How to build your fashion brand’s online profile with SEO.

When you’re looking to buy clothes, where’s the first place you go? If you’re like 87% of Americans, you probably start your search online. That’s why results on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have become so valuable for businesses.

The top spots on search engine results pages (SERPs) bring in tons of website traffic. And the only way to get to those top spots is with search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is the process of increasing a website’s visibility on search engines. And more visibility means more website traffic, and that translates to consistent sales.

So what is Fashion SEO? It’s how fashion brands thrive.

First and foremost, SEO increases organic website traffic. And thanks to a focus on converting visitors to customers, that means more sales. Beyond increasing inbound leads through your website, SEO can also help build brand awareness with digital PR.

Digital PR services help to build brand awareness through quote placements, guest posts on fashion blogs, interviews for fashion websites, and more. On top of that, digital PR services improve your backlink profile which helps boost your site up SERPs.

With SEO, you can appear among the likes of LuluLemon and Nordstrom.

SEO services for fashion and apparel brands help bring customers to you, build brand awareness, and educate your customers about all the latest styles, trends, and closet grails.

At Markitors, we are not just lead generators, we help your business turn website visitors into customers. Our services include:

We believe in transparent pricing because at the end of the day we know what matters is your employees and your bottom line.

For our full suite of SEO services including, SEO content, digital PR, technical SEO, local SEO, and monthly reporting it will cost between $1500 and $2500 a month.

According to Google, SEO takes anywhere from 4-12 months on average. There are so many factors that determine how long it can take for SEO services to work.

  • Keyword Research. What long-tail keywords exist on your product pages? Are category pages targeting specific keywords that will attract the right types of organic traffic? Where do you currently rank for keywords you need?
  • Link Building. Does your website already have an established backlink profile, or do you still need a lot of inbound links to build authority? Do you have built-in partnerships making links easier, or do you have to forge new connections?
  • Your Online Store. There are many different types of e-commerce websites out there. Some are better than others when it comes to SEO. Shopify and WordPress are the most common platforms we work with for e-commerce sites. Each platform has its own way of optimizing internal links, page speed, page titles, and other Technical SEO elements.
  • Your Website. What content management system do you have, such as WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace? Is your website optimized for mobile devices? Are your ALT tags, meta descriptions, and page title tags optimized?

At the end of the day, SEO takes time, but if you want consistent, quality website traffic, SEO is your best option.

There’s a reason we offer technical SEO services here at Markitors. It doesn’t take many technical issues to completely ruin a site’s rankings on SERPs.

Our technical SEO services address all of the following and more.

  • User Experience. We focus on creating a user experience that leads to a higher conversion rate.
  • Page Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. Double-checking the basics is always necessary.
  • ALT Tags. If your images can’t be understood by Google, they aren’t much use.
  • Inbound Links. We make sure your inbound links still function so search engines can rely on linking structures to understand the prominence of your fashion brand.
  • Site Structure. This is determined by your e-commerce platform. Some work better than others.
  • Plug-ins. We optimize your plug-ins to improve site speed.

Fashion SEO can be technical, but we’ll make things simple, contact us to find out more.

There are several SEO best practices and ranking factors store owners can address to increase search traffic. Here are just a couple examples:

  • Sitemap Submission. A webmaster should create and submit a sitemap to both Google and Bing. This enables search engines to discover and index the products on your e-commerce website.
  • On-Page SEO of Web Pages. The site structure of a web page should contain elements like a product description, ALT tag on images, and more that helps both a user and search engine understand the content of the page. The more a search engine understands the content, the more likely they are to pair your content up with a potential customer’s search query.

If you want more SEO tips, feel free to contact us or give us a call at (480) 550-6336, we’d love to speak with you about SEO.

While high search volume doesn’t always mean high conversion rates, getting a lot of traffic to your site with popular keywords is a great start to any SEO campaign.

  • “Leggings” (96,000 monthly searches)
  • “Cocktail dresses” (71,000 monthly searches)
  • “Mens Clothing” (29,000 monthly searches)

Still, any SEO worth their salt is going to go further than popular keywords. While general keywords have their place, sometimes it’s the more specific keywords that lead to real sales.

