10 Techniques for Creating Top Google Text Ads

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With great Google AdWords ads, you can increase your quality scores and click-through rates. By designing top Google text ads, you can improve your conversion rates and overall performance. It can also help you reduce your costs per conversion and maximize your marketing budget. Here are 10 techniques for creating google text ads.

  1. Create Organized Campaigns

The first step is to organize your campaign by grouping keywords into ad groups. You want to separate the keywords into the best campaigns possible. Basically, you need to break down all of your keywords into relevant, organized groups. If you just have dozens or hundreds of keywords in a single group, you will not be able to create Google ads that really perform because you will not have a relevant ad for every keyword.

  1. Make at Least 3 Ads in Each Group

You also need at least three ads in each ad group. Google will automatically choose the top-performing ads. They will choose the relevant ad that delivers the best results. You can test out different landing pages and descriptions with these groups.

  1. Capitalize Every Letter of Each Word

This simple step involves capitalizing every single word in your Google text ads. This best practice helps your ads get more clicks because it makes your ads stand out. Here are some examples of Google ads for chiropractors.

  1. Use Your Ad Keywords in the Ad

Next, make sure that you use the ad group keywords when you create the AdWords ads. This ensures that the search ends up matching the landing page and the ads better.

For example, let’s say you sell custom mosaic tile like our friends at Unique Building Concepts. If you wanted to use Google Ads to drive more sales and awareness, you could use “custom mosaic tile” in the title of the ad, as well within the copy.

Custom Mosaic Tile
Unique Building Concepts
Copy copy custom mosaic tile copy copy call to action.

  1. Take Advantage of Dynamic Keyword Insertion Ads

If you want your advertisements to match search queries, you need dynamic keyword insertion. This allows you to automatically insert a target keyword that matches the search query into the headline of your ad.

  1. Utilize Countdown Google Ads

A countdown ad works because it increases the sense of urgency in consumers. They see that your sale or promotion is about to end and want to click on the ad. A countdown ad can help to increase your conversions and click-through rate. Limited time offers are always a great way to improve your results and incentivize people to take the next step.

  1. Make Sure to Fill Out All Fields, Use Responsive Search Ads and Capitalize on Expanded Text Ads

You need to make sure that your ad is totally filled out. Make sure that your final URL, description and everything else is complete before you start running the ad. Responsive search ads and expanded text ads are also excellent options to experiment with.

  1. Take Advantage of Campaign-Level Ad Extensions

When you create Google ads, you should try using extensions like call extensions, structured snippets, and message extensions. This helps to improve the user experience, and you want to include these extensions on the campaign level. These extensions also increase the size of your ad, which ultimately increases your click-through rates.

  1. Include Ad Group Level Ad Extensions

If you want to make your ads relevant for every search, you need to include ad group level callout extensions and sitelink extensions. These extensions will help you serve better ads than competing companies in your industry. Anything that is applicable to your campaign like prices or promotions are useful to include.

  1. Design New Ad Groups to Boost Your Targeting

You probably will not discover the best ad configurations on your first attempt. Instead, keep testing out different keyword groupings and see what works best. Try grouping your keywords or use single keyword ad groups to see what works best for your campaigns. By creating a more organized campaign, you increase your overall performance. If there is a crossover between two ad groups, you will want to create different ad groups for different kinds of keywords so that viewers are served the most relevant ads.

If you want to boost your individual ads and overall campaign performance, you need relevant, well-designed ads. Start by building organized campaigns with at least three ads in each group. Then, use the right extensions and tools to continue improving your ad performance.

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