Articles On SEO Marketing & Company Culture

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Articles on SEO Marketing & Company Culture

From time to time prospective clients ask if we have any articles that help describe our philosophies on SEO marketing. Other times, prospective clients ask what makes our SEO company different.

This article roundup is for you.

There’s one precursor to this article roundup. We believe SEO is made up of Content, Digital PR, and Technical SEO. We’ve divided our articles into these sections so you can dive into the area you’re most interested in.

Go ahead, learn all about us. [Last Update: September 20, 2019]

Overall SEO Articles

How To Know If SEO Is Working

Just so you can see that we’re serious about holding ourselves accountable.

[Forbes] What To Consider Before Investing In SEO

In an article for Forbes, we share eight things small businesses should consider before investing in SEO.

SEO Content Articles

organic seo content strategy articles on seo

Organic SEO: Estimating SEO ROI

We’re serious about making sure SEO will be a financially sound investment before taking on a client. This article goes into detail on how we calculate the return on investment for SEO during our sales process.

[Forbes] SEO Strategies For B2B Small Businesses

We get hyper-specific and share our favorite content strategies with Forbes.

[Forbes] How To Create a SEO Content Strategy

Article for Forbes on using what Google gives you to create an effective SEO content strategy.

Digital PR

[Forbes] Four Link-Building Strategies For Beginners

Prospects ask us how we build backlinks. Featured on Forbes are four link building strategies we employ for most customers.

Technical SEO

technical seo article

[Paypal] Technical SEO Checklist

Our short, actionable technical SEO checklist posted on Paypal.

[Forbes] Components Of An SEO Audit

Article in Forbes on the critical components we believe should be evaluated in an SEO audit.

Our Company

[Thunderbird] Markitors Benefits & Perks

A rundown of benefits & perks implemented in 2019 that helped Markitors achieve close to a 100% employee retention rate.

[SHRM] Why We Switched To Unlimited Vacation

Five reasons why our company switched from accrued to an unlimited vacation policy.

What Sets Our Digital Marketing Agency Apart

There’s 16,083+ agencies in the United States. What sets us apart? Focus, Process, Culture.

[Forbes] Markitors Unconventional Office

An article we published on Forbes on why we work in a penthouse in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale.

[CEO Nation] Why You Should Give Every Employee A Credit Card

We give every employee a “culture card” on their first day of work. This card enables them to purchase anything under $50 that will help improve our office environment.

[ThriveWorks] Why We Allow Dogs In The Office

We have dogs in our office almost every day. Here’s why.

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