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3 Marketing Strategies for Staffing Agencies

September 17, 2019
Posted in SEO
September 17, 2019 Brett Farmiloe

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I co-founded an executive search firm and have been doing marketing for staffing agencies for a number of years. Our SEO company has worked with several different executive search firms, contract to hire agencies, direct hire staffing agencies, and temporary search firms to build their visibility online. 

The marketing strategies for staffing agencies are very similar. 

It comes down into three different main strategies: Local Landing Pages, Job Specific Content, and Employer FAQs.

When the content strategy is executed correctly, staffing agencies are able to drive more organic search traffic and drive more leads for their business. 

Fail-Safe Marketing Strategy: Local Landing Pages

The first marketing tip for staffing agencies is developing local landing pages. Local landing pages give visibility for certain types of staffing services in a particular locality.

Let’s say you are an executive search firm with the ability to service the Chicago area. Creating a local landing page for people searching for executive search firms in Chicago is a great way to attract this targeted traffic. 

marketing strategies for executive search firms

Plus, search engines love these pages. 

marketing strategies for staffing agencies

While the search volumes on the local level are low, these long-tail keywords collectively build up. If you develop enough of these pages then you are able to blanket a certain geographical region for your services. This produces a high quantity of qualified leads. 

The only issue with these pages? In staffing, you have two audiences: Employers and Candidates. Unfortunately, there’s not a great way to separate these two audiences from a keyword perspective. So, while you’ll attract both audiences, you will knowing that about 10% of that traffic will actually be employers who are looking to hire so local landing pages are a good way to attract both audiences and then once that are there on your site it’s a matter of sending them to the right place.

Top of Funnel Marketing Strategy: Job Specific Content

The second marketing tip for staffing agencies is to produce job-specific content in the form of blog posts and articles. 

Interview questions are a really good example of job specific content. 

Say you’re looking to hire a marketing manager. Creating a blog post targeting the keyword “marketing manager interview questions” will do a few things. 

  • This keyword has high search volume, so it has a high likelihood of sending a high quantity of traffic from search engines
  • Attracts candidates who are actively looking for work (they are preparing for an interview). This is especially nice if you are consistently filling the same role, and need to continuously recruit for someone like a marketing manager
  • Attracts employers who are actively looking for candidates (they are figuring out what to ask in an interview, which means that this may be a new experience or role for them, and they most likely need the help of a professional)

Make a list of your most common job titles you want to attract for your staffing agency. Create job-specific content around these roles, ranging from interview questions to characteristics. 

The end result will be a steady flow of candidates and employers coming to your site for information about roles that align with your agency. 

Hyper-Specific Marketing Strategy: Employer FAQs

The third marketing strategy for staffing agencies is to create employer “FAQ” content.

Employers have very specific questions that they typically ask staffing agencies or search engines. A short list of common questions include:

  • How do I hire a JOB TITLE
  • When should I hire a JOB TITLE
  • How much should I pay a JOB TITLE
  • What should I look for in a JOB TITLE
  • What are average staffing agency fees? 

Creating content answering different questions is a great way to attract employers who are at the very beginning stages of their search for a candidate.

Additional Marketing Strategies For Staffing Agencies

Those are the three main marketing strategies for staffing agencies. And you may be wondering, is that it? Shouldn’t I be sending email campaigns? Or running paid ads? Or posting on social media three times a week? 

The answer to all of the above is “sure.” You can send email campaigns to previous and prospective employers to stay top of mind when they do have a hiring need. You can also post on social media to enhance the brand of your staffing agency. 

Paid advertising really puts staffing agencies at a disadvantage. LinkedIn is a wonderful platform for staffing agencies, but the cost per click on ads is very high ($10-$15 per click). Google Ads catch too many job seeking candidates. Facebook ads aren’t very targeted because job title information on their platform isn’t very reliable. 

The bottom line is that nothing produces sustainable and predictable lead flow quite like organic search. Our staffing agency clients (and the executive search firm I co-founded) produce between 10-30 quality leads per month from organic search. The volume (and close rate) of SEO just has a higher ROI than any other marketing tactic. 

So, if you are looking to leverage a small and nimble internal team within your agency and drive results through digital marketing, then these three marketing strategies should help you sustainably and predictably grow your staffing firm.


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Brett Farmiloe

Brett Farmiloe

Brett Farmiloe is the Founder & CEO of Markitors, a digital marketing company voted a best place to work 3 years in a row. He frequently contributes content about SEO, Careers, and Culture to Forbes, SHRM, Thunderbird, Huffington Post, Mashable, TIME, NextWeb, and more. And, as a dad of 3, he's about that minivan life.