Chiropractic Advertising: Examples of Google & Facebook Ads

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Chiropractic Advertising

There is roughly 1 chiropractor for every 500 Americans. You know the chiropractic industry is competitive. That’s why you’re here: to learn more about chiropractic advertising and how to get more visibility for your practice. 

There’s a couple things to keep in mind when considering a chiropractic advertising campaign. 

The first is that there are advertising policies for healthcare and medicine that may impact your chiropractic practice. This means that Google’s personalized advertising policy principles may prevent your practice from remarketing to an audience of prospective patients, and may result in an ad being disabled due to a policy violation

The second thing to keep in mind is cost. Because the patients have an abundance of choice when choosing a chiropractor, advertising costs aren’t cheap. On average, your practice will pay about $8 – $10 per click for a chiropractic keyword. Given an average conversion rate of 2% – meaning that 2 out of every 100 people who visit your site will result in being a new patient – you’ll pay an estimated $400 – $500 to acquire a new patient. 

Ready to explore chiropractic advertising alternatives? Skip to that section, or jump over to our Chiropractic SEO page. Otherwise, read on to see examples of chiropractic Google ads, Facebook ads, learn about costs, and explore good keywords to target.

Examples of chiropractic Google Ads

Looking for the best converting ads for chiropractors? Often times, those conversions are from Google Ads.

Why are Google Ads successful for chiropractors? Because Google Ads put your practice in front of prospective patients at the exact moment when they want your services the most.

Here are a few examples of chiropractic Google Ads, with a critique on why they work.

chiropractic google ads example

Why this ad works: good offer (free massage!) and sitelinks (Locations + Chiropractic) that give prospective patients an incentive to learn more. In addition, you’ll notice that each word in the ad copy is Capitalized. This is sometimes citied as a best practice when it comes to paid advertising.

local chiropractic google ad

Which ad would you click on? Notice that we searched for “chiropractor scottsdale” and that the first ad was for a “central Mesa” practice. Mesa is about a 20 minute drive from Scottsdale, so chances are I’m not clicking that ad if I’m looking for a chiropractor within a five-mile radius. Instead, I’m clicking on the “Scottsdale Chiropractor” ad because the ad copy closely resembles my search. Also note the the advertiser, Arizona Pain Relief, was featured in our first ad. Using best advertising practices, they change their ad copy depending on the search query.

chiropractic advertising

Why this ad works: Longevity! We know patients want to visit a chiropractor they can trust with their health. Being in service since 2005, or 15+ years, helps gives patients the confidence to pick up the phone and call.

How much do chiropractor keywords cost on Google Ads?

average cost for chiropractor keywords on googleHere are 10 of the best chiropractor keywords on Google (and their average cost per click):

    • chiropractor – $17.00 / click
    • chiropractor near me – $15.00 / click
    • best chiropractor near me – $15.00 / click
    • sports medicine chiropractor near me – $20.00 / click
    • i need a chiropractor – $20.00 / click
    • walk in chiropractor denver – $17.00 / click
    • lady chiropractor near me – $13.00 / click
    • cheap chiropractor los angeles – $12.00 / click
    • affordable chiropractic care – $12.00 / click
    • average cost of a chiropractic adjustment – $13.00 / click

While some chiropractic keywords cost as little as $6.00 per click, the majority of chiropractor keywords cost $12 – $20 per click. This means you will pay Google that amount every time someone clicks on your ad.

Examples of Facebook Ads for chiropractors

What’s another paid advertising alternative to Google Ads? Simple: Facebook ads.

Here’s an example of a chiropractor advertising “education” through webinars:

chiropractor facebook ads for events

Why it works: Patients need to trust chiropractors. Education ads help establish a chiropractor as a thought leader, and can introduce a practice to a patient through useful information.

Here’s a Facebook campaign advertising vouchers for a chiropractor office:

facebook chiropractor ads for voucher

Why this campaign works: Adding “what to expect” with a voucher helps connect a practice with the people behind the operation. And, who doesn’t like to redeem an offer?

best chiropractor facebook ads

Why this campaign works: If your knee is hurting, these ads may catch your eye.

Chiropractic advertising alternative: SEO (search engine optimization)

Why would your practice engage in a chiropractic SEO campaign? Three reasons, and they all start with the letter “C” – Clicks, Costs, and Conversions.

An estimated 92% of all clicks for a search related to “best chiropractor near me” go to organic search results. Only an estimated 8% go towards paid ads.

how many people click on google ads for chiropractors

Why such a high discrepancy? Because the majority of people trust organic search results over sponsored results. Especially when you’re talking about an adjustment to your spine.

But another reason is that Google simply won’t show ads for specific chiropractic searches, like “prenatal chiropractor.” A search on Google shows no sponsored results, and instead jumps right into Local SEO results of nearby chiropractors.

local google results chiropractors

People (and Google) simply trust organic results over sponsored results for chiropractors. That results in lower advertising costs, and higher conversions.

Interested to see how well your chiropractic website is optimized for SEO? Conduct a free SEO audit.

Another alternative: chiropractor directories

Another advertising alternative to Google and Facebook? Chiropractor directories.

Sponsoring a listing in a directory like Chiro Directory or U.S. Chiropractic Directory may help promote your practice to some patients doing a little more research.

The big question: how do chiropractors get more patients?

Let’s circle back to your original reason for visiting: what’s the best way to grow my practice? Is that through Google Ads? Facebook Ads? Taking an advertisement out on a chiropractor directory? SEO (search engine optimization)?

We’re biased. If we were running a chiropractic practice, we’d invest in SEO. We believe search engine optimization is the best way to sustainably and reliably grow a business. Especially a small business.

If you’d like to avoid high advertising costs and drive more patients to your practice, contact us to schedule a consultation. We will schedule an initial 15-minute call to learn about your practice. We will then conduct a free SEO audit on your website, keywords, and competitors. If it makes sense to work together, we will propose one of our SEO solutions.

In the meantime, if you’d like to dive deeper into chiropractic marketing, here are some chiropractor blog topics to help engage and inform patients.

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