For example, if I have a men’s personalized sock company in Austin, Texas, I could try and rank for a general keyword like “Mens Clothing” (yes, spelled improperly, because that keyword gets 10x the traffic of the correct spelling), but the reality is that wouldn’t translate into sales.

Instead, it might make sense to focus on more specific keywords like:

  • “Mens Socks” (11,000 monthly searches)
  • “Crew Socks” (12,000 monthly searches)
  • “Personalized Socks” (5,400 monthly searches)

Then we’ll get even more specific with keywords based on fashion trends you’re looking to sell for. Using tools like Google Trends we can target fashion keywords that are trending this season. That means more customers, more brand awareness, and as always, a reduced PPC advertising budget.

Fashion and apparel keywords are actually fairly cheap in comparison with a lot of other industries when it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

For example, the keyword ‘leggings’ costs just $1.40 per click. And ‘cocktail dresses’ goes for just $1.30. The problem with PPC and apparel keywords isn’t the expense, it’s the competition. There are thousands of apparel brands out there and they all buy ads. This despite the fact that a majority of clicks still go to organic search for all the most popular PPC Adwords.

PPC Adwords for fashion and apparel may not be expensive, but that doesn’t mean they’re a good investment.

We love building brands. SEO is an excellent marketing channel to introduce potential customers to a life-changing brand.

Just look at our CEO. He’s been wearing Sportiqe t-shirts every day for the last 7 years since first working with them as our client. Fashion brands help people express themselves and that’s something we’re always excited to help build.

The simple answer is consistency. Where social media requires you to constantly press the publish button and share great content if you want to bring in sales, SEO is working when you aren’t.

With SEO you’ll be bringing in new customers on Saturday while you’re shooting your new collection, without you ever having to move a finger. Now that’s value.

We have so many link building strategies it’s hard to keep count. Fashion blogs, expert roundups, guest posts on partner sites, we use every tactic we can to build an authoritative, relevant backlink profile for your website.

That’s because Google was founded as a Hypertextual Search Engine. What does that mean?

It just means that Google uses links to categorize data online. The more relevant, authoritative links your site has, the better. That’s why we focus on building relationships with high-quality websites that let us post content on their sites.

That way instead of having to beg to get a link placed, we can provide quality content for our partners, plus a link and some brand awareness for our clients because of the industry relationships we’ve built over time.

In order for SEO to work, you’re going to need an in-depth SEO strategy backed by keyword research, technical SEO services that improve user experience, digital PR services to boost your backlink profile the right way, and more.

Simply put, there’s a lot that goes into a successful SEO campaign.

Still, if I was going to give you one tip to get you started on SEO as an apparel company, I’d say be sure you don’t have a site filled with duplicate content.

The issue with Fashion SEO is that many apparel brands have their e-commerce stores set up in a way that produces “duplicate content” consistently. Duplicate content is when Google detects two similar or identical pieces of content on your site. Since they are similar in nature, search engines don’t know which piece of content to rank in result pages.

So, duplicate content typically results in not being included in search engine result pages at all. That’s why one of the first things we do when working with a fashion brand is dive into the e-commerce store and seek to reduce or eliminate duplicate content issues.

That would be a good place to start. Or, you can always just contact the experts.






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I can’t recommend Markitors highly enough from both a speed and investment angle. Their SEO services are very effective in growing your brand online.

— Brian Mohr, Co-founder of Y Scouts


If you Google the term “small business SEO,” you’ll most likely find Markitors on the first page of search results. There’s more than 15,000+ digital marketing agencies who offer SEO services in the United States. Yet, Google consistently ranks us as one of the top choices for search engine optimization.

We launched and have built our SEO agency in a sustainable and predictable way through a solid digital marketing strategy that delivers results. We do the same for small businesses, and for fashion brands like yours.

We get results. We practice what we preach. And we believe in having a good time while connecting our clients with customers.

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