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Franchise Advertising

In 2019, there were an estimated 773,603 franchise businesses across the United States. The industry continues to expand as more franchises open each day.

As the owner of a franchise business, you know how competitive the growing franchise industry is. When marketing several business locations, there is an additional challenge you face—building overall brand awareness while driving traffic to one location.

A reliable method to elevate your brand and franchise locations is a cutting-edge franchise advertising campaign.

There are two things you should keep in mind as you strategize your advertising campaign.

First, you need to consider potential advertising policies that impact your business’ advertising. One policy to keep in mind regards misrepresentation in Google Ad copies. An example of this would be a business that didn’t list its physical contact address. When marketing multiple locations, you should ensure your ad copies are clear on which location you’re promoting.

The second factor for you to consider is cost. A customer has a wide range of choices when picking what local franchise they wish to buy from. As a result, the cost of using Google Ads for franchise businesses isn’t cheap.

On average, the cost your franchise will pay is $7-$12 per click for a franchise keyword. Let’s assume that your average conversion rate is 2%. Out of every 100 visitors to your site, 2 of those visitors will become customers. In this case, you’ll end up paying around $350-$600 to gain a new customer.

If you’re curious about exploring franchise advertising alternatives, skip to that section below or head over to our Franchise SEO page.

Continue reading to see examples of Google and Facebook franchise ads, keywords you can target, and their average cost per click.

Examples of Google Ads For Franchises

To increase traffic to a franchise location, you want advertising that leads to conversions. Typically, a successful ad that aids in converting new customers can be traced back to Google Ads.

What benefits do Google Ads provide franchise businesses and their advertising campaigns?

When a potential customer is searching for your products, Google Ads puts your brand in front of them when they need it the most.

Below, we’ve examined several franchise Google Ad examples and explained what they do that is so successful.

franchise advertising

Why it works: This ad is likely to catch the eye of a consumer with time-sensitive plumbing needs. Additionally, the ad copy mentions that this company was voted #1 by Ranking AZ. This makes the ad’s promise of effective and affordable services seem credible.

Why it works: Below the ad copy, the Google reviews for this business are clearly stated. Not only is the rating fairly good, but there are over 250 reviews. With easy access to this average review score, a consumer may take more interest in this business. If so, the site links that are also beneath the ad copy can help a consumer navigate to the business’ website.

Why it works: Customizable services are appealing to a customer looking for a unique experience. This ad copy’s offer may draw in customers looking for a personalized, local experience.

How Much Do Franchise Keywords Cost on Google Ads?

Below, we take a look at 10 of the top franchise advertising keywords on Google, along with their average cost per click.

  • healthy grocery stores – $7.00 / click
  • best fast food franchise – $3.00 / click
  • real estate agent near me – $8.00 / click
  • tutoring services in nyc – $8.00 / click
  • affordable car repair shops near me – $4.00 / click
  • tailors near me open today – $11.00 / click
  • local plumbing – $25.00 / click
  • where can i donate books near me – $1.70 / click
  • cell phone repair near my location – $8.00 / click
  • best gyms in phoenix – $3.00 / click

As you can see, some franchise keywords can cost you as little as $2. However, you’re more likely to use keywords that cost anywhere from $10-$15 per click.

Why is understanding this cost important for your advertising campaign? If you decide to use a keyword that costs $20, you’ll pay Google this cost every time someone clicks your ad. This cost can add up quickly, even if you use cheaper keywords.

Examples of Facebook Ad For Franchise Businesses

Other than Google Ads, what other options are there for paid advertising? The answer is easy: Facebook ads.

Facebook advertising provides an alternative way for you to advertise your business locations to target demographics. Additionally, Facebook ads allow for multimedia advertising campaigns, which can help broaden your customer market.

The first set of Facebook ads we look at is for a beauty supply store’s ad campaign.

franchise advertising

Why it works: As a beauty supply franchise, it makes sense that Sally Beauty pays careful attention to the visual appeal of their ads. The first two ads are part of a campaign using the phrase “just ask Sally,” which draws in inquiring customers

The next example we examine shows tutoring service franchise with ads focusing on tutoring for children.

Why it works: These ads are made effective by the statistics that they use. Not only do these statistics make the ads appear more credible, but they also leave a lasting impact on the reader.

Why it works: These ads might catch the eye of someone looking for new creative projects to take on. Plus, the first ad highlights an awesome opportunity that parents can partake in online.

Franchise Advertising Alternative: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why might your franchise consider engaging in a franchise search engine optimization (SEO) advertising campaign?

Three factors that can impact this type of campaign are known as the Three C’s: Costs, Conversions, and Clicks.

When analyzing your ad campaign’s clicks, you’re looking at the traffic that ad is driving. Below, you can see the estimated traffic for paid and organic results when I search “best gyms in Phoenix.”

The average percentage of organic search traffic this keyword receives is 95%. That means that only the remaining 5% of search traffic goes to paid ads for this keyword.

You might be wondering why there’s such a large gap between paid and organic search results. One major cause of this gap is due to user preference. Typically, users prefer organic search results of sponsored search results.

Another factor that impacts this traffic, especially for local franchise locations, is Google itself. Specifically, there are some searches where Google doesn’t list paid ads first. Instead, you may receive something like the example below:

franchise advertising

When I looked for healthy grocery stores, the first results I got weren’t paid ads, but rather, this list of locations.

Using my location data, Google’s Local SEO results provide me with store listings that I can use to find what I need locally quickly.

By and large, both users and Google have shown a preference for organic search results over sponsored search results. The result of this preference also lowers advertising costs and increases conversions.

Curious about how well your website is optimized for SEO? Run a free SEO audit to find out!

The Big Question: How Do Franchise Businesses Drive Traffic to Individual Locations?

Let’s return to the initial reason that motivated you to learn more about franchise advertising: driving traffic to multiple business locations.

The advertising campaign you create to achieve this goal can take on many forms. Is Google Ads the best avenue for your ad campaign? Will Facebook ads give you a unique platform to find new customers? Can an SEO campaign help you organically grow your business?

We may be biased, but if we were in your position, we’d invest in an SEO campaign for our franchise. To create sustainable and reliable growth for any business, we believe SEO is the answer. This belief holds for small franchise businesses as well.

So, if you’d like to invest in lower advertising costs while attracting more customers, contact us here at Markitors and schedule a consultation.

Our first step is to schedule a 15-minute call with you. Through this call, we learn all about your business: what you do, what motivates you, and where you want to go.

Next, we’ll conduct a free SEO audit of your franchise location’s website, your major competitors, and any relevant keywords.

Once we’ve analyzed this data, and confirm that working together makes sense, we’ll extend one of our SEO solutions to you.

If you’d like to learn more about franchise marketing, then head over to our blog to gain some marketing inspiration!

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We’re committed to your privacy. Markitors uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For more information, check out our privacy policy.