Top CRO Strategies: 6 Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the way your website converts visitors into customers and leads. By using these CRO top strategies, you can get more visitors to fill out a contact form, click on a link or buy your product. These strategies help you to grow your business, develop new customer relationships and increase your revenue.

Simplify Your Color Scheme

One of the easiest strategies is to change the color scheme on your website. You want muted, clean colors. This helps to draw the client’s eye to your call to action. You only want a maximum of two to four colors on your page.

Basically, you want the call to action to be the main thing that visitors see. Each web page should have one main goal as well as a maximum of two secondary goals. Those secondary goals can also be bright, but they should not be more vivid than your call to action.

Declutter Your Page Templates

For page templates, you should really focus on having limited options. Again, your template should be designed so that the user focuses on your main goal. One way to do this is to start with a title and then include a quick sales pitch right underneath it. Your call to action should be right below the sales pitch. By setting your site up this way, your visitors can see what you have to offer, click and convert into a paying customer. Some customers might want more information before they convert, so you can add this information underneath your initial call to action.

Organize Categories

Whether you are a branding site or an ecommerce site, you need to make sure your categories are neatly sorted and clear. It needs to be easy for your clients to navigate between the different categories. If it is hard to find every option through your navigation, then you can add a search bar so that clients can quickly find whatever they are looking for.

Other CRO Strategies for Landing Pages

Other than an elevator pitch, title and call to action, there are some other CRO top strategies that work well for landing pages. After you have provided more information about your offerings, you want to include social proof. Your social proof could be in the form of companies you have worked with, magazines that have featured your business and clients who have loved your products.

You are essentially showing your site’s visitors all of the amazing news publications, testimonials and projects that you have ever done. This shows that you a credible business with a reputation for top products and services. Then, you include another call to action at the bottom of the page.

The Difference Between Mobile Versus Desktop

On mobile devices, people generally want their information and the call to action as quickly as possible. Desktop users tend to spend a little more time browsing. For mobile users, you want simple, easy buttons instead of a tile design. Mobile users want fast, instant gratification, so design your site to cater to their needs. Learn more about mobile vs desktop vs tablet.

Try Out Split Testing

Split testing is a great way to hone your CRO techniques. Google Content Experiments and Optimizely are both excellent ways to test out different options on your site. By using these tools, you can figure out which features perform the best for conversion rate optimization.

You can boost your conversion rates by simplifying your checkout process so that customers are less likely to leave your site. Keep the color schemes muted and limit the steps to as few as possible. You can also add post-conversion options like suggestions for additional products. This allows you to easily increase your sales. Countdown clocks can also be used to cause a sense of urgency in your customers.

Conversion rate optimization can make an impressive, immediate difference in your business. If you can get more visitors to click on your call to action, you can instantly increase sales. With the right CRO strategies, you can begin growing your business today.

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