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How Long Does SEO Take with an Agency?

November 29, 2019
Posted in SEO
November 29, 2019 Nikitha Lokareddy

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As the Director of Client Services, I get asked a wide variety of questions on a daily basis, but none more frequently than “How long does SEO take?”. Although the question seems basic, the answer is anything but! 

In short, it usually takes 4-6 months for you to see the results of your SEO efforts. With that said, this is a conservative estimate! Based on the difficulty of your target keyword, your site’s domain authority, and other variables, this estimate can fluctuate. 

When setting out on your SEO journey, it is important to keep your long term goal in mind. Although you won’t see instantaneous results as you would with PPC, you will save money on recurring ad costs in the long term. By organically owning the traffic behind a keyword, you can produce more credible leads as long as you maintain your search position. At the end of the day, it is important to view your data through this lens to understand the true impact of your results! 🤓


Why Does SEO Take So Long?

Before content can be served to users, Google has to crawl, index, and determine the value of your content. After all, only the best of the best get on the first page of Google! With thousands of pages being posted every day, this is no small feat. This is also why time is key.

Once Google crawls and indexes a page, it will start testing your content by serving it to individuals and seeing how they respond. This is often why we tend to see impressions around a keyword increase before clicks do. The better the content performs, the higher it will rank on SERPs. 📈

How Do I Get Quicker Results?

In order to ensure that you see results as quickly as possible, you need to stay on track with your posting schedule. By posting a blog or landing page on your website every week, you ensure that Google is constantly crawling and indexing your site. Without performing these activities, Google will be unable to serve your content to users. You can help your agency in this process by reviewing and approving content as fast as possible. The longer the content is delayed, the longer your results are too! ⏳

How Can I Tell if SEO is Working?

The answer to this question depends based on your definition of “working”. As an SEO specialist, my definition is rooted in generating traffic. The true purpose of SEO is to open more doorways for users to find your brand and/or service. By producing landing pages and blogs focused on specific queries, you can grab the attention of potential customers organically and convert them after they have engaged with your content.

Of course, “working” for clients often means generating leads. If this is your definition of working, then it is instrumental that you set up conversion tracking in Google Analytics accurately. Without this, you won’t be able to determine the true value of your SEO efforts. With that said, leads will come as your content starts to rank and generate viewership. Between Search Console and Google Analytics, you can track your SEO efforts by monitoring these KPIs

All in all, we highly recommend giving your SEO efforts 4 to 6 months to bear fruit 🍎 Throughout this time, be sure to work with your account manager to understand how you are progressing month to month. Until then, patience young grasshopper!

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Nikitha Lokareddy

Nikitha Lokareddy

Nikitha Lokareddy is the Director of Client Services at Markitors, a digital marketing company in Scottsdale, AZ. In her free time, she frequents local coffee shops and is always making new playlists. She always strives to connect small businesses with customers... and have a good time doing it!