Staffing Agency Advertising: Examples of Online Ads

Wondering what the best staffing agency advertising method is for you? Check out Google and Facebook ad examples and learn about cost, keywords, and more.

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Staffing Agency Advertising

In the United States, there are over 20,000 staffing companies that make up the staffing industry. In fact, the industry’s top 157 staffing companies are responsible for 67% of industry revenue.

As the owner of a staffing agency, you understand how competitive the industry is when it comes to small businesses—thousands of agencies are also trying to make up that remaining 33% of industry revenue!

With the competitive nature of your industry in mind, you’re looking for ways to boost your visibility—one option being a staffing agency advertising campaign.

Before getting started, there are a few things to acknowledge before creating your campaign.

There are rules and regulations you must meet to advertise on places like Google.

For example, Google has policies in place that prohibit services enabling dishonest behavior or give users misleading information. Google has other policies to keep in mind, like their personalized advertising policy that prevents advertisers from collecting personalized information by using unauthorized ad formats.

Another factor to keep in mind for your advertising campaign is cost. Naturally, you want to find a fitting advertising solution that is also cost-effective.

With the choice of over 20,000 staffing agencies, clients have a variety of options to go with when choosing a staffing agency. Essentially, due to the competitive nature of the industry, the cost of advertising isn’t cheap.

On average, your agency will pay around $8-9 per click for a staffing agency advertising keyword. Assuming an average conversion rate of 2%—meaning that 2 out of every 100 people who visit your website become a client—you’ll end up spending an estimated $400-450 to gain a new client.

With all this in mind, you may feel ready to learn about staffing agency advertising alternatives. If so, skip to that section, or check out our staffing agencies SEO page! Otherwise, you can keep reading to see examples of Google and Facebook ads and learn about keyword costs and what keywords to target.

Examples of Staffing Agency Google Ads

A primary goal of your agency’s advertising is to convert new clients. Often, ads that receive conversions are Google Ads.

What makes Google Ads so successful for staffing agencies? Google Ads put your staffing services in front of prospective clients when they’re looking for the right staffing solution.

Below, we take a look at staffing agency Google Ads and explain why they work.

staffing agency advertising google ad
Why this ad works: This ad is appealing for several reasons. It offers a personalized and responsive client experience. That is very beneficial throughout the hiring process! Another aspect to notice in this ad is the formatting. Each word of this ad copy is capitalized, which is considered a best practice to exercise in paid advertising.

Which ad would you click on? When searching for a staffing agency near me in Scottsdale, I got these two ads. The first ad clearly states that it is right in Scottsdale—perfect for me! On the other hand, the second ad also shows up even though it doesn’t necessarily say the staffing firm works in Scottsdale. So, the chances are that I am going to go with the first option over the second one.

Why this ad works: Because staffing agencies can fill roles across a variety of industries, it is important to state what industries you specialize in if possible clearly. That’s why this ad works! By stating in the ad copy that this firm specializes as a nonprofit recruiting firm, potential nonprofit clients are more likely to click on it.

How Much Do Staffing Agency Keywords Cost on Google Ads?

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best staffing agency keywords on Google with their average cost per click:

  • staffing agency – $5.00 / click
  • IT staffing agencies – $8.00 / click
  • staffing companies – $3.50 / click
  • online staffing agency $4.50 / click
  • human resource staffing – $11.00 / click
  • staffing group – $9.00 / click
  • accounting staffing agencies near me – $9.00 / click
  • staffing agency near me – $4.00 / click
  • staffing agency software – $25.00 / click
  • temp staffing agency – $5.00

Generally, the cost of any given keyword for staffing agency advertising will vary. Some keywords are just $3.00 per click, while other keywords are as much as $40.00 per click. In other words, every time someone clicks your ad, you pay the cost of your keyword.

Examples of Staffing Agency Ads on Facebook

Another dominant form of paid advertising is through Facebook ads.

Below is an example of a staffing agency that is advertising its services—staffing software—to employers:

Why it works: Right off the bat, these ads catch a potential client’s eye. Why? They use colors that pop but don’t hurt your eyes and are overall visually appealing. Plus, these ads have a great 30-day free trial offer. That means that while potential clients try this software out, they can also learn more about what your agency has to offer.

Here is another example of a Facebook ad campaign where a staffing agency is advertising its services for finding uniquely skilled talent:

Why it works: Both of these ad campaigns focus on what this staffing agency specializes in. The ad campaign on the left mentions how the staffing firm can find specialized labor in specific industries. Plus, those industries are illustrated in various appealing featured images below the ad copy’s text. The second ad campaign from this staffing agency has another unique focus: temporary staffing solutions.

Why it works: A common theme in every example we’ve seen so far is how visually appealing it is, and these ads are no different. Another aspect to notice in these ads is how they draw on an employer’s desire to find locally skilled talent. A potential client may feel more confident in this staffing firm’s ability to find local talent in Nashville, thanks to the second ad.

Staffing Agency Advertising Alternatives: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What benefits can your staffing agency advertising campaign get by utilizing search engine optimization (SEO)? There are three major reasons that we’ve covered so far, and they all start with a C: clicks, conversions, and costs.

First up are clicks. For the keyword “staffing agency near me,” an estimated 17% of traffic goes to paid advertising. The 83% that’s left? That remaining traffic goes to organic search results.

You’re likely asking: what is causing the big difference between organic and paid search results?

The main reason that more traffic goes to organic search results is that most people trust those organic results over paid ads.

Another factor that can impact what search results—both paid and organic—is local SEO. In fact, certain searches may not show sponsored content first, but instead, jump into a list of staffing firms near you.

staffing agency advertising

All in all, both users and Google put more of their trust in organic results than sponsored results for staffing agencies.

So, by focusing your ad campaign on boosting your visibility in organic search results, you can save money that would’ve gone to paid advertising expenses. Plus, you can also benefit from higher conversions from users who are attracted to organic results over sponsored results.

Curious about how well your staffing agency’s website is currently optimized for SEO? Conduct a free SEO audit to find out.

Another Alternative: Staffing Agency Directories

Staffing agency directories are a great place to get an idea of what the local industry looks like. You can also use this resource as an alternative to paid Google or Facebook advertising.

If you’re a small business staffing firm in Scottsdale, you might consider putting up a listing in directories like the American Staffing Association‘s Scottsdale page.

The Big Question: How Do Staffing Agencies Connect With More Clients?

At the end of the day, your main goal for any advertising efforts you take on is to connect with more clients.

Which method is best for my business? Is that method Google or Facebook ads? Or should I try to get a listing in a staffing agency directory?

While we may be biased, we believe that SEO is the best long-term staffing agency advertising solution in a competitive industry.

So, if you’re looking to invest in business growth while lowering your advertising costs, contact us to schedule a consultation.

First, we begin with a 15-minute call so we can learn all about you and your business. Then, we’ll conduct a free SEO audit of your website to gather information on the site itself, significant keywords, and your main competitors.

After we analyze this information and feel that working together makes sense for your business, we’ll propose one of our SEO solutions that fit your business.

If you’re curious about staffing agency marketing strategies, then feel free to check out some industry blog topics that help engage your readers.

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