Portland SEO Experts and Consultants

List of the best Portland SEO experts and top consultants. Carefully vetted and hand-selected for Portland small businesses.

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Portland SEO Experts & Consultants

With some of the largest outdoor clothing and recreation companies, Portland is a bustling city with new businesses springing up every day. Portland’s rapidly growing high tech and healthcare industries leave many businesses in need of SEO services. Keeping this in mind, we’ve created a list of Portland’s best SEO experts and consultants for business owners to discover.

Best Portland SEO Experts

Ken Applin - Portland SEO Expert

Ken Applin

About: Ken Applin is the Marketing, SEO & CRM Manager at Portland Kettle Works.

Specialties: Ken Applin’s technical SEO skills range from CMS & domain migration to featured snippets and schema. His SEO managerial skills are proven when it comes to fusing the non-technical language of marketing teams with the technical language of IT teams.

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Portland?

With 15 years of experience in SEO and search marketing, Ken has been able to bring his expertise to companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Lionbridge, and Portland Kettle Works.

Kaitlin Lainhart - Portland SEO Expert

Kaitlin Lainhart

About: Kaitlin Lainhart acts as the Senior Manager of Digital Acquisition Marketing, SEO and Social for Simple Finance.

Specialties: According to Katilin’s LinkedIn Profile, her main skill set includes “digital strategy, media buying/negotiations, campaign optimization, SEO and cross-functional team management.” Although Kaitlin has only been in the Portland SEO scene for a few years, she brings her ten years of experience as an SEO expert alongside.

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Portland?

Overall, Kaitlin has ten years of experience, “exceeding lead generation and revenue goals” in SEO related positions.

Travis Causey - Portland SEO Expert

Travis Causey

About: Travis Causey is the founder and co-owner of Moving Mountains Advisors.

Specialties: On his LinkedIn profile, Travis has more than 100 endorsements from his network in SEO, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, and SEM. His agency helps “businesses break peak profits by moving their website to page 1 on Google, driving revenue through organic search and targeted social traffic.”

Mia Marinaccio, Operations Manager at Physicians First Messages, claims that Travis is “in a league of his own when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Aside from being an inspiration and valued teacher to myself and many others, his ability to apply the knowledge he has of SEO is unmatched.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Portland?

As a nationally recognized SEO expert and owner of a leading SEO agency in Portland, Travis claims a spot as one of the best SEO experts in Portland.

Timothy Resnik - Portland SEO Expert

Timothy Resnik

About: Timothy Resnik is the Lead Product Manager of SEO for Walmart.

Specialties: Timothy’s LinkedIn profile demonstrates his “20-year track record of successfully driving website traffic and acquisition, managing product development, empowering cross-functional teams, and leading strategic planning and deployment.” Although he has served as many roles throughout his time as an SEO expert, Timothy paves the way in the software development and digital marketing industries.

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Portland?

Timothy’s passion for SEO led him to co-found AudienceWise, a digital marketing agency that eventually sold to Moz in 2012. This accomplishment, among many others, displays Timothy’s impact in the SEO realm, ultimately leading him to face the everyday challenges of the largest global retailer, Walmart. CEO of Moz, Sarah Bird, explains that “He is calm under pressure and thrives in dynamic environments seeking to bring order to chaos,” a much-needed quality for an SEO leader.

Dan Niska - Portland SEO Expert

Dan Niska

About: Dan Niska is currently an SEO Analyst at BrightEdge.

Specialties: Dan’s multitude of experience stretches over SEO, SEM and PPC. Chad Channon, Marketing Director at AutoSource Motors, explains that Dan’s large skill set made him a “good source with whom I could brainstorm solutions for complicated clients, campaigns & situations.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Portland?

Dan’s 15 years of online marketing experience exemplifies his imprint on the Portland SEO community. His range of expertise allows him to manage a wide array of teams easily and effectively bring the best solutions to his clients.

Eric Reid - Portland SEO Expert

Eric Reid

About: Eric Reid is an SEO Specialist at Columbia Sportswear.

