everything about your business. Next, we’ll conduct a free SEO audit of your website, any relevant keywords, and your major competitors.

After we’ve analyzed this data, and it makes sense for us to work together, we’ll propose one of our SEO solutions.

If you’re itching for some inspiration, check out our industry blogs to learn more about plumbing marketing and more!

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