How To Get More Traffic From Content You Create

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As a business you are probably publishing content each and everyday. Yet you might be missing key opportunities to get more traffic from each piece of content. The content you are creating will help generate traffic to your website due to the relevance of each piece. Creating a social media content strategy might help you get more search traffic to your site since you will be sharing this content all over different social media platforms. There are plenty of opportunities to execute a content strategy and this blog post will help you learn how to get more out of the content you create.

Create is a social media sharing schedule

This schedule will be what you follow each day to help you avoid reposting the same content to your audience. A successful strategy will be one that works best for your business, but here is one template you could follow.

On the same day you post your new content to your website you could share it on all social media platforms. Make sure you create different headlines for each platform, so people do not see the same one over and over again. This could help you test what type of messaging works best to engage your different audiences.

The next time you post about the same content should be two to three days after the original post. This will help it breathe. You can even decide if you want to repost it depending on the type of engagement that you receive from the post. The messaging that you can run with here is ICYMI (in case you missed it).

This has worked well for some of the clients that I work with. As a reminder you should try different posting schedules to help you find what works best for you.

Avoid sounding spammy

This means you do not want to share the same content with the same headlines each and everyday. People will get bored and end up flagging your posts or not interacting with them, which is ultimately what you don’t want.

The best thing to do is create a great call to action with each post and keep the headlines fun and engaging. You want to try and get people interested in what you have to say, so the easiest way to do so is to put yourself in their shoes.

Think about how to convey your message from an outsider looking in. This will help you think like a consumer and in turn help you get the most out of the content you create.

Know what platforms perform best for your content

A good idea to figure this out is share your pieces on each one and monitor the reports and engagement. This will be a great indicator on where you can post different types of content.

If you have a new blog, maybe the best option is Twitter or LinkedIn. If you have a new product maybe a Facebook ad or a sponsored Instagram post might help you out the most. The key here is to really understand your audience and what they want. You’ll learn what content they don’t like and also what resonates with them the most.

In order to get more out of the content you create make sure you follow a specific schedule when it comes to sharing what you’ve made. Also, make sure you have a content strategy to help your brand stay relevant. Never sound too spammy and do more to figure out what your audience needs.

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