The best way to improve your online presence and build brand awareness.

Franchise search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of multiple business locations on search engines in order to increase revenue.

Franchisors often enlist the services of an SEO company to build brand awareness or to help optimize their main website. This also helps franchisees because there are usually dedicated spaces on franchisor sites for each franchise location. So, the more optimized the main website is, the more each location benefits.

That being said, SEO isn’t only for franchisor websites. Local SEO services help to make franchisee businesses the first choice when customers look on Google maps or Google Local.

At the end of the day, that’s what makes SEO the best way for franchisors and franchisees to build brand awareness, secure more local customers, and improve their online presence.

Franchise SEO is extremely focused on local search. Since the goal of a franchisor is to send more potential customers to a local franchise, an SEO strategy needs to do everything possible to support a local business.

That’s where our local SEO services come in. From creating a Google My Business page to local link building, local SEO services are the perfect way for franchisees to grow their businesses without having to lift a finger.

For more information, check out our local SEO services page, or give us a call at (480) 550-6336.

Our SEO services for franchise locations focus on local results that bring customers to your business. While franchisors may be more concerned with building brand reputation and improving the company’s online presence, we know for franchise owners what matters is revenue.

Our SEO services for franchise locations will help you grow revenue using all of the following plus our consistent customer service:

  • Local SEO. Including the creation and management of business listings on sites like Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, Social Media sites, and more.
  • Link Building. Boosting authority to give individual franchisee web pages visibility in organic search.
  • Content Marketing. Establishing an online presence and improving search rankings.
  • Technical SEO. Eliminating duplicate content issues that plague franchisors. Perfecting site speed, page title tags, on-page optimization, user experience and more.

If you want more information please visit our local SEO services page, or feel free to give us a call at (480) 550-6336.

Local SEO works to build franchisees’ visibility on search engines for local searches by improving the three factors that Google says determine local search rankings: prominencerelevance, and distance.

Local SEO for franchises will bring in the customers you need to thrive, without you having to worry about expensive Google Ads or time-consuming social media posts.

Some examples of local SEO services include:

  • Creating or Updating your Google My Business profile.
  • Ensuring NAP (Company Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency.
  • Multi-Location Management securing franchise businesses’ local citations.
  • Validating Google Maps registers your business.

At Markitors, Franchisees can pay for SEO independently or as a part of a regional coalition. Or Franchisors can pay for SEO services to support franchisees.

As far as costs go, franchisees can expect to pay $375 per month for local SEO services. Meanwhile, franchisors can expect to pay between $1,500 and $5,000 per month to support their locations with our full suite of franchise SEO services.

An SEO campaign can take anywhere from four to twelve months, according to Google the ultimate SEO experts.

There are so many factors that determine how long it takes. From your current backlink profile strength to the number of technical SEO errors you have, SEO’s return on investment time frame can vary.

What’s certain is with SEO you are never wasting your marketing budget. You will always walk away with quality informative content for clients, increased brand awareness, and technically sound site.

Duplicate content issues can ruin your organic traffic over time. You see, Google doesn’t want companies to be plagiarizing other site’s content or duplicating their own content to trick search engine algorithms. So, they decided to implement strict regulations regarding duplicate content.

Our technical SEO services help you avoid duplicate content issues on your site to keep visitors coming back.

From implementing 301 redirects when restructuring your site to adding self-referential rel=canonical links to keep people from stealing your content, technical SEO services are the best way to avoid duplicate content issues.

Target keywords usually range in expense depending on your industry. For example, franchisors in the home goods industry will pay near the PPC median cost of $2.69 per click on average. On the other hand, franchisors in the consumer services industry will pay an average of $6.40 per click, according to data from Wordstream.

If franchisors are willing to pay for this support, great news, but many aren’t. Franchisees who try and use PPC advertising on their own will face a tough road.

Take the example of one of our clients, 16 Handles. 16 Handles is a franchise frozen yogurt operation that works with a small budget. There’s just no way any business can afford to pay $4.00 per click for ads to attract a potential customer who’s only going to pay $4.00 for frozen yogurt.

That’s why SEO is so attractive to franchisees who don’t sell high dollar products. So are target keywords for franchisees expensive? It depends on your industry, but either way, SEO is the better option.

Franchisees want a continual flow of potential customers. SEO helps deliver that flow of customers to a franchisee’s offline and online real estate with a targeted SEO strategy and local SEO services.

Smaller local businesses don’t always have the budget for PPC advertising or the time for social media or email marketing services. Especially when these methods don’t always produce results. That’s why we believe SEO’s inbound marketing technique that requires very little input from clients is the best marketing strategy for local businesses.

We’ve built a network of business partnerships that we leverage to provide authoritative, relevant backlinks. These white hat backlinks add value for not only our partners and your business, but also for site readers with quality informational content.

Our digital PR services for individual owners of franchises are focused on building local brand awareness. We do this by securing local backlinks through guest posts, quote placements, press releases, and more, so we can support all our SEO efforts and get you the customers you want.

For franchisors, we implement similar methods on a larger, national, or even global scale. SEO is a great way to grow revenue for franchisees and franchisors, and backlinks are a big part of that.

One great way to get started with an SEO campaign is with our free SEO audit!

We aggregate over 70 of the top SEO audit and website review tools to create the ultimate SEO insights for your business.

From there, if you want to go it alone, you’ll have all you need to know about where your site breaks with SEO best practices and where you excel so you can begin an SEO campaign to build your organic search traffic.

Or if that sounds a little too time-consuming and you’d rather focus on your franchise, then just contact us or give us a call at (480) 550-6336 and we can help you begin your SEO journey today.






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Markitors has grown our website from 0 visits to just over 60,000 monthly visits. Their digital marketing services are very effective in growing your brand online.

— Brian Mohr, Co-founder of Y Scouts


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