Roofing Ads: Examples of Google and Facebook Ads

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Roofing Advertising

In the United States, the roofing industry is ranked as the 19th largest construction industry based on its market size. Thanks to its growth, the roofing industry is also quite competitive.

As the owner of a small roofing business, you know just how competitive the industry is–especially when a hail storm hits.

That’s why you’re here: to learn how you can gain more visibility with potential customers through a roofing advertising campaign.

Before getting started, there are two major factors to consider when planning your ad campaign.

First, there are advertising policies and regulations to keep in mind. Google has certain ad policies that require an advertiser to comply with local and federal legal requirements. Thus, an ad that doesn’t follow these rules might end up being disabled due to a policy violation.

Another important factor to consider is costs. With the wide variety of contractors that customers can choose from, the cost of roofing industry advertising isn’t cheap.

On average, your company will pay $8—$12 per click when targeting a particular roofing keyword. Let’s assume you have an average conversion rate of 2%—meaning, out of every 100 visitors to your site, 2 will become a new customer. In the end, you’ll end up paying $400-$600 just to get one new customer.

By now, you might feel ready to learn about roofing advertising alternatives. If so, head over to our Roofing SEO page. Otherwise, you can keep reading to see examples of roofing Google and Facebook ads as well as keywords to target and their average costs.

Examples of Roofing Google Ads

Some of the best roofing ads are the ones that result in conversions. In fact, many of the conversions that a business sees can be traced back to Google Ads.

What makes Google Ads successful for roofing companies? When a potential customer is searching for your services, Google Ads put your business in front of customers at the moment they want your services the most.

Below, we take a look at several examples of roofing ad examples on Google Ads and explain why they work.

roofing ads

Why it works: This ad works because it includes site links below the ad copy so a curious customer can easily navigate from the ad to various landing pages. Additionally, this ad capitalizes the first letter of each word, which is considered by some to be a good practice in advertising.

roofing advertising

Why it works: The longevity of this roofing company shines through in this ad copy. Customers want to hire a roofing contractor with experience, so chances are they’ll go with this ad because the company has over 15 years of experience.

roofing ads examples

Why it works: Making a good offer, such as a free estimate, in a roofing ad is a great way to catch a customer’s eye. Plus, this ad copy also uses similar strategies that our previous examples used, including capitalization and site links.

How Much Do Roofing Keywords Cost on Google Ads

We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best keywords for you to target in your roofing advertising.

  • roofing – $12.00 / click
  • roofing companies near me – $19.00 / click
  • metal roofing cost – $2.50 / click
  • roofing contractors – $20.00 / click
  • pvc roofing – $2.50 / click
  • metal roofing near me – $4.50 / click
  • roofing repair – $16.00 / click
  • spray foam roofing – $4.50 / click
  • what is tpo roofing – $3.00 / click
  • how to install rolled roofing – $3.00 / click

As this list illustrates, some paid roofing ads might use a keyword that costs as little as $2.50. However, a majority of these keywords tend to cost around $12-$15, and might even be as expensive as $45.

What does that mean for your advertising costs? Essentially, the cost per click amount is how much you’ll pay Google each time someone clicks on your ad. So, if you use an expensive keyword, the cost of that paid ad will add up quickly.

Examples of Facebook Ads for Roofing Companies

Besides Google Ads, there are other paid advertising alternatives such as Facebook ads for you to consider.

Our first example of roofing Facebook ads shows a company connecting with its customers by sharing helpful information:

roofing facebook ads

Why it works: A customer might want your services, but may not fully understand what exactly they offer. In this example, a customer may want new roofing on their home but won’t know what to choose between metal roofing or shingles. So, these ads are successful because they target those questions customers may have and provide useful information.

This next example of roofing Facebook ads features this company’s family home installation services:

roofing facebook ads

Why it works: These ads are visually appealing through the featured images they use as well as the graphics they use. If a customer is looking for new roofing to protect their home from hail, the second ad is sure to catch their eye.

roofing facebook ads

Why it works: Similar to our Google Ads examples, it helps to make a great offer in Facebook ads for roofing services. By offering a free estimate, potential customers may call to find out the cost of a new roof.

Roofing Advertising Alternative: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What’s the benefit your roofing business can gain from an SEO (search engine optimization) ad campaign?

The benefits that a roofing SEO ad campaign offers can be simplified into three main reasons. Also known as the three C’s, these reasons are: Costs, Clicks, and Conversions.

When thinking about clicks and conversions, one aspect to look at is traffic. Below, you can see the search traffic that the keyword “how to install metal roofing” receives.

Overall, 91% of the search traffic for this keyword goes to organic content. That means that only the remaining 9% of search traffic goes to sponsored results.

You might ask yourself: why is there such a large gap between the search traffic for organic and sponsored results? Typically, users put more trust in organic results they get over sponsored results a majority of the time, especially when looking for a new roof.

Another factor that impacts search traffic is that Google might not show sponsored results for certain searches. If I searched “roofing in phoenix,” Google shows me a list of roofing company locations near me first. Simply put, Google favors Local SEO results for this keyword over sponsored ads.

In the end, these examples show that both users and Google are more likely to trust organic results over sponsored results for roofing companies. This preference also has an impact on your overall advertising costs as well as higher conversion rates.

Do you want to see how well your website is optimized for SEO? Conduct a free SEO audit to find out.

Another Alternative: Roofing Company Directories

Another option for roofing advertising alternatives to Google and Facebook ads is through roofing company directories.

Through these directories, you can buy a listing and feature your company for potential customers to find. Examples of roofing directories that you can look at include the, HomeAdvisor, and Roofer911.

The Big Question: How Do Roofing Companies Connect With More Customers

By and large, your main reason for learning about roofing advertising strategies is to grow your practice.

Is Google Ads the best choice, or should I use Facebook Ads instead? What about an SEO ad campaign, or even a paid listing in a directory?

If we were in your shoes as an owner of a small roofing business, we’d want to invest in an SEO campaign. While we might be biased, we strongly believe that search engine optimization is a successful way for a business to create sustainable growth. This is especially true for small businesses competing with big-name competitors.

So, if you are interested in investing in sustainable growth for your company, contact Markitors and schedule a consultation.

The first step we take is scheduling a 15-minute call with you to learn more about what you do. Then, we conduct a free SEO audit of your website, relevant keywords, and any major competitors.

After analyzing this data and determining that working together makes sense, we’ll propose one of our SEO solutions that fits your company’s vision.

Meanwhile, you can gain some inspiration for roofing advertising ideas by checking out these roofing blog topics to engage customers.

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