Considering a Career in Digital Marketing? 4 Things Digital Marketing Newbies Should Know

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When I accepted my offer letter to become a digital marketer I began to think about what to expect when I walk in the office on my first day. There are so many unknowns when you begin a new career. But, that is what makes starting a new job exciting. If you are considering pursuing a career in digital marketing here are 4 things you should know before you begin.

Make sure you know what Google has to offer.

On my first day I was introduced to all the platforms we were going to use to help our clients market themselves. The most useful one that was talked about was Google. Within Google’s platform there are many tools to help your client succeed such as Adwords, Analytics, and Search Console. Each of these tools will allow you to understand the data that you will be collecting through marketing. Also, each tool has their own certification that you can get. These certifications will allow you to understand how each tool works and how you can use them to your advantage.

You’re confident with speaking up and giving your opinion.

This goes for any type of new job especially if you’re a recent grad. It might seem intimidating to give your thoughts in a meeting. But, you will slowly build confidence after every time you do so. I know I was struggling with this when I first started, but I soon realized that what I had to say was important. With speaking up and giving your opinion you overcome the fear of being wrong and that is what is helpful throughout this process. You begin to open up to feedback, new ideas, and realize that your ideas won’t be hated. This will also help you hear alternate ideas and disagreements without taking it personally.

It’s okay to not know have all the answers.

I felt pressure when I first started to know everything about digital marketing, but I quickly realized that isn’t the case. You were hired to acquire new skills but also built on the ones that brought you there in the first place. It is important to try not to prove that you have all the answers because that actually might hold you back. One thing you can do to to help you gain more knowledge is to ask smart and calculated questions. You can do this by asking yourself if you can find the answer on the internet. If you can’t or you don’t get the right information you’re looking for then ask your team. They will be the next best source.

Understand the makeup of digital marketing.

There are a few things that digital marketers will focus on and those are SEO, social media, and email. With SEO having a solid understanding of how to optimize all forms of content is crucial for running a successful digital marketing campaign. There are four main platforms for marketing on social media. Those four are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Each of those platforms have their own pros and cons with marketing. Make sure you know how to use the effectively. When it comes to email marketing there are various platforms you can use. The main one we see used most often is MailChimp. Make sure you know the basics of navigating through MailChimp and how a business can be successful when using it.

Before starting your career in digital marketing be sure to brush up on all the tools Google has to offer. Work on being a confident individual. Be ready to grow your skills set. Learn the makeup of SEO, social media and email. You will be doing yourself a favor before your first day on the job if you know at least a little bit about each of these platforms.

Joey Bonitati is a Digital Marketing Manager at Markitors, a digital marketing agency that connects small businesses with customers…and has a good time doing it.

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