Increase inbound leads and build brand reputation with SEO for staffing agencies.

When a company is looking for a staffing agency they’ll usually go online and search Google—just like we all do.

That means search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines are valuable channels to drive leads.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your staffing agency get that valuable real estate. That will increase your organic website traffic and boost brand awareness—which means more inbound leads and more clients.

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SEO helps increase the organic traffic to your website which improves lead generation. Organic traffic is any visitor to your site that comes through unpaid search results.

Simply put, SEO brings clients to you—without a reoccurring expense per click.

95% of web traffic goes to first page results. So if you don’t have SEO and your agency is appearing on page 10, your website is pretty much hidden to new clients.

SEO will help build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and ultimately get more clients to call you.

SEO strategies will only work if they’re backed up by a full suite of SEO services.

That’s why any good SEO

agency offers at least the following:

  • SEO Content
  • Digital PR
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Monthly Reporting

For the full suite of SEO services, it will cost between $1500 and $2500 per month. That includes digital PR, local SEO, SEO content, technical SEO, and monthly reporting.

SEO should take between 4-12 months, according to Google. It all depends on a number of factors:

SEO strategy.

What search terms is your executive search firm or staffing agency using to target employers with hiring needs? The staffing industry has lots of competition in a Google search. Big staffing firms like Korn Ferry and job boards typically dominate the first page of Google. Can your SEO strategy target relevant search queries to drive quality traffic with a high conversion rate?

Content Marketing.

Staffing SEO starts with producing quality, unique content. Do you have dedicated landing pages for all of your staffing services? Are your blog posts targeting frequently asked questions that employers ask in the recruitment business?

Link Building.

Are you attracting links from relevant human resources (HR) websites like SHRM or local HR chapters? Do the associations you belong to link to your company from their member page? What are you doing for Digital PR?

Web Design.

Do you use WordPress? Is there a clear path for candidates on their job search, and employers looking to hire?

Generally, employers who are looking to hire know that staffing agencies exist. So they’re not looking for general search terms like candidates may be. If an employer is interested in hiring a recruiter, they will search based on the level of the role, type of role, the type of search firm, or the location. Take a look at some common examples: Type of Firm
  • “Temp Agency” (61,000 Monthly Searches)
  • “Executive Search Firms” (2,000 Monthly Searches)
Location of Firm
  • “Staffing Agency NYC) (1,400 Monthly Searches)
  • “Chicago Staffing Agency” (350 Monthly Searches)
  • “Phoenix Staffing Agency” (300 Monthly Searches)
Level or Type of Role
  • “IT Staffing” (900 Monthly Searches)
  • “HR staffing” (700 Monthly Searches)

Yes! And they’re often not effective too. The reason? In working with numerous staffing agencies over the years, the most effective keywords for lead generation are general terms like “executive search firm Chicago.”

The problem with advertising for this keyword is that 90% of your advertising budget will go towards job seekers clicking on your first page ads.

So, not only are you paying $10 per click, but you’re paying $10 per click for a job seeker to come to your site. SEO avoids that. Instead, you’ll target employers by moving up search engines for popular keywords—organically.

We’ve worked in the recruitment industry since 2007. Just like you, we love connecting people.

Our SEO company connects small businesses with customers. Your staffing agency connects employers with candidates. If we can facilitate that connection, and influence the course of a company through a successful hire, then that’s a win in our book.

SEO is perfect for staffing firms. It reduces expensive pay-per-click advertising costs and brings in organic traffic. That leads to consistent inbound leads. And at the end of the day, what matters for staffing firms is the bottom line.

If you want marketing efficiency and a solid return on investment—think SEO.

Our local SEO efforts focus on optimizing the three factors that Google says determine local search results: prominencedistance, and relevance.

We do this through a variety of tactics including: managed local citations, updating business listings, and perfecting on-page SEO.

There are so many tactics to build quality backlinks for recruiters. From guest posts on partner sites to quote placements, the options go on and on.

What’s important is that your links are authoritative, relevant, white hat links. And that’s what we do here at Markitors. We build backlink profiles the right way with quality content that’s good for readers, our clients, and our partner sites.

The first step to SEO is developing a keyword-research-backed, in-depth SEO strategy. This will take hours of research and a practical knowledge of SEO.

Then you can begin to optimize on-page and off-page SEO. That means hundreds of hours of everything from creating high-quality SEO content to outrank the competition to optimizing HTML, meta descriptions, title tags, and more.

SEO is a labor-intensive process that most businesses just don’t have the time to do on their own. If you’re looking for some help with SEO, contact us or give us a call at (480) 550-6336.

We can help you get started on SEO the right way in no time.






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