Improve your online presence and grow organic traffic with SEO.

What would you do if you were looking for a training company to take your business to the next level?

Most people would probably go online and look in a search engine like Google or Bing.

That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

SEO is the process of increasing a website’s visibility on search engines without the use of paid ads. That means more organic website traffic, and more importantly, more inbound leads for your training business.

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Competition in the training industry is more intense than ever before. In fact, according to the Training Magazine 2019 Industry Report, there are now almost 130,000 training companies in the US alone.

And on top of that, the report revealed total spending on training in the US declined some 5.3% to $83 billion in 2019. If you want to stand out amongst the crowd in this competitive market, you’ll need SEO.

Yes, our SEO services work wonders for lead generation. SEO boosts your site up search engine results pages (SERPs) and builds brand awareness using a variety of tactics from content marketing to securing backlinks. Then with a focus on conversion optimization, we’re able to help you turn website visitors into paying customers.

If you want to know more about how SEO can help bring you leads, check out this article we wrote on “How SEO Works”, or just contact us for more information.

Training companies will need our full SEO toolbox in order to draw in the big clients that can really make or break your business.

That includes all of the following, plus our consistent customer service:

SEO Content

Our SEO content works to produce informative, keyword search based content that draws in organic web traffic.

Digital PR

The digital PR team will secure relevant, authoritative backlinks to boost your website’s domain authority and build brand awareness.

Local SEO

The best way for local clientele to find your business is with our local SEO services that will improve the three elements Google says determine local search rankings: distance, prominence, and relevance.

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO services will ensure your site speed, user experience, internal link structure, and more are all up to SEO standards.

Monthly Reporting

We understand just how busy training companies can be. You’re focusing on helping your clients, so we want to make sure you can stay informed of all of our SEO efforts with detailed monthly reports including all relevant KPIs.

Training companies will need our full suite of SEO services including SEO content, technical SEO, local SEO, digital PR, and monthly reporting.

That will put the monthly cost at anywhere from $1500 to $2500.

Like all good things, SEO takes time. In order for an SEO strategy to be properly executed you need to do an in-depth audit, create informative content for your website, secure authoritative backlinks, improve local results, and fix any technical issues.

Simply put, there’s a lot to do.

Even Google and SEO companies like Ahrefs say it should take anywhere from four months to up to a year for SEO to take full effect, but when it does SEO provides long-lasting, stable returns. And that’s worth the wait.

At an industry average of $3.33 per click B2B keywords are only slightly more expensive than the total average for all industries of $2.69 per click.

That being said, some of the most valuable keywords for training companies can get quite expensive if you want to pay for ads.

For example, if you have a management training company it will cost you $7.00 per click for the keyword “management training” which gets 2,000 searches per month. Or if you want “leadership training” which gets 5,000 searches per month, you’ll be looking at $10.00 per click.

The expense of PPC advertising is one of the many reasons why SEO just makes sense for training businesses.

The simple answer is yes, you need backlinks.

Backlinks, also called inbound links, are links on someone else’s site that link back to yours. They’re valuable for businesses because they help improve what is called domain authority. And domain authority helps determine your ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords.

Our digital PR services secure backlinks for your website through our network of partnerships with industry associations, business groups, media companies, and more.

Because of our connections, your backlinks won’t just be good for boosting domain authority either, they’ll be quality content that builds brand awareness and reputation.

To learn more, check out our digital PR services page.

You heard right. Our local SEO services can help your business appear in directories that potential clients use to find the best training companies around.

On top of that, local SEO helps increase your website’s visibility in local searches and in Google Maps. We do this by working to improve the three elements that Google says affect its search results: distanceprominence, and relevance.

If you want to find out more, check out our local SEO service page or contact us and we can help you get started with local SEO.

SEO is the ideal strategy for training companies because let’s be honest, not many people are looking at training company social media pages. Email marketing can be effective, but it can only help so much.

Then there are PPC ads. If you can outspend the competition, great! If not, they won’t be very helpful. That leaves SEO as your best digital marketing option.

SEO works in the background to bring you leads and build brand awareness. It complements all other marketing efforts, acting as the glue of a successful digital marketing strategy.

That’s why we believe SEO is your best option as a training company.

One great way to get started with SEO is with our free SEO audit.

We’ve compiled over 70 of the top SEO audit and website review tools on the market to create the ultimate SEO review. That way you know the best way to get started with SEO for your particular business.

Is your business lacking content? Do you have site speed issues? Depending on the SEO audit, you’ll know the best way to get started with SEO.

Or, you can always just contact us or give us a call at (480) 550-6336 and we can help you get started with SEO.






High-quality SEO content to attract new clients.

Digital PR


Digital PR to boost domain authority and build brand awareness.



On-Page optimizations to your training website.


Selling Online Training Courses

How a husband and wife team used an intelligent SEO content strategy to generate their first online sale…and many more.


Google consistently ranks us as one of the top SEO agencies around.



I can’t recommend Markitors highly enough from both a speed and investment angle. Their SEO services are very effective in growing your brand online.

— Brian Mohr, Co-founder of Y Scouts


If you Google the term “small business SEO,” you’ll most likely find Markitors on the first page of search results. There’s more than 15,000+ digital marketing agencies who offer SEO services in the United States. Yet, Google consistently ranks us as one of the top choices for search engine optimization.

We launched and have built our SEO agency in a sustainable and predictable way through search engine optimization. We do the same for small businesses, and for training companies like yours.

We get results. We practice what we preach. And we believe in having a good time while connecting our clients with customers.

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