Google AdWords Exam Tips & Certification Preparation

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Google AdWords is a tool that digital marketers should be using to keep their clients relevant in today’s digital age. The online advertising tool allows businesses to streamline their advertising campaigns and reach audiences that have migrated from the traditional print to the internet.

AdWords is an invaluable tool, but to receive the benefits you must use it correctly. Though difficult, the AdWords curriculum and assessment are thorough in determining your understanding of the tool. The assessment is difficult because of the amount of information that you’ll consume through the learning process. Google estimates that you’ll spend at least 3.7 hours just to read the content. However, that doesn’t include the time you’ll spend to take notes, fill out study guides, and other learning tactics you’ll probably use to feel comfortable with curriculum.

To get the most out of Google AdWords and to gain a better understanding about how this tool can help you impact your client’s, read these Google AdWords exam tips for earning your AdWords certification.

Google AdWords Exam Tips: Read for understanding

The Google AdWords modules contain a staggering amount of information. For those who are not familiar with AdWords it may be overwhelming. The solution: instead of reading the content to take a test, read for understanding. Reading for understanding in layman terms means to read beyond what the text says. You don’t need to know the different algorithms that allow Google to operate the way it does; however, you should know how and why ad extensions can boost the chances of your advertisements appearing on a page. Read with purpose, pursue further reading material that dives deep into difficult topics and visit topic forums. To understand and be successful on the certification assessment read for understanding. Memorization will get you nowhere.

Google AdWords Exam Tips: Practice the practice tests

Don’t underestimate the power of practice tests. There are several free and paid practice tests on the internet that will allow you to evaluate your knowledge with different variations of the tests. More importantly, practice tests will simulate what the certification assessment will look and feel like. The assessment’s question wording is meant to force you to think beyond the surface level of the question and apply your knowledge to situational questions. Get out your stopwatch and practice the practice tests until you feel comfortable with your knowledge level and test simulation.

Google AdWords Exam Tips: Experience

If knowledge is power, then experience is a close second. Nothing will prepare you more for the assessment than applying what you learn in the modules to a real world situation. Whether that means creating a mock campaign or just snooping around your companies existing account, you’ll benefit from interacting with AdWords.

Google AdWords improved the way digital marketers are able to serve their clients. The certification assessment is the first step to comprehending how to use the tool effectively. The content covered by the Google AdWords modules is vast; however, by taking the time to learn and understand the content, you will be providing your clients with the best services. So, to successfully earn your AdWords certification read for understanding, practice the practice tests, and gain more experience by using the Google tool.

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Desiree Cunningham is a Digital Marketing Manager at Markitors, a digital marketing agency in Old Town Scottsdale that connects small businesses with customers…and has a good time doing it.

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