What to Include in a Digital Marketing Resume

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At first, crafting a digital marketing resume seems like a piece of cake. All you have to do is list your education, experience, and special skills. Easy right? Ya… that is until you actually sit down and write it. For years, we have been trying to create resumes that pass the 6-second test by turning to aesthetic layouts and quirky quotes. Although this adds character to your resume, it won’t necessarily get your resume to the hiring manager. Why? Hiring managers are no longer the first test we need to pass.

As time goes on technology is being integrated into all business processes – hiring included! In fact, many companies utilize AI to scan through resumes and weed out candidates based on specific keywords. So in order to get your foot in the door, you may need to give your resume a makeover. The key to making your digital marketing resume stand out is to include the right keywords, ensure it is easy to follow, and keep it short and sweet. Of course, that sounds far more simple than it truly is! So join me, with a coffee in hand, to learn how to optimize each of these aspects of your digital marketing resume ✨

Buzzwords, Buzzwords, & More Buzzwords

Every position you apply for will demand a variety of skills, experience, and talent. Because of this, it is important to customize your resume for each job you apply for! Use the job description to determine what skills and experience you should include in your resume. Chances are, these are the terms that the AI and hiring managers are looking for Let’s use my company’s job description for an SEO Content Manager as an example. Based on this description, we can determine that your resume should include buzzwords and skills like “Search Engine Optimization”, “SEO Copywriting”, “WordPress”, and “Keywords”.

Aside from skills and talent, it is important to highlight any relevant certifications you may have! Using branded keywords like “Google Adwords Certified“, “HubSpot Social Media Certified“, or “Facebook Blueprint Certified” can not only get you past the AI, but it can also make you stand out to the hiring manager! It signals to them that you have the knowledge and expertise in the platforms they use or hope to use in the future.

Simple, Clean Layout

With only 6 seconds to make an impression, it is important that your digital marketing resume follows a simple layout. The last thing you want is for a hiring manager to toss your resume to the side simply because it was too confusing to decipher. With that being said, don’t make your resume too simple. Don’t be afraid to use fun colors and fonts (as long as they are readable) to divert attention to noteworthy elements of your resume! This can be a great way for your resume to stand out from others in the pile, as well as give you the opportunity to flex your graphic design skills Check out some awesome inspiration below!

digital marketing resume

Keep It Short & Sweet

Chances are, you have a lot of accomplishments. You may be tempted to include everything on that 8 1/2 x 11 page, but please resist! Not only can this make your resume look overwhelming, but it can result in a hiring manager getting bored. Chances are, if you wouldn’t want to read it neither would they. As you did with the keywords, be deliberate about the experiences and skills you include on your resume. Each line should further convince the reader that you are the perfect candidate for the position- not add extra “fluff”.

Pro Tip Make sure your descriptions not only describe your responsibilities, but also include the results of your efforts. Consider the following example, “Curated a social media campaign which consisted of a string of online videos, appointing two brand ambassadors, and a full website redesign resulting in sales increasing 23% year over year.” Packs a punch, huh?

With that, my coffee is empty and you have all you need to transform your digital marketing resume. With these optimizations in place, you will surely stand out to any AI or recruiter. All that is left is to knock their socks off in the interview. So what are you waiting for? Open up Microsoft Word and get to work

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