How to Use Printing Company Directories for Local SEO

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printing directoriesLocal SEO is the process of increasing a business’ visibility in local searches and on Google Maps. That drives more traffic to its websites, more calls to company phones, and more customers to physical stores.

Local SEO isn’t for every printing company. If you don’t have a physical location, local SEO isn’t for you. Instead, you might try web to print software to increase sales, but for most printing companies, local SEO an invaluable tool to boost revenue.

That being said, local SEO has a lot of components, and things can get confusing. You may be wondering, does my printing company really need local SEO? What are printing company directories?

If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explain exactly why you need local SEO for your printing company. And it’s not just because a whopping 28% of local searches result in a purchase, according to Joel House Search Media.

There are a number of reasons why local SEO and printing company directories are crucial to any successful digital marketing strategy.

How does local SEO for printing companies work?

Local SEO works to increase printing companies’ visibility on search engines for local searches and on Google Maps.

It all starts with a Google My Business (GMB) profile.

Your GMB will give your business the chance to appear in the search results below paid ads, but above organic results in what is called local results.

local seo printing company near me
An example of local search results for the keyword “printing company near me.”

Not only that, with local SEO, but your business will also more readily appear in Google Maps.

local seo printing company near me map
An example of a Google maps search for printing companies.

And when a client clicks on your business there, they’ll see your citation with accurate NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), directions, and a link to your website.

local seo google maps citation
A Google Maps citation example.

The value of appearing in these top spots in Google can’t be understated. In fact, according to data from GoGulf, 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information.

If you want to take advantage of stats like that, you’ll need local SEO.

The three factors

There are three factors that influence local SEO: relevance, distance, and prominence.

Local SEO works to improve all of these factors—and that leads to more local sales for printing companies.


Relevance is how well your local listing and website match a given search.

The more information a search engine knows about a website, the more readily it can match that website with search queries. So to enhance relevance, it’s important to include as many details as possible about your printing company.


Distance is how far away your business is from a given search query based on location services or location search terms. The closer, the better.


Prominence is how well your business is known online and in person. Google says it is determined by a variety of factors, including backlinks, your website’s position in search engine results pages (SERPs), the number of reviews on your GMB profile, and more.

SEO services can do a lot to boost prominence. For example, by securing authoritative backlinks and citations across different websites, SEO helps to boost domain authority, and that moves your website up SERPs.

What are citations?

Citations are mentions of your business that include your business’ NAP and often a link back to your website. It’s crucial to keep all citation information consistent with your GMB profile.

That way, no matter where your citation is, it always adds to your printing company’s prominence in local searches.

Here’s an example citation from, a private printing company directory.

local seo printing company
A citation that includes a map, from the private printing company directory

As you can see, this printing company has a prominent citation with NAP, a Google Maps link, as well as a link to the website.

Top printing company directories for local SEO

Each of these printing company directories will offer your business a citation to strengthen local SEO for your website. The first five directories listed are all general directories any business type can enter.

Here’s a quick example citation of what you might see from one of these more general directories, the Better Business Bureau.

local seo better business bureau
What a citation in the BBB website looks like.

Bing Places for Business

Bing Places for business is a similar system to GMB profiles. By adding your business to Bing Places, your printing company can be featured more prominently in their local results.

Yahoo Local Listing

Although Yahoo has lost some steam in recent years, it is still a heavily visited site. That means it can pay to get a free local listing on their website. At the very least, it is a high domain authority citation.

Foursquare Directory

Foursquare’s business directory may have started small, but today it has over two million listed businesses. That makes it well worth the time to get a citation. may be known for its business news, but the company also has one of the largest directories in the world. The audience the site draws is also ideal for printers. Don’t miss out on a citation from this one.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Finally, there’s the BBB. In order to be listed in the BBB, you will need to pay an annual fee that increases depending on the number of staff members your business employs. Still, it is a great citation, and the reviews can be great for consumer confidence in your printing.

Then, there are industry-specific directories that usually charge in order to list your business. Despite the potential costs, these directories can be valuable citations for your firm.

Here’s an example of a printing directory that allows potential customers to search for printers based on location or state. This can be a great lead generator, or if nothing else, it’s a quality business citation.

local seo the printing guide
An example of a geographic search in The Print Guide’s directory.

The print guide is one of the largest printing company directories. It has listings in every US state as well as in the UK. The print guide only costs $50 for a lifetime membership and citation as well.

Print Access has a focus on getting buyers to contact you from your citation. They also offer three months free before you have to become a member to keep your citation.

Printing Business Directory

The Printing Business Directory is a free citation, so take advantage. Businesses can search for printing companies by geographic location, product, or category in their directory, and it has thousands of listings. is a private business directory that touches a number of industries but has specific directories for each. With over a million active registered users, a citation at ThomasNet may be worth the investment. is a dedicated printing company directory and review site. It has a strong domain rating and shows up in a top spot on SERPs, which makes it a great citation opportunity for printing companies.

Securing customers through local SEO, then going beyond

Printing directories are just one of the many features that make local SEO so effective for printing companies. From Google My Business profiles to securing local backlinks, local SEO can help drive traffic to your business like never before.

Still, after you’ve seen the results from local SEO, you’ll likely want to take things a step further and create a digital marketing strategy to improve your overall online presence.

An SEO agency may be just what you need. Contact Markitors to schedule a consultation for more details on how SEO can help your printing company increase revenue and reduce PPC advertising costs.

Markitors is an SEO digital marketing company. We work with small businesses to rank their websites higher on Google, resulting in more traffic and leads. Explore what’s in our SEO toolbox: audits and keyword research, digital PR, technical SEO, and local SEO.

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