We’re Hiring: SEO Content Manager

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#1 SEO Company for Small Businesses.
Table of Contents

Our Mission: to connect small businesses with customers…and to have a good time doing it.

Our Values

  • You Are Unique: Respect the uniqueness of every human being.
  • Always Fresh, Always Thrilling: Innovate to keep things exciting.
  • Bias For Action: When in doubt, do what you think is right.
  • Ownership: Deliver on all promises.
  • Strength In Numbers: Use data to help make decisions.

Fun Facts
1. Google “digital marketing company,” and Markitors is on the first page nationwide.
2. We are a small startup in Old Town Scottsdale, located in the heart of Civic Center Park.
3. Our clients range from a helicopter company in Hawaii to a consulting company in London to a print company in Nashville. We have clients all over the world in all different types of industries.

Now, for the details.

We are looking for a SEO Content Manager.

The sole responsibility of a SEO Content Manager is to execute carefully crafted content strategies that drive results for small businesses.

Audiences reach the end of your pages without any effort. You write fast and rank high. Gut feeling takes a backseat to structured text. Readers are attracted to the topics you choose, and keywords you use.

What’s a day to day look like? Here it is.

  • Create optimized SEO content like blog posts and landing pages
  • Produce premium content like whitepapers, podcasts, ultimate guides, and long-form blog posts
  • Assist Digital PR team with the creation of content like guest posts, infographics, interviews, and expert roundups
  • Coordinate and manage an external content creation team by ensuring client content deliverable due dates are met in Asana, our project management platform
  • Edit all SEO content from external content creators before publishing to maintain quality
  • Design graphics like blog header images and infographics to enhance SEO content
  • Apply keyword research to edit page titles and meta descriptions during client kick-offs & periodic SEO audits
  • Enhance SEO content through copywriting tactics like Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Execute internal link strategies to help your content rank in search engines
  • Read up on the latest trends to continuously innovate on the types of content we create

Ready to help our clients rank higher? Here are the specifics on what you’ll be managing and are comfortable with:

  • Search Engines: How Search Engines Work, Indexing, Ranking, Advanced Searches
  • Content Types: Blog Posts, Landing Pages, Guest Posting, Images, Infographics, Guides, Podcasts, Expert Roundups, Interviews
  • SEO Copywriting: Flesch Reading Ease, Sentence Length, Paragraph Length, Passive Voice, Consecutive Sentences, Subheading Distribution, Transition Words, Tone, Voice, Purpose
  • Metadata Writing: Page Titles, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Call-To-Action, ALT Tags
  • Keywords: Long-Tail, Medium Tail, Short-Tail, Short-Term Fresh, Long-Term Evergreen, Product Defining, Customer Defining, Geo-Targeting, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), Informational, Commercial, Transactional, Ahrefs
  • Content Optimization: Duplicate Content, Thin Content, Stale Content
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Call To Action, A/B testing, Pop Ups, Marketing Funnel
  • Links: Internal Links, URLs, Pingbacks, NoIndex, NoFollow
  • WordPress: Yoast, Widgets, Plugins, Interface, Sidebar
  • HTML: Headings, Paragraphs, Styles, Page Structure, Tables, Hyperlinks, Lists, Forms, Images
  • CSS: Images, Font, Text, Color, Boxes, Borders, Margins, Padding,

Your day-to-day activities includes applying elements of the items above to create compelling content for a wide variety of clients.

And, you’re doing it a startup environment named a Best Place To Work two years in a row, at a company that knows SEO (Google: “digital marketing company.” Markitors typically comes up on the first page of search results, nationwide).

In terms of knowledge and experience, this role requires an ability to write about a diverse set of topics. Creativity, curiosity, resilience, patience, and the ability to intelligently research foreign subject matters are a must. A journalism degree with an emphasis on marketing will put your resume at the top of the list, but is not required.

Bonus points if you continuously grow your knowledge by doing things like:

  • Maintaining a personal website
  • Geeking out on Google Patents
  • Staying up to date on any of these outlets: Google Webmaster Central Blog, Google Research Blog, Google’s Blog, Bing Search Blog, Moz’s Blog, Search Engine Round Table, Search Engine Journal, The SEM Post, SEMrush Blog, Search Engine Land, SEO Skeptic by Aaron Bradley, SEO by the Sea by Bill Slawski, Deep Crawl’s Webmaster Hangout Notes, Merkle’s Digital Marketing Reports

Markitors is a great place to grow your knowledge and expertise in a progressive field that is becoming increasingly more complex.

Apply by sending your resume, cover letter, and writing samples to [email protected]

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