9 San Diego SEO Companies & Experts

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#1 SEO Company for Small Businesses.
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Somehow, it seems that the best SEO companies are strategically stationed by an ocean. SEO experts are generally “chill” by nature, and San Diego matches that vibe pretty well.

In this list you’ll find nine hand selected San Diego search engine optimization companies and experts. This list offers a little something for everyone. The local, independent SEO consultant who can take on a link building project. The giant, safe choice agency that offers SEO, website design, pay per click, and everything in-house. And, SEO agencies who specialize in local search, reputation management, and more areas of SEO that can help you attract potential customers.

Here are nine San Diego SEO Companies:

Top San Diego SEO Company (Ranked by Google)

Google “San Diego SEO Company” and you’ll most likely see an agency named Launch Source.

google san diego seo company

Launch Source pulls up #1 in Google Maps results as well.

san diego map results

Judging by their LinkedIn profile, seems that Launch Source is a team of one San Diego SEO expert.

Launch Source
Website: https://launchsourceseo.com/
Phone: (866) 498 – 8558
Address: 7851 Mission Center Ct #322, San Diego, CA 92108

Best Company To Work For In San Diego (Ranked by Glassdoor)

Happy employees produce great work. Judging by the 5-star rating Organik SEO has achieved (and by their merger into Digitopia), seems like they would be capable of doing good work around search engine marketing.

san diego seo company to work for

One interesting note about Digitopia? They are a certified B-Corp.

Website: https://www.digitopia.agency/
Phone: 1-858-345-2569
Address: 5431 Avenida Encinas, Suite J, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Top SEO Company in San Diego (Ranked by Clutch)

Clutch connects buyers with business services. Their review process of the firms they list is thorough, with a close look at case studies. And because of how thorough their reviews are, you can generally trust their results.

So, who is the top SEO company in San Diego, according to Clutch?

SEO Inc Clutch

SEO, Inc. Who knew they were located in Carlsbad?

They started in 1997, and have since evolved to offer SEO strategy, Social marketing campaigns, and PPC services.

SEO Inc.
Website: https://www.seoinc.com/
Phone: 1-877-736-0006
Address: 5841 Edison Place, Suite 140, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Local Expert (Ranked by Yelp)

Yelp is typically a great place to find a local expert who can do anything from web design to general online marketing.

That’s the feeling we get when we reviewed Yelp’s top result:

san diego seo guru

That’s right. According to Yelp, San Diego SEO GURU is the top ranked expert in San Diego. This could be a result of over-optimization on Yelp’s platform, but it could also be deserving. Definitely worth a phone call if you are looking for a budget-friendly, individual expert.

San Diego SEO GURU
Website: https://webdesignsandiego.com/
Phone: (858) 461-8010
Address: No address listed

Large Agency In San Diego (Ranked by LinkedIn)

LinkedIn offers up some nice local insights as to which agencies are legitimate SEO companies.

One such company? Pacific.

san diego linkedin

We found Pacific by scrolling through individual LinkedIn profiles of SEO managers and strategies in San Diego. Pacific popped up too many times to not check them out. And after a simple check of their website, it looks like SEO is part of their offering. With 622 employees listed on LinkedIn and three offices (including London and Mexico City), Pacific is a much larger agency than some small business owners can probably afford.

Website: https://www.pacific.co/
Phone: 1 (866) 267-3980
Address: 3980 Sherman St, San Diego, CA 92110

Top SEO Agency (Ranked By Upcity)

Upcity helps businesses find B2B providers that can be trusted.

They are similar to Clutch, but have a more lenient review process and we generally find them slightly less dependable than Clutch.

With that said, Upcity still has some good recommendations for SEO agencies. Including, Ignite Visibility, an internet marketing company.

seo agency san diego upcity

Ignite Visibility
Website: https://ignitevisibility.com/
Phone: 619.752.1955
Address: 3770 Tansy St. Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92121

Top SEO Result (Ranked by Bing)

Ah, Bing! What do they have to say about who is the best SEO company in San Diego?

bing san diego seo company map

Looks like Bing likes Saba SEO as the first result in their map. And, Bing also ranks Saba SEO as the first result in their organic listings.

bing san diego search result

Can’t forget what Bing (or Yahoo) has to say!

Saba SEO
Website: https://www.sabaseo.com/
Phone: (858) 223-1904
Address: 3954 Murphy Canyon Rd D201, San Diego, CA 92123

Top Agency Result (Ranked By DuckDuckGo)

DuckDuckGo is the search engine that doesn’t track you. Doing a simple search on their engine produces yet another company spelled with a “k”:

duck duck go san diego search result

First Organik, and now Dynamik. But hey, we can’t hate since our company has an intentional misspelling too.

Dynamik Internet Marketing
Website: https://www.dynamikinternetmarketing.com/
Phone: 866-480-3553
Address: 7676 Hazard Drive #22, San Diego, CA 92108

Why San Diego after all?

Leave it up to Reddit to question why you would need a local SEO expert at all:

local san diego reddit

With that said, we will add one more SEO company to this list…Markitors!

digital marketing agency markitors

Markitors created this list. So, we get to add ourselves to this list of top SEO agencies. While we’re not physically in San Diego, we have several clients in the area. And, if you Google “digital marketing company” from San Diego, we’re pretty sure you will see us on the first page of search results.

You can learn more about our SEO services and our company if you’d like. If you would like to see information changed or added to this list, please contact us.

Otherwise, we hope this list of SEO companies in San Diego helps you with your search to find the right partner for anything ranging from content marketing to e-commerce SEO!

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