School Ads: Examples of Google and Facebook Ads

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School Advertising

There are an estimated 143,934 schools in the United States, ranging from elementary schools to higher education institutions. As the headmaster of a school, you know how competitive it gets around enrollment time.

That’s why you’re here: to learn more about education advertising to create an advertising campaign to boost your school’s enrollment rates.

Before you begin planning your campaign, there are two factors you must consider.

First, you need to understand how Google Ad policies can impact your advertising. For example, Google has numerous policies regarding personalized advertising and data collection and use.

While ads can collect data from users, Google requires that these ads are transparent in this and handle all important data with care. Any ads that ignore these policies when remarketing will end up disabled due to a policy violation.

The second factor to consider is cost. Parents have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing what school their child will attend, so advertising costs aren’t cheap. On average, your school will pay around $10-$12 per click for an education keyword.

Let’s assume your average conversion rate is 2%, meaning that out of every 100 visitors to your website, 2 end up enrolling. In the end, you’ll end up paying $500-$600 to gain a new student.

Feeling ready to sink your teeth into some school advertising alternatives? Jump to that section below or head over to our Education SEO page.

Keep reading to check out examples of school ads on Google and Facebook, keywords to target, and cost.

Examples of School Google Ads

Searching for the best converting ads for schools? Generally, a successful conversion rate can be traced back to a well-crafted Google Ad.

What makes Google Ads so successful for schools? When a parent is searching for information about schools for their child, Google Ads puts your school in front of them when they need it the most.

Below, we take a look at several Google Ads and explain what makes them tick.

private school

Why it works: Parents might be interested in virtual school environments in order to give their child personalized learning experiences. This ad copy also states that this academy is enrolling now, telling any interested users that they can enroll their children today.

school for nursing

Why it works: This ad is off to a good start by sharing the length of its program in the title. This is likely to draw in anyone looking for the best place to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

applying for law school

Why it works: When someone is looking to apply to law school, they’ll want to know when their deadlines are. This ad quickly shares that important information and lets users know they can still apply to this program.

How Much do Education Keywords Cost on Google Ads?

cpc clicks

Here, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best education keywords on Google and their average cost per click:

  • private school – $6.00 / click
  • what is a boarding school – $4.50 / click
  • st louis language immersion school – $4.50 / click
  • computer science summer programs for high school students – $6.00 / click
  • preparatory high schools – $3.50 / click
  • private school for nursing – $40.00 / click
  • tips for highschool freshman – $7.00 / click
  • biotechnology high school – $7.00 / click
  • how to transfer schools – $9.00 / click
  • can you go to college with a ged – $13.00 / click

While some keywords can cost as little as $3.00 per click, most school keywords you’ll find cost around $10-$15 per click. What does this cost mean for your school advertising campaign? Every time someone clicks on your ad, you’ll pay Google the cost of your keyword. This cost might seem low at first but can easily add up.

Examples of School Facebook Ads

What are other ways for you to utilize paid advertising other than Google Ads? Through a Facebook ad campaign!

With Facebook ad campaigns, you can run multimedia ads featuring eye-catching graphics.

The first education ad campaign example, we look at focuses on various virtual events for this school:

teachers columbia

Why it works: All of these ads use visually pleasing graphics to share key information about various events. These ads catch a potential student’s eye, but they also quickly share event dates and times.

Our next example covers how a school’s ad campaign can showcase the unique care that exists within their student community:

st johns jesuit

Why it works: Featuring statistics in ads can help you strengthen your ad’s message. These ads mention a statistic regarding financial aid while also promoting the school’s tuition assistance programs.

detroit public school

Why it works: These ads revolve around a particular policy that positively impacted on local Detroit Public Schools. Sharing important knowledge like this with parents of potential students is a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader.

School Ads Alternative: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why might your school consider investing in an SEO (search engine optimization) campaign? There are three main reasons, and they all start with the letter C: Clicks, Costs, and Conversions.

When looking at clicks, you’re looking at the ad traffic for your campaign. Below is an example that shows the search traffic for the query “private schools.”

clicks cpc 2

An estimated 94% of search traffic for this keyword goes to organic search results. This means that the remaining 6% of search traffic goes to sponsored search results.

Why is there a gap between organic and paid search traffic? Generally, users prefer organic search results over paid ads. Another factor that causes this gap is how Google shows certain search results. For some searches, Google skips sponsored results and jumps straight into local SEO results.

When searching for “best high schools in Arizona,” Google shows the local organic results based on my current location.

best az highschools

In the end, both users and Google prefer organic results over paid results. This preference also has an impact on advertising costs, leading to cheaper costs and higher conversion rates.

Curious about how well your website is optimized for SEO? Conduct a free SEO audit to find out.

Another Alternative: Advertising in School Directories

An additional advertising alternative for schools to consider is school directories.

By purchasing a lasting in a local school directory, you can promote your business to anyone who’s doing a bit of extra research. Some directories to check out include Niche and the U.S. News School Directory.

The Big Question: How Can Schools Reliably Increase Enrollment?

The major motivation behind your school ad campaign is to draw in more students to increase your school’s enrollment.

Should I focus on Google Ads for my ad campaign? What about the multimedia features that Facebook ads offer? Or, should I consider the benefits of an SEO campaign?

We might be biased. If we were in your shoes, we’d want to invest in an SEO campaign for our school.

We believe that search engine optimization is the best way for an organization to achieve sustainable growth. This is especially true for unique groups and organizations such as schools.

So, if you’re interested in lowering your advertising costs while attracting more students, reach out to us at Markitors and schedule a consultation.

First, we’ll schedule a 15-minute call with you. The goal of this call is to learn everything about your organization. Next, we’ll conduct a free SEO audit of your website, relevant keywords, and major competitors.

After we’ve analyzed this data, and it makes sense for us to work together, we’ll propose one of our SEO solutions.

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