Applying Company Values to Strengthen Client Relationships

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Company values are the backbone and essence of a company. Company values shape the culture, define how a company hires, how employees behave, perform, and how fulfilled and engaged they are doing what they do.

Values also have an impact on another major component of a company’s success: client relationships. After all, clients are what keep a company going and growing! Read on to learn how we’re applying company values to strengthen client relationships.

Always Fresh, Always Thrilling- Innovate to Keep Things Exciting

After working with the same client for a while, things can get a bit repetitive. Sometimes, after learning their wants and needs, and what works best for them, we get comfortable and get into this routine of recreating that process over and over again. This is why it’s important to be innovative to keep things exciting.

To reinforce this value, we promote unlimited remote work here, at Markitors. Sometimes something as small as a change of scenery can help with boosting creativity and idea generation. This not only benefits our team members by providing them with the freedom of working wherever makes them happiest, but it also benefits our clients since this results in increased project quality and originality.

Strength In Numbers- Utilize all Available Resources

Team members shouldn’t just be there to get the work done, team members should also be there to help each other! Management is a valuable source of information, but these leaders are busy taking care of other business components. This is where strength in numbers comes in.

Utilizing all available resources not only encourages proactivity but also helps your team expand their knowledge. Learning by teaching others and doing research have been demonstrated to be extremely effective by various studies. These practices increase retention and understanding of the subject.

You Are Unique- Respect The Uniqueness of Every Human Being

Working with a large variety of clients means working with a large variety of personalities. Sometimes we need a reminder that every human being is unique, and learning to understand and embrace this will translate into a smoother client interaction.

Some clients might have a very different personality than yours, they might react to situations in a different way that you would, or they might be experiencing something in their lives that’s impacting the way they interact with others. Regardless of the situation, reminding yourself that everyone is unique and going through unique situations helps with understanding people. Eventually, you’ll also learn how to interact with these human beings in a unique way, thus strengthening client relationships.

Respecting the uniqueness of every human being also means celebrating them, which is why we tie this value to our unlimited vacation perk: we are unique, and unique adventures await!

Take Ownership- Deliver on All Promises

Okay, yes, this is a life value, but it’s also an important one that should be applied in the workplace. When making a promise to a client, it’s crucial to deliver consistently. Overpromising without delivering will only create doubt, disbelief, and uncertainty. This is especially crucial when working with a new client since they’re trusting you with their brand and business during a time of uncertainty. Effectively communicating and being honest with clients gives you credibility and builds a trusting and harmonious relationship.

Bias For Action- When in Doubt, Do What You Think is Right

If there’s a time when management isn’t around, and something out of the ordinary needs to get done, do what you think is right. This also applies when planning a new strategy or answering a question for a client. Numbers don’t lie, and something as simple as making educated decisions based on previous results and numbers can go a long way. This approach will boost confidence, expand knowledge, and build trust both internally and externally (with your clients).

Here, at Markitors, we tie this value to a Culture Card perk. All team members have a company credit card used to improve our company culture, thus instilling trust, initiative, and leadership.

In addition to your company values, what is it that YOU value? What is it that you appreciate when interacting with others? Just as you would with others around you, treat clients as persons and maintain a positive attitude to go a long way towards strengthening client relationships.

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