Printing Company Ads: Google and Facebook Examples

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Printing Company Advertising

In the United States, there are over 35,000 printing companies, many of which have fewer than 20 employees.

As the owner of a printing company, you understand how competitive the industry is for small businesses. So, you want to know how you can boost your visibility and to learn more about printing company advertising.

When creating your ad campaign, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, there are certain Google Advertising Policies to be aware of. Google has a policy regarding copyright infringement that states that any “sites or apps that facilitate unauthorized offline distribution of copyrighted content” are not allowed to advertise on Google.

While Google’s examples include CDs and DVDs, this can also extend to the unauthorized printing and distribution of content.

Another factor to acknowledge is cost. Due to the wide range of choices customers have, the cost of print company advertising can get expensive. The average ad pay per click ranges from $5-$20, depending on the target keyword.

With an average conversion rate of 2%—or, when 100 people visit your site, 2 become new customers—you would end up paying anywhere from $250-$1000 in advertising to get a new customer.

At this point, you’re ready to delve into advertising alternatives for your printing company. If you’re itching to get started, feel free to skip to the advertising alternatives section or check out our Printing Company SEO page.

Otherwise, keep reading and see examples of printing company Google ads, Facebook ads, keywords & their costs, and even learn great keyword ideas for you to target.

Examples of Printing Company Google Ads

Let’s start by checking out a few Google ads for printing companies. The reason that Google Ads are beneficial has to do with conversions. Often, when advertising converts a potential customer, that conversion can be traced to a Google Ad.

So, you may be wondering: why are Google Ads successful for printing companies? Simply put, a Google Ad is placed in front of your ideal customer at the moment they want your services the most.

Below, we take a look at a few examples of printing company Google Ads with an explanation of why that ad works.

Why this ad works: Promises a customer that their data will be secure when shared with this printing company, which can be appealing. Additionally, because the ad mentions the company was founded in 1980, customers know this company has experience.

Why this ad works: This ad also uses the appeal of longevity. However, it does so by mentioning “30+ years of experience”. Another factor to consider is the fact that this ad is in Title Case. It is often considered good practice in advertising to capitalize each word of your ad copy. Lastly, this ad includes site links, which can easily take a customer from the ad to a page on the company’s site.

Why this ad works: This ad mentions “high volume order” in particular and offers its services as a solution to any customers with that need. You’ll also notice this ad uses Title Case and site links like our previous examples.

How much do Printing Keywords Cost on Google Ads?

Here is a list of ten of the best printing company keywords on Google and their average cost per click:

  • printing services – $8.00 / click
  • printing services near me – $5.00 / click
  • online printing services – $10.00 / click
  • booklet printing – $16.00 / click
  • best online printing services – $11.00 / click
  • banner printing – $10.00 / click
  • custom printing services – $8.00 / click
  • business card printing – $12.00 / click
  • flyer printing – $13.00 / click
  • postcard printing – $17.00 / click

Inexpensive printing company keywords cost as little as $5, while many others cost $10 or more. In the end, you’ll end up paying Google that price each time someone clicks on your ad.

Examples of Printing Company Ads on Facebook

The other route you could take with paid advertising is Facebook ads.

First, let’s look at this example of printing company ads that focus on printing books.

Why it works: Both of these ads are very appealing visually, which is a big plus for any company offering printing and design services. After all, your customers want to know the result of their product will look good!

Next, let’s take a look at this Facebook ad campaign that offers free shipping if you order a certain number of shirts:

Why it works: Not only does this ad make a good offer to a customer, it also shows some example products in the images. Visuals help to form a connection between a customer looking to place an order and the company behind these ads.

Why it works: These ads follow suit with our previous examples by showing example products in their ads. Any customer ordering a photo canvas print wants to know how it’ll look in their home, and this ad provides that visual. Plus, the second ad is timely since it focuses on Mother’s Day gifts.

Alternative to Printing Company Ads: SEO

What advantages would your printing company find from a printing company search engine optimization (SEO) campaign? There are three major benefits to consider with an SEO campaign. The three C’s—also known as Clicks, Costs, and Conversions.

For the keyword “best online printing services,” an estimated 88% of people click on organic results. Only 12% of people end up clicking on paid ads in this scenario.

You’re likely wondering why there’s such a large gap between organic and paid traffic.

The reason? Most people tend to trust organic results over paid ad results.

Another factor that impacts search traffic is how Google shows someone results. For example, certain searches like “printing services near me” may not show sponsored results first.

Instead, these searches might give someone a list of locations, like the example below:

By and large, there is a lot of trust put into organic results, both by general customers and by Google themselves. Additionally, this preference can impact your costs and conversions.

Curious about how well your website is currently optimized for SEO? Run a free SEO audit and find out.

Another Alternative: Printing Company Directories

Another alternative to consider checking out is printing company directories.

You can gain some visibility with customers who are performing some additional research by sponsoring a directory listing. Some examples of directories include The Print Guide and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The Big Question: How Do Printing Companies Get More Clients?

At the end of the day, your main goal with any kind of advertising is to successfully grow your business. The best way to achieve this can vary; you’ve seen examples like Google & Facebook ads as well as SEO (search engine optimization).

We may be a bit biased; after all, if we were in your shoes, we’d likely invest in SEO. We believe that search engine optimization is one of the best ways to create sustainable growth for your business.

This belief is especially true of small businesses. Finding a reliable method for sustainable growth can be extremely useful when going up against big-name competitors.

So, if you want to invest in business growth but want to lower your advertising costs, contact Markitors to schedule a consultation.

We’ll schedule a 15-minute call so we can learn about your business. Then, we’ll conduct a free SEO audit on your website, keywords, and major competitors.

Once this information is analyzed and it’s clear that working together makes sense, we’ll propose one of our SEO solutions for your company.

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