How To Fix AdWords Low Quality Score Keywords

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Table of Contents

In this tutorial, we will check and identify AdWords Low Quality Score Keywords.

Why is quality score important with Google AdWords?

Quality Score is how Google measures the relevance of your keywords. The higher your score, the more your ad will be shown at a lower cost. The lower your Quality score, the less your ad will be shown and you’ll end up paying a premium for your cost per click.

A Good Quality Score is 7 or higher. A Bad Quality Score is 3 or lower. An Average Quality Score is 4, 5, or 6.

Here’s how to check your AdWords Low Quality Score Keywords, and what to do when you discover a keyword with low quality score.

1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
2. Go to Campaigns
3. Select your Campaign
4. Click Keywords.
5. Organize Keywords by clicking on Quality Score.
6. Identify keywords with Quality Scores at 3 or lower.
7. There are three things you can do when you find a keyword with a low Quality Score.

a. Change the keyword to be more relevant.

google adwords low quality keywords

best wedding venues in arizona = best wedding venues in scottsdale

b. Pause the keyword. Anytime you see a 1/10, you should just pause it and move on.

adwords low quality score keywords

baby shower venues, 1/10, let’s just pause this.

c. Create a new ad group with the keyword

low quality keywords

prom venues phoenix = prom venues scottsdale.

You can see that this has a low search volume, which means it will not make impressions.

Because I think that prom venues is a relevant keyword for an event venue in scottsdale, what I’m going to do is create a new ad group removing the word “phoenix,” but just showing the ad to people searching within Scottsdale.

[Note: See our tutorial on creating a new ad group]

That’s what to do when you find low quality scores. Either change the keyword, pause the keyword, or put the keyword in a more relevant ad group.

You should check for AdWords Low Quality Score Keywords weekly, and make the necessary adjustments.

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