Chiropractic Marketing Case Study

How To Get New Chiropractic Patients

growing an upper cervical care practice


A young, driven chiropractor specializes in upper cervical care (upper neck, spine) for families. After several years working hard to specialize in upper cervical care and building the practice, the founder recently hired his first doctor for the practice besides himself. Now, he’s faced with the fun challenge of growing the practice to help support the additional salary of another doctor, while continuing to grow the practice so he can add more doctors and locations in the future.

Since upper cervical care is a very specialized area, it’s not uncommon for the practice to attract clientele from neighboring states who are looking for a true expert.

One other side note: the practice won’t take insurance. Only cash. The reason? Insurance companies don’t (and won’t) cover the amount that a chiropractor bills them. So rather than get paid 10% of what a practice should actually get paid, insurance is not accepted so that the practice gets paid 100% of billings.

In other words, the chiropractic office is thriving. Specialized expertise affords that luxury. But, aspirations for the future (work less, make more) connected this practice with Markitors for online marketing.


“Success” is driving the 20 new patients per month that enables the chiropractic office to meet growth plans.

The challenge is that at the start date of our engagement, the practice ranks #89 for the term “chiropractic CITY NAME”. They are not in the top 100 search results for “Upper neck pain.” Although they rank #7 for “Upper Cervical Care” in CITY, an optimization of their website would enable them to drive more business.

How can SEO help get a chiropractor 20 – 30 new patients per month, so that the chiropractor can add new doctors to his staff and shorten his work week from 6 days to 3 days, so he can spend more time with his wife and family?


Knowing very little about upper cervical care, Markitors became a client. We went to the chiropractor three times per week and engaged in their process so that we could improve our own.

Through shared experiences  and monthly insightful videos from the chiropractor, our team was able to produce chiropractic blog content at an expert level. By producing blog content four times per month, Markitors helped the website achieve better visibility for keywords that aligned with prospective patient questions.

In addition, Local SEO through chiropractic directories was executed to help build better local visibility. Since there’s roughly 1 chiropractor for every 500 Americans, an objective is to dominate search results locally within a 5-mile radius.

Other services included Digital PR to build domain authority and Technical SEO to fix website accessibility issues.


Within 3 months, the chiropractor saw traffic increase by 10x. The website went from 100 visitors per month to 1,000.

The website also achieved a “featured snippet” for a lucrative keyword relating to upper cervical care. A featured snippet attempts to answer a search query without the user having to leave a search results page. In other words, achieving a featured snippet means that you have the best answer on the internet.

These featured snippets and first page search results for patient FAQs helped establish the practice as the thought leader in the space.

In addition, the “value” (the equivalent value of the organic search traffic, should that traffic have been acquired via PPC) of the traffic was increased 10x as well. Before the engagement, the organic traffic was valued at about $125 per month. While there is some fluctuation in traffic value, at one point the value reached $3,300 per month – a sign that not only was traffic increased, but the value of that traffic was quite high. This helps relieve the chiropractor of costs normally spent acquiring customers through PPC (pay per click) advertising.

Overall, the results speak from themselves. The chiropractor was able to attract new patients from increased online visibility achieved  through chiropractic SEO.

“The team at Markitors truly specializes in what they do.”

– Upper Cervical Care Chiropractor