Specialties: Eric explored social media marketing, paid search and web analytic before he landed his current position as an SEO Specialist in 2016. His former colleagues and LinkedIn network highly endorse him for SEO, Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing.

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Portland?

Numbers matter in SEO and Eric’s data-driven skillset lands him as one of Portland’s best SEO experts. One of Eric’s former colleagues explains that he “is a numbers guru who was always insightful and helpful when it came to pulling facts and figures to show the impact of my team’s communications campaigns.”

Steve Bates - Portland SEO Expert

Steve Bates

About: For the past 11 years, Steve Bates has been working in various SEO roles at Nike, and is currently their SEO Manager.

Specialties: Starting as Nike’s Email Marketing Manager, Steve quickly grew out of this role and began diving into the SEO needs of the company. Steve’s specialties in SEO include Content Layout, Copy, Coding, and SEO Analysis. Steve served as Technical Marketing Manager for Nike for the majority of his time at Nike, where he managed SEO, System Integrations, Paid Search and Triggered Email campaigns.

Why they’re one of the best SEO experts for small businesses in Portland?

Steve’s 22 years of digital marketing and SEO undoubtedly land him as one of Portland’s best SEO experts. Not only is he endorsed by his colleagues for his SEO skills, but he is also highly endorsed in web analytics, CRM and SEM.

Best Portland SEO Consultants

Meg Nanson - Portland SEO Consultant

Meg Nanson

About: Meg Nanson is a Freelance Writer, SEO and Content Strategist.

Specialties: As a freelance consultant, Meg does everything from link building to site speed optimization, or from SEO audits to keyword research. She specializes in small to medium-sized businesses who need help with their brand strategy, SEO strategy or content strategy. Beyond her freelance work, Meg has held titles in the past such as SEO Specialist, SEO Team Lead, SEO Strategist and Lead Copywriter.

Meg explains on her LinkedIn, “since beginning freelancing in 2017, I’ve been able to build a healthy client load via 100% word-of-mouth referrals.”

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Portland?

Well rounded in all parts of SEO, Meg’s displays her well-versed skill set through both her freelancing and her past positions. Meg has even turned her former employer, Volusion, into one of her clients.

Evan Davis - Portland SEO Consultant

Evan Davis

About: Is the Senior SEO Manager at WEO Media.

Specialties: Evan Davis specializes in all things SEO; this includes interactive marketing, technical support, industry analysis and training SEO teams. Working at WEO Media for eight years, Evan has “managed SEO campaigns for Premium SEO clients” and presented “performance metrics to clients in terms they could understand.”

Before working for WEO Media, he has held long term positions as Marketing Manager, SEO Performance Specialist and Systems Analyst.

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Portland?

Evan puts it simply: he’s been working in “SEO since ranking on Altavista was important, and Clinton was in office.”

Ryan Anderson - Portland SEO Consultant

Ryan Anderson

About: Ryan Anderson is the Senior SEO Account Manager for Levy Online.

Specialties: Ryan is highly endorsed by his colleagues for SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing and Blogging. He has certifications in Google AdWords, Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education.

Ryan’s eight years of experience has landed him his previous positions as Digital Marketing Account Manager, Digital Marketing Strategist, SEO Wizard, Senior SEO Specialist and SEO Manager.

Why they’re one of the best SEO consultants for small businesses in Portland?

Ryan’s extensive experience within digital marketing agencies around Portland has landed him as one of the best SEO consultants in Portland. On his LinkedIn profile, a former client emphasizes “that Ryan looks for opportunities and gets them the most bang for your buck. The client feels like Ryan is not trying to always up-sell but really helping them out.”


This list was carefully vetted and hand-selected by Thylan Le, the Digital PR Coordinator of Markitors.

Markitors is an SEO company for small businesses. We have been voted a best place to work three years straight and frequently contribute our thoughts to Forbes, the Business Journal, and other media outlets. We have several clients in the Portland area. If you are interested in learning more about our company and our services, please either contact us, call us at (480) 550-6336, or hit the “Chat Now” button to immediately get connected to a member of our team.

If you have additional recommendations of Portland-based SEO companies, experts, or consultants, you may submit those recommendations through our contact us form.

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