What Sets Our Digital Marketing Agency Apart

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#1 SEO Company for Small Businesses.
Table of Contents

What Sets Our Digital Marketing Agency Apart

There are more digital marketing agencies than coffee shops within a mile radius of our office. 

Last I checked, there were 16,083+ agencies in the US alone. 

So, what sets Markitors apart from other agencies?

It starts with Focus, Process, and Culture.

Exclusive Focus on SEO

In 2016, Markitors began to rank on the first page for the term, “digital marketing company.” In response, we did our best to be a digital marketing company. This meant offering traditional services like SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, and Website Development.

Now, we just focus on SEO. That decision to focus came as a result of what our customers were saying to us.

Here’s what customers said about our SEO services:

Here’s what customers said about other services: 

So, our customers spoke. We listened. Markitors now just does SEO. 

The focus on a specific area of marketing is a huge thing that set us apart from other agencies. 

In fact, this narrows the list of 16,083 agencies down significantly to those who 100% focus on SEO. 

Focus makes the selection of a digital marketing agency easier. If your company wants an agency to manage email campaigns, that’s not us. Managing Google Ads? We exist to replace or reduce ad spend. 

If your company wants to grow organic traffic to produce sustainable and predictable leads or purchases, then you’re in the right place.

seo increase

Questions to ask agencies:
1. What are your strengths and weaknesses as an agency?
2. What service drives the best results for clients?

Process & Results

Organizational structure sets agencies apart and helps drive results.

With that said, no agency is structured the same. Each has a unique set of processes designed to get results. 

Markitors differentiates from other agencies by our results (we rank on the first page of search results for the term “digital marketing company”) and our organizational chart. 

digital marketing agency org chart

Image: Org Design Star Model from the organization design firm, ON THE MARK.

Here’s our org chart:

  • CEO
  • General Manager
    • Director of SEO Content
      • Content Writers
      • Content Editor
    • Director of Client Services
    • Digital PR Manager
    • Technical SEO Manager
    • Director of Social Media
    • Tools

Our org structure is uniquely designed to execute SEO campaigns. 

Our General Manager oversees everything and reports to our CEO. 

The Director of Client Services oversees everything client related and reports to our clients. 

The SEO Content team is led by our Director of SEO content, who oversees our team of in-house content writers and in-house content editor. 

Then, we break down the other areas of SEO into key categories like Digital PR, Technical SEO, and Social Media (yes, we believe social is a critical part of SEO). 

Every member of the team works on every client. We put the weight of our whole digital marketing agency into every engagement so that we drive results. 

Also of note are the tools we use as part of our team. Since our focus is exclusively on SEO, we subscribe to the top tools to give us the best insights to drive results. These tools are rather expensive, and most full-service agencies bypass them to maximize profit. 

digital marketing agency tools

Questions to ask agencies:
3. Can you tell me everything about your process? I’d like to learn about the kick-off process, and once we are kicked off, the process I can expect afterwards.
4. Can you tell me more about how your company is structured? What does the org model look like?
5. What tools does your team use internally to garner insights to help move the needle?
6. How does your agency use your own services?

Culture (Our People) 

Smart, happy employees produce the best work. They also happen to be the most fun to work with. 

smart happy employees

We’ve won a Best Place To Work award every year we have been in business. Here’s our Glassdoor profile. It’s in our company mission statement to have a good time. I wrote a book about workplace satisfaction. All of our people are full-time employees with benefits and perks

All that to say, our digital marketing agency exists for reasons that go beyond marketing. We are looking to create an employment experience that reverses Gallup’s workplace findings:

employee engagement chart

Besides happiness, we prioritize the hiring of smart people. 

Our team has accomplishments like being a high school valedictorian, authoring a book, achieving a 4.0 GPA, building their own computer, graduating from prestigious honors programs, and more. We are a bunch of overachievers who align with our core values

With that said, people set an agency apart from others. Our agency has smart, happy people who don’t work more than 40 hour weeks. We’re young and grow with our clients. We read Google Patents, Google Books, and everything there is to learn about Google. And we unleash our knowledge and creativity into our work. 

google patent

Image: Latest Google Patent on Augmented Search

Questions to ask agencies:
7. Who will be my point of contact?
8. Who will be doing the actual work on my website?
9. Where are they located? In-house? Do you utilize freelancers? Or an overseas team?

Other considerations

There’s also practical things that set an agency apart. Things like experience in an industry, pricing, and contractual agreements are items that must be considered in the final stages of selecting an agency. 

Our industry experience is wide and not deep. Ranking on the first page of Google for the term digital marketing company has exposed us to a wide variety of companies and marketing challenges. We’ve worked with 250+ companies in 10+ countries on 5 continents. 

With that said, we share relevant client stories in every proposal. If we don’t have a good story to share, we will be up front and likely pass on the project. 

Pricing? We have three packages. A do-it-with-you option at $1,500/month. A do-it-for-you option at $2,500/month. And, a “double” do-it-for-you option at $5,000 month (for companies looking to cast a wider net). Simplicity in pricing enables us to serve all customers equally. 

Contracts. We operate on a month to month with a 90 day opt-out. Here’s why we have a 90 day opt out

Questions to ask agencies:
10. Who are some relevant clients you’ve worked with in my industry?
11. Can you please provide me with a breakdown of your pricing? How is it calculated?

What else separates us?

I’ll conclude this post by letting our clients speak for themselves. You can also read reviews on Clutch, Google, or this website we’ve never heard of

Contact us today to learn more about how Markitors can be of service to your business. 

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