SaaS Advertising: Examples of Google and Facebook Ads

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SaaS Advertising

With 89% of SaaS companies indicating that new customer growth is a top priority, the industry is more competitive than ever. As the owner of a small SaaS business, you understand the challenge of going against competing companies in the industry.

That’s why you’re here: to learn how you can gain more visibility for your company through a strategic SaaS advertising campaign.

Before you start planning your campaign, there are two factors to consider.

First, you should be aware of what advertising policies may impact your business. An important policy to keep in mind is Google’s policy on enabling dishonest behavior. An ad that promotes a product enabling dishonest behavior, like inflating website traffic, is prohibited.

The second factor for you to consider is advertising costs. Thanks to the numerous options a customer has when choosing new software tools, advertising costs can be more expensive. The average cost your business will pay per click for SaaS keywords is $13-$15.

Assuming that your average conversion rate is 2%—meaning, out of every 100 visitors to your website, 2 become new customers—you’ll pay $650-$750 to get a new client.

Curious about SaaS advertising alternatives? If so, you can jump to that section below or head over to our SaaS SEO page.

Otherwise, keep reading to see examples of SaaS ads on Google and Facebook, sample keywords to target, their cost, and more!

Examples of SaaS Google Ads

The key to any successful advertising campaign is ads that lead to conversions. Some of the best converting ads can be traced back to a Google Ad.

What drives the success of SaaS Google Ads? Google Ads puts your business in front of a prospective customer at the exact moment they want your product the most.

Here, we’re going to look at several Google Ad examples and explain what makes them work.

saas advertising

Why it works: With “award-winning” in its ad copy, this ad is likely to draw the eye of a customer. Additionally, the ad has an appealing offer by mentioning its free demo.

Why it works: Like our previous example, this ad copy also makes an enticing offer to potential customers. Another aspect to note is that the ad copy is written with capital letters, which is sometimes considered a good practice when writing ad copies.

saas advertising

Why it works: This ad copy includes site links beneath the copy text. This is beneficial because an interested customer can easily navigate to these linked pages from your ad.

How Much Do SaaS Keywords Cost on Google Ads?

Here is a list of 10 of the top SaaS keywords and their average cost per click on Google Ads:

  • email marketing software – $45.00 / click
  • digital signature software – $10.00 / click
  • CRM free trial – $30.00 / click
  • best productivity software for small business – $25.00 / click
  • how to create an employee schedule – $8.00 / click
  • open broadcaster software – $2.00 / click
  • best task management app – $11.00 / click
  • email programs – $7.00 / click
  • cloud-based data storage solutions – $18.00 / click
  • cloud-based ERP benefits – $11.00 / click

While some SaaS keywords can cost as little as $2, a majority of keywords cost an average of $15 or more per click.

How does this impact your advertising campaign?

Each time someone clicks on an ad that uses a certain keyword, you’ll pay Google the price of that keyword.

Examples of SaaS Facebook Ads

Besides Google Ads, how else can you utilize paid advertising for your business? The answer is simple: Facebook ads!

One aspect that makes Facebook ads different from Google is featured images—which many ad campaigns use to their advantage.

Our first example is a set of ads that show how Dropbox can help a customer:

Why it works: All of these ads are visually appealing thanks to the graphics that Dropbox uses! Additionally, some of these ads are animated as well. Animated ads can help you catch the eye of a customer as they scroll through their Facebook feed.

Our next example shows two ads that tell customers that Zendesk now offers a Sales CRM:

Why it works: Just like our first example, these ads are visually appealing to draw in customers. Another aspect that makes these ads work is the free trial offer it includes.

Why it works: As you’ve likely noticed, visual aesthetics are a trend in our ad examples. These ads uniquely show the customer what using Canva’s platform looks like. This is great for getting a customer interested in learning more about your product.

SaaS Advertising Alternatives: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What benefits can your SaaS business gain from engaging in a search engine optimization (SEO) advertising campaign?

There are three major reasons why an SEO campaign can benefit you, and they all start with the letter C: Clicks, Costs, and Conversions.

First, let’s look at clicks. The example below shows the overall search traffic for the keyword “best task management app.”

90% of the search traffic for this keyword goes to organic results. This means that only 10% of search traffic goes to sponsored results.

What does this large gap between organic and sponsored traffic mean? A majority of people prefer to look at the organic results they get from a Google search.

Another impacting factor on search traffic is when Google decides to show your ad. Some searches, surprisingly, don’t start with paid ads. Instead, they jump into Local SEO results.

A prime example of this is these results for the search “software companies phoenix.”

Instead of showing me paid ad results, Google gives me this list of companies and their locations near me.

By and large, users and Google tend to trust organic results over sponsored results. This preference also has an impact on overall advertising costs and conversions.

Want to see how well your SaaS company’s website is optimized for SEO? Run a free SEO audit and find out!

The Big Question: How Do SaaS Companies Gain More Visibility With Customers?

At the end of the day, the main priority for your SaaS advertising campaign is: to boost your visibility and gain more customers as a result.

What’s the best method to achieve this goal? Is Google Ads the most beneficial, or should I try out a Facebook ad campaign instead? What about an SEO campaign?

We may be biased. After all, if we were the owner of a SaaS business, we’d want to invest in SEO.

The reason why is that we believe search engine optimization is the best way for a company to nurture sustainable growth for itself. This is especially true for small businesses.

If you’re interested in lowering your advertising costs while attracting more customers, then us at Markitors and schedule a consultation with our team.

The first step our team takes is scheduling a 15-minute call with you. The goal of this call is to learn more about your business. Next, we perform a free SEO audit of your website, any relevant keywords, and your major competitors.

Once we gather this data and analyze it, and it makes sense to work together, we’ll present you with one of our SEO solutions.

If you want to learn a bit more about SaaS marketing in the meantime, then check out our industry blogs for some inspiration!